Verbotene Liebe Recap: Goodbye Carla & Stella!

Carla and Stella decide to get married on their round-the-world trip. Together, they say good bye to family and friends and leave Königsbrunn.

Monday, November 9, 2009 (3502)

At the wedding, Carla and Stella look on as Louise and Gregor dance the wedding dance. When Stella leaves Carla’s side for a moment, Carla looks at the happy couple and whispers to Nathalie that she can already see Stella and herself like that, at least as happy. Nathalie replies that she wishes that for Carla – and herself.

Back at Carla’s side, Stella tells her that she does not want a wedding that is as pompous, but one that is as happy. Carla replies that she will get it. Stella caresses Carla’s shoulder. She says that first, they will go on their round-the-world-trip together, and then… Stella does not finish the sentence, but just smiles at Carla, and they kiss.

They get interrupted though by one of the waiters, who comes up to them and says that he cannot believe his eyes. He hands Stella a glass of champagne and tells her how surprised he is to meet her again, and at a wedding of all places.

Stella looks confused. Justus intervenes and tells the waiter not to bother the guests. The waiter makes a snarky remark about Justus, then pinches Stella’s cheek and tells her that they will meet again after he has finished his shift, and that they will celebrate their reunion then. He leers at her and winks, then finally turns around and leaves them alone.

Both Carla and Stella look dumbfounded. Finally, Carla asks Stella how she knows this guy. Stella replies that she does not have the slightest idea.

When the waiter later passes them and winks at Stella again, she asks Justus about him. Justus explains that he does not know him because he is from a catering firm. He starts to rant about the waiter, but a stern look by Carla stops him. After Justus has left them, Carla says that the guy probably knows Stella from one of the hotels she worked at, and tells her not to get angry about him.

Louise announces that she is going to throw the bridal bouquet. She wonders who is going to be the next lucky lady to get married. Carla and Stella, who stand in the front row together, both raise their hands and smile from ear to ear. Before she throws the bouquet, Louise wishes all of them that they may get a husband that is as wonderful as hers. When she sees Stella and Carla, she adds “or maybe a wife”. But neither of them catches the bouquet.

Later, Carla looks after Maria, who is in Ansgar’s suite after Tanja tried to poison her and Ansgar could safe her at the last minute. Ansgar explains to Carla that Maria had a migraine attack and tries to send Carla away, but Carla insists on talking to Maria herself. But Maria confirms Ansgar’s explanation and sends Carla back to the party.

Carla and Stella adjourn to Stella’s office. Carla seems disappointed. She does not understand why Ansgar behaves like “Francesca” was only his mother and not hers as well. Stella comforts her by saying that once they are away on their trip, Carla will have forgotten about her feud with Ansgar in no time. Carla agrees with her, then asks her to show her their hotel in New Guinea again.

They cuddle up on the sofa together, and Stella shows Carla the website of the hotel on her laptop computer. She tells Carla about the bathtub, from which they will be able to see the ocean, and says that she wishes she could already be there with Carla.

Carla looks at her in silence for a moment, then asks why not just do it. She suggests to Stella to leave the very next day, because what she learned from her accident is that life is too short and that one has to make use of every minute.

Stella is surprised by Carla’s spontaneity, but Carla explains to her that her rational thinking did not get her anything but trouble, and that she almost lost Stella because of it. She grabs the computer and announces that she will book the hotel right away, and that there is no way back. Stella is delighted.

The next morning, Stella and Carla are in the entrance hall of Königsbrunn. Stella tells Carla that she has to go now, because there is so much to do and she still has to pack. She starts to wonder where she put her passport, and wishes for it to have a built-in beeper so she could find it. Carla looks at her, her eyes full of love, then tells Stella that she is so cute when she is nervous, and kisses her. Stella looks a little shy, and says that it is not just travel nerves.

Stella kisses Carla good bye and wants to leave, but Carla holds her back. She whispers into Stella’s ear that apart from her passport, maybe she could also bring her birth certificate. When Stella looks at her questioningly, Carla says that she does not want to wait any longer, and suggests to get married on their trip, if Stella wants that, too. Of course Stella wants that, too.

Back at her apartment, Stella is looking for her passport. While she is rummaging through a box of papers, Louise picks up a postcard