Verbotene Liebe Recap: Carla & Stella are back!

Carla and Stella return to Königsbrunn for a surprise visit, not knowing that they are in for a big surprise themselves…

Last November, Carla & Stella left Königsbrunn to go on a “round-the-world” trip. A lot has happened since then:

Elisabeth temporarily took over Stella’s job as the castle adminstrator so she could have an eye on Maria and Ansgar, but that did not stop them from drugging Ansgar’s wife Tanja, who almost died und is now in a coma.

Carla’s cousins Helena and Tristan von Lahnstein and Helena’s now-boyfriend Andi Fritzsche traveled to South America to look for Ludwig von Lahnstein, Helena and Tristan’s father and the brother of Carla’s father Johannes. They found him in a local prison and managed to get him released. When they returned to Königsbrunn, Ludwig saw Maria and – not knowing that she was claiming to be Francesca von Lahnstein – revealed that she in fact was Maria di Balbi, Francesca’s younger sister.

Elisabeth took advantage of Ludwig’s return and his revelation about Maria and reclaimed her position both in the family as Johannes von Lahnstein’s widow and in the Lahnstein Holding, thus disempowering Ansgar. She hoped to win Ludwig’s support, but they soon clashed because of their different opinions on Johannes, who Ludwig is mad at because Johannes did not help Ludwig when their father disinherited him.

All the while, Elisabeth had been trying to reach Carla to tell her about the latest developments, but she could not get a hold of her and assumed that she was still in Burma, the latest stop on her and Stella’s trip (on which, by the way, they apparently also took Sophia, Carla’s daugther, even though they were not shown leaving with her). Not being able to talk to Carla made Elisabeth feel even more isolated and lonely.

Which brings us to today’s episode. After a fragile reconciliation with Ludwig and another unpleasant encounter with Ansgar and Maria, Elisabeth is in the entrance hall and on her way upstairs when she hears that the front door is being opened. She turns around and, much to her surprise, sees Stella. Stella smiles at Elisabeth, than turns to look at Carla, who is entering behind her. Elisabeth is relieved and overjoyed to see Carla and goes over to hug her. In Carla’s arms, she tells her again how happy she is that Carla is back and starts to cry.

Source: ARD / Screencap: Rosalie & Co.

Originally posted on mels blog on January 29, 2010.

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  1. Yeah!!!!!! Carla and Stella are back. Gees my heart skipped a beat when I saw them. Thanks’ a million for the recap.

  2. Welcome back, Carla and Stella. 🙂 Wow, the tv gods granted my wish. It’s so good to see them again. I missed Carla’s smile, and her lovely hair. I’ve been waiting for this and I’m very grateful for your thoughtfulness. You never fail us– your blog fans. 😉 Please do recap other German tv shows with lovely gay women, hopefully in English as well. I’d (I’m sure the others, too) love to read all about it here. Thanks again, Mel.