Verbotene Liebe Recap: Carla gets ready to leave her old life behind

Carla realizes that she does not want to stay in Düsseldorf. But before she and Stella can leave again, she has to take care of the Lahnstein Holding – and of Ansgar…

Monday, February 1, 2010 (3551)

Carla, Stella and Elisabeth are still in the hall. After letting go of Carla and welcoming Stella as well, Elisabeth asks for Sophia. Carla and Stella pretend to be shocked for a moment for having forgotten about Sophia, then Carla smilingly tells Elisabeth that Sophia is outside with Justus, the butler.

Carla asks for her uncle Ludwig. Elisabeth explains to her that Ludwig is on a business trip to Zurich but will be back the next day. She then wants to tell Carla about Maria’s deceit, but is interrupted by Ansgar and Maria, who enter the hall.

Upon seeing Carla, Ansgar of course cannot stop himself from making a snarky comment about her return. Carla ignores him and goes over to say hello to Maria, whom she hugs and calls “mother”. When noticing Maria’s apparent uneasiness, Carla becomes suspicious and asks what is going on. Maria asks to speak with Carla in private, but Elisabeth intervenes, saying that she wants to make sure that Carla learns the whole truth. Both Carla and Stella look confused.

Carla and Maria go into the living room, followed by Elisabeth. Maria again tries to get rid of Elisabeth, who insists on staying. Maria starts off by saying that she is sorry and never wanted to hurt Carla, then confesses to Carla that she is not Carla’s mother Francesca, but her younger sister Maria. She tries to apologize to Carla and explains to her that all she wanted was to have her own family.

Carla is shocked, and asks about the DNA test. Elisabeth explains to her that the test was fake. Carla wants to know whether her brothers Leonard, Constantin and Ansgar already know that Maria is not their mother. Elisabeth tells her that they do, and that Ansgar was actually the first to find out. Carla wonders why he did not say anything, then realizes that Ansgar used his knowledge to gain power over the Lahnstein Holding.

To up the ante, Elisabeth then also reveals to Carla that Ansgar actually is Maria’s biological son from a brief affair she had with Carla’s father Johannes. All those news are too hard to handle for Carla. She leaves the living room, but not before stating that her whole family is just sick.

Later, Stella finds Carla in the administrator’s office. She apologizes to Carla for having forgotten the time while catching up with her former colleagues among the castle’s staff, who told her that Elisabeth had taken over her job as the castle’s administrators for a while, and also about Ansgar’s wife Tanja. Stella assumes that that was what Maria wanted to speak with Carla about. When Stella refers to Maria as Carla’s mother, Carla explains to her that Maria is not her mother.

Stella wants to comfort Carla, but Carla explains to her that she will not break out in tears because of Maria, as Maria is not worth it. Stella tells Carla that she does not have to pretend to be strong in front of her and takes Carla in her arms.

Carla enjoys Stella’s embrace for a moment, then lets go of her and assures her that she is fine. She then goes to to look after Sophia, leaving a worried-looking Stella alone in her former office.

The next day, Carla is back in her office at the Lahnstein Holding, apparently catching up with the latest business developments. Ansgar comes into her office and, in a sarcastic tone, offers his support, saying that she might need it because of all the shocking news she has to deal with. Carla retorts that at least one of the revelations was good news, which is that Ansgar is not really her brother.

In a condescending tone, Ansgar then asks whether her trip with Stella – who he refers to as Carla’s “service mouse” – was so boring that Carla needed to go back to work, but Carla chooses to ignore him. Before Ansgar leaves her alone, her warns her to keep an eye on their uncle Ludiwg, who – in Ansgar’s opinion – tries to establish himself in the Lahnstein Holding.

When Ludwig returns to the castle, he receives a phone call from Carla, who asks him to meet her for lunch at Schneider’s. Ludwig then meets Maria, and they talk about Carla’s response to the revelation that Maria is not her mother. Maria thinks that Carla and her brothers will never forgive her, but Ludwig encourages her to keep trying to explain her behaviour to them.

