Verbotene Liebe Recap: A Suitable Send-off

Carla and Stella set off for the next stage of their journey together – marriage.

Carla and Stella are at the Lahnstein offices. Carla closes the door to her office behind her and tells Stella that now, all there is left for her to do is to return the key. Arm and arm, they walk down the hallway to the reception desk where Carla leaves the key card.

Stella wonders whether it is difficult for Carla to leave her work at the Holding behind, but Carla replies that she is feeling relieved, as for the last years, her work has mostly been about keeping Ansgar in check.

Stella then asks about Königsbrunn, where Carla grew up. Carla admits that she is going to miss it, but says that they can always return once they get tired of travelling. She takes Stella’s hand and leads her to the elevator.

While they are waiting for the elevator, they talk about Maria. Stella once again tries to convince Carla to talk to her, but Carla refuses to. They enter the elevator, and Carla says that there are things that she rather wants to focus on now. She hugs Stella and reminds her of their plans to get married, that they are going to be on a plane to Toronto the next day, and that the Niagara Falls and Honeymoon City are waiting for them. In between her words, Carla starts to kiss Stella, while the elevator doors are closing.

The next day, Maria is in the kitchen of Königsbrunn to oversee the preparations for Carla and Stella’s farewell dinner. Stella comes into the kitchen to say goodbye to her former colleagues. When she realizes that Maria makes every effort to have Carla’s favourite dishes prepared, she tells Maria that Carla is not willing to talk to her, no matter what. Maria says that she knows that, but that she still wants to do that for Carla because it is all she can do. She asks Stella not to tell Carla about this, and Stella agrees.

Later, Carla and Stella are in the dining room with Elisabeth, Carla’s uncle Ludwig, his children Tristan, Helena and Rebecca and his daughter-in-law Lydia.

Stella reminds Carla that it is time to go. Carla tells her family that they actually make it difficult for her to say goodbye, and praises the delicious meal. Stella says that somebody tried very hard. She looks over to Maria, who is hiding behind the door to watch the scene, but Maria motions to her not to say anything. Instead, Stella praises the cook. Carla says that she will going to miss her, but also her family. She looks at them nostalgically, then takes Stella’s hand.

Outside of the castle, Elisabeth says goodbye to Sophia, whom Stella is carrying in her arms. While Stella places the little girl in the car, Elisabeth hands Carla the family’s farewell gift, a video that includes messages from every family member. She starts to cry and hugs Carla and tells her that her family will be thinking of her.

One by one, Ludwig, Lydia, Helena, Tristan and Rebecca say goodbye to Carla and Stella. Before getting into the car, Carla looks up to the castle and sees Maria standing at a window. Maria waves goodbye to her, but Carla looks away and gets into the back seat of the car, next to Sophia. In the car, Stella and Carla once again wave goodbye to Carla’s family, until the car takes them away to start their new adventure: marriage.



Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

Originally posted on mels blog on February 20, 2010.

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  1. I was about to ask if this is really the last time we’re going to see Carla and Stella, and then I read your note and it made me sad. It seems that way, so, I guess I have to say so long, Carla and Stella. Have a good life, you two wonderful people. Well, I’m still happy I got to see them one last time, even without seeing their wedding.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. How I wish you could recap Carla’s other storylines starting from the very beginning. Just kidding. 😉

  2. Thank you for that lovely recap. I love this storyline and am so happy that Starla got their happy ending. They, along with Sophia, really make such a beautiful family. Love your blogs.

  3. Thank you so much for the great recaps over the last months. They made it easier for me to understand the Starla story and I really appreciate the time it must have take for you to do this. It doesn’t look like they will return any time soon, although I can’t imagine they will travel the world for years without settling down somewhere. Maybe they are leaving that open in case Claudia & Anne want to return 😉 (I live in hope…).

    Thanks for your great site. Now I am a regular visitor!

    • thank you mel for youe work! it´s great
      i am fan auf claudia hiersche and for me is “carla von lahnstein” one role of the amazing actress and very beautiul woman.

      as a fan both, i am verry anry how interessant the vl- author have interesst in this story. especielly when a saw the canna and suca story. starla for verry offen like good friend, than two woman they are in love.
      the telling of the was verry offen verry bad. i am angry. if the tell a happy end for both, the way have to be complete andf for me it isn´t so. the focus of the story was of carla and her problem. frist she fell in love with the speciell situation with stella and she have new feelings for a woman after here great love with susanne.
      in the second part the focus was the holding and carla´s familiy problem. stella reacat of this problem. react of carlas conditons. for me this wasn´t a good couple and a good story. sorry. i need a woman with a own charakter and a own opion.

      for me the story of carla von lahnstein is to end, she live her own life and has here love happy end. so claudia with in interviews form past years.

      claudia hiersche thanke you for six years carla von lahnstein and welcome claudia hiersche. verry good luck for the future. without forbidden love.

  4. I think somewhere down the line, we’ll hear Elizabeth or Charie talking about Starla settling down. My money is on Asia or Australia when it happens. knowing how much Claudia loves both. lol

  5. I have to admit that it was a little difficult for me to write this recap, knowing that it might actually be the last one.

    When “Starla” first left in November, I already knew that they would be back soon. This time, I was pretty sure that they will be gone for a long time, maybe even for good, and it made me sad. Even though writing the blog posts about them took way more time than I first imagined (mostly because I wrote them way too detailed for an actual recap, I know ;)) I still enjoyed it, and I will miss the girls and writing about them. Claudia Hiersche and Anne Wis did a great job, I loved their chemistry and I loved to describe it to all the international fans who don’t understand German. I myself have benefitted from recaps about storylines in other parts of the world so often, I loved to give something back.

    Also, I’m grateful that writing about this storyline brought so many great people to my blog. Knowing that there are people out there who actually read and appreciate my writings is really great, and you can be sure that there are much more blog posts to come. 🙂

    As for Carla and Stella, I agree that we will probably learn about them from Elisabeth or Charlie. I hope that we get to see a wedding picture (yes, I’m a hopeless romantic) and that the writers let them settle down somewhere nice, where they can raise Sophia, maybe even have or adopt more children, and live happily ever after. (Again, hopeless romantic. ;))

    • for me sophia is the child of carla and susanne. she ist here child of love! this make carla ever clear. both has a verry friendly realtionsship now. carla send susanne picture every the. so both spoken about.susanne is here co- mother. and lars ist here father.

      stella is carla now woman. and she help here with sophia and love here.

  6. I think that you have the follower from many countries.
    Although I say goodbye to Starla but I still want to hear about Claudia and Ann.
    I also like to read MeL’s point and am waiting to read a new one.

    • i hope so. claudia hiersche is a amazing actress and woman. i want to see here and many and different other roles and projekt!

  7. I really love the ending where Stella is holding Sophia and Carla has her hand on her arm. I think Carla and Stella really compliment each other very well. One is hot-blooded and temperamental, while the other is much more even-tempered and calm. But they work together. I think Carla has found someone who truly understands her and with whom she can trust with her heart. And I think Stella has found the love and the family she has always wanted. I’m glad that Carla gave up the Holding to begin a new life with her new family and got off of that very destructive path she was on. Somehow I don’t think Ansgar is going to have the same happy ending that she did.

    BTW, I think I’ve just figured out the mystery of Flashdance

        • The one about the mystery of Flashdance – is there a connection to VL and/or Carla & Stella that I’m just not aware of (yet)? If so, please enlighten me! 😉

          • Hmmmm…I think this must be a reference to flashdanc, someone who posts on Starla videos all the time about how Stella is more like a friend then lover, and that Susanne is really Sophia’s mom, etc. Similar to Chubby’s comments here ;).

          • is that a problem?youtube don´t accept chubby as user name. this my opion and i say they like other. for me is not all good with starla.and other think the same.