At Schneider’s, Carla and Elisabeth are waiting for Ludwig at the bar. Elisabeth asks Carla whether she remembers her uncle Ludwig. Carla tells her that she does not, but that Ludwig’s voice on the phone sounded somehow familiar to her.

Ludwig arrives at Schneider’s. Carla greets him with a hug. Ludwig tells her that he is happy to meet her, but that their getting to know each other will have to wait for a moment. He looks over to the door, where Maria is standing. Carla turns away, but Maria approaches her and tries to talk to her.

When Maria touches Carla, Carla loses her temper and slaps Maria in the face. Then she turns around and starts to cry.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 (3552)

At Schneider’s, Carla is all in tears when Elisabeth offers to take her home. Maria again tries to talk to Carla, but Carla refuses to listen. Still furious, Carla tells Maria that if it had been up to her, Maria would not have gotten off cheaply without having to pay for her deceit. [Writer’s note: Maria plead insanity in order to avoid punishment, a plan Ludwig came up with]. Carla calls Maria dangerous and ruthless and tells her that she does not want to have anything to do with Maria anymore.

Ludwig tries to reason with Carla, saying that they are a family after all, but Carla snaps at him to stay out of her business and sarcastically tells him how wonderful it is that he supports Maria. Then she leaves with Elisabeth.

Stella is waiting for Carla at No Limits. When Carla arrives, Stella gets up to greet her and wants to know how the meeting with her uncle was, but Carla evades her embrace and just sits down without saying a word. Stella sits down next to her and wants to know whether everything is alright.

Carla tells Stella about the fiasco at Schneider’s, that Ludwig brought Maria along in the hope that they would make up. Stella touches Carla’s arm to comfort her, and Carla takes her hand.

Carla tells Stella that, except for a few friends, she did not miss anything from her old life while they were gone, especially not Ansgar and the Holding, and that she would love to leave again right away. Stella is sympathetic, but reminds Carla that they returned because Carla is still the majority shareholder of the Lahnstein Holding and has to be there. Carla agrees that she has to stay – but only as long as she actually is the majority shareholder.

Upon her return to the Holding’s premises, Carla goes to see Elisabeth and asks her to run the company in her place. She explains to Elisabeth that so much has happened since her return, that the longer she stays, the more she feels like she does not belong anymore, and that she intends to leave Königsbrunn and Düsseldorf for good. Elisabeth is perplexed, but then she declines Carla’s offer as she does not feel that she is up to the job.

At Königsbrunn, Carla and Stella talk about who should be put in charge of the Holding now that Elisabeth declined Carla’s offer. Stella suggests to hire someone from the outside, but Carla explains to her that Ansgar would try to bring an outsider over to his side.

When Stella brings up Ludwig, Carla tells her that he is out of the question, and not only because he was in prison, but because she barely knows him and does not trust him, especially because of what happened earlier that day.

Meanwhile, Ludwig returns to the castle. He meets Maria in the hall, and they talk about Ludwig’s failed attempt to reconcile Maria with Carla. When Carla and Stella are about to leave the dining room, they notice Maria and Ludwig in the hall and hide behind the door to eavesdrop.

Ansgar joins Maria and Ludwig, and upon hearing that Carla is mad at Ludwig, he tries to make use of the situation and to win Ludwig over by telling Ludwig that he is not in need of Carla’s favour. Much to Carla’s relief, Ludwig makes it clear to Ansgar that he does not plan on playing a part in Ansgar’s power game, but that he intends to reconcile the family.

Later, Elisabeth and Ludwig meet Carla in the living room. Carla apologizes to Ludwig for what she said at Schneider’s. Then she tells Ludwig that she does not want to carry on running the Holding.

Right at that moment, Ansgar enters the room. He of course pricks up his ears when he hears Carla, but she tells him to not get his hopes up too soon. Then she asks Ludwig to take charge of the Lahnstein Holding.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No new episode.