          • @chubby Thanks for the explanation. And no, of course it is not a problem, everyone is entitled to have and express their opinion. 🙂

    • I think Carla has found someone who truly understands her and with whom she can trust with her heart.


      this i see in the same way by hanna and susanne.(all here family problems and here work in the holding) and carla love both woman in the same way like stella. there was no different. stella was the woman she become here happy end. if there was hanna, she was today in love with here and she was a family with , may be the live in france. carla was happy with both woman. and the was perfect for here like stella. and there carla is verry lucky person.

      carla gave up the not for a live with stella and why she love here. she make for her own and an better.she wants to became new inputs on here trips, that was a dream of carla has sad it to charlie and elisabeth.

  8. Thanks again for the beautiful screencaps Mel. I make posters out of prints sometimes from various shows and movies and you have some very beautiful, high-quality shots that will make it easier. I too loved the final and was glad that we got such a happy ending. I only wish they had shown Sophia’s face (as I love the shot of Stella holding her next to Carla) and Charlie had been there to see them off, as I loved her friendship with both Stella and Carla.

    • You’re very welcome. I was so happy that I had finally figured out how to make screencaps that I totally overdid it in the beginning, and then there was no way back. lol

    • Hey Jerri, I agree with u about Mel’s beautiful screencaps (which I’ve used some in my vids). And I also totally agree with you that Charlie shud have been there to send them off. As for Sophia, I had this feeling that the girl Stella was carrying is probably another child actor, not the original one. That’s why there wasn’t a closeup shot of her.

      And Mel, I cant say this enough: Thank you so much for wat u’ve done for us non-german fans. Thank u for all the efforts u’ve put in. U r GREAT!

      from another frequent visitor to your blog

  9. Hi MeL: I haven’t commented much, but did want to let you know how much I enjoy your site. Your photos and descriptions are wonderful. Thanks so much for the time you put into it. I’m grateful.

  10. Y’know, I watched some of the very early episodes of Starla this weekend and the one person I really miss is Sarah. She was great in those early days. Urging Carla to go for it, making cute little embarressing comments, and basically, reading Carla like a book. The scene where Carla describes running out of the kitchen after seeing Stella topless and Sarah is trying so hard not to laugh is priceless. I wish she could have stuck arond for the full romance, or made an appearance towards the end. A truly great character.

    • that´s true. in the starla sarah was great,. claudia hiersche and sina-valeska jung a great. i read both in real are good friends. but i have sarah´s story with.. leonard, no comment. both disstroy gregor and jana.

  11. Wusste nicht genau wo ich es hintun soll.
    Es hat nix mit Carla und Stella zu tun. Aber mit “Verbotene Liebe”. Deshalb hab ich es hier reingetan.
    Kleine Info: Es sind gestern in diversen Foren (Andreas Jancke; Gays of the Daytime; Claudia Hiersche und Anne Wis Forum) neue Spoiler aufgetaut. Es sieht danach, als bahnt sich von “VL” wieder eine lesbische Storyline an. Das interessante ist wohl zwischen wem: Rebecca von Lahnstein und NL- Mitarbeiterin Romina Becks.
    Ich dachte das könnte vielleicht interessieren 😉

    • Danke! 🙂

      Hab’s gerade mal nachgelesen, klingt irgendwie nach kaltem Kaffee und haufenweise Klischee und als ob den Schreiberlingen in Ossendorf nichts mehr einfällt. Aber na ja, reinschalten werde ich wohl trotzdem mal. 😉

      • habe ich gern gemacht 🙂
        ich weiss ehrlich gesagt, noch nicht was ich von der ganzen sache halten soll. muss ich zugeben.
        +++ironie on+++ man kann die verantwortlichen in ossendorf, nun nicht mehr vorhalten, dass eine schwule und lesbsiche storyline, nicht gleichzeitig laufen dürfen in der serie.+++ironie off+++

  12. For you folks who don’t understand German: chubby kindly let us know that it looks like there is going to be another lesbian storyline on VL soon. Unfortunately, none of the women involved is Carla or Stella, but…

    Rebecca von Lahnstein (Carla’s cousin) and Miriam, who works at Olli’s bar No Limits

    The storyline is supposed to start in late October/early November. Of course, I’ll keep you posted. 🙂