Thursday, February 4, 2010 (3553)

Stella was not in this episode.

Much to Carla’s surprise, Ludwig denies her request that he should take charge of the Lahnstein Holding. He explains to her that he cannot do that as he is still hurt by the way his father kicked him out of the family business because he wanted to marry the “wrong” woman. Carla urgently appeals to him him to change his mind, arguing that they cannot quit the field and leave it to Ansgar, but Ludwig sticks to his decision.

The next day, Carla, Elisabeth and Ansgar are in the dining room and talk about the current situation regarding the Holding. Carla explains to Ansgar that she is only the majority shareholder because Ludwig never accepted his inheritance and that everything would change if he now did. Ansgar does not want to listen to her, and points out that he will not give up until he is the sole owner of the family business.

Meanwhile, Ludwig has entered the room as well. He has to witness how the others start to yell at each other and exchange accusations and insults, until he finally puts an end to it by saying that Ansgar’s behaviour leaves him with no option but to accept his inheritance and to take charge of the Lahnstein Holding.

Friday, February 5, 2010 (3554)

After Ludwig’s announcement, Carla and Elisabeth are relieved and happy. Carla announces that once Ludwig has accepted his inheritance and owns 49% of the shares, she will sign over her remaining shares to Elisabeth so she can support Ludwig. Ansgar is of course outraged and storms out, while Carla smiles triumphantly.

Later, Carla, Ludwig and Elisabeth celebrate the new era of the Lahnstein Holding. Carla once again encourages Ludwig and assures him that he made the right decision, and announces that she will iniate the necessary steps to transfer shares and power to Ludwig and Elisabeth and to inform the staff and the public right away.

The same evening, Nathalie comes to Carla’s office to meet Carla and Stella. Carla apologizes that they have to meet at her office, an explains that everything is just crazy at the moment. They sit down. Stella chooses to sit on the armrest of Carla’s chair and snuggles up to her.

They talk about the news regarding Carla’s “mother”, then Nathalie asks about Carla and Stella’s trip and whether they got married. Stella tells her that they have not gotten married yet, but that they will soon, and Carla adds that they will put their plan into action once Ludwig has succeeded Carla as CEO of the Holding and everything is taken care of.

Stella and Carla notice that Nathalie looks very good and is glowing, and Nathalie reveals that she is four-month pregnant. Stella and Carla congratulate her, and Nathalie tells them that she and her boyfriend Matthias are very happy, but that Matthies could not stop himself from telling Ansgar about it earlier that day, who was shocked. [Writer’s note: Ansgar was once married to Nathalie and still loves her.] Carla gloatingly remarks that this was not the only bitter pill Ansgar had to swallow that day.

The next day, Carla, Elisabeth and Ludwig sign the necessary paperwork, and Carla announces that it is now official: She is out.

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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  1. I’m happy the producers and the writers gave us another chance to say goodbye to Carla and Stella. Will there be a wedding? I hope so. I’m sort of dreading the last time we’re going to see them on VL. They will be terribly missed, and I will miss Carla/Claudia deeply. Sigh.

    Thank god for YouTube and all those dedicated fans, we’ll always have them and reminisce the good times. Before I even get mushier, great job with the screencaps. Danke, MeL. I saw her scenes and she was mesmerizing to say the least.

    On a sidenote to German showbiz honchos, somebody please give Claudia Hiersche a big break in movies. I have a good feeling the world is ready to see Claudia, and not just Diane Kruger or Franka Potente. 😉

    • On a sidenote to German showbiz honchos, somebody please give Claudia Hiersche a big break in movies. I have a good feeling the world is ready to see Claudia, and not just Diane Kruger or Franka Potente.

      for me claudia hiersche are the best and i wish so much luck for here future, dreams and her karriere after “forbidden love”.

  2. Could Carla get any more beautiful and Starla any handsomer? I mean they are both so beautiful but in two sexy and different ways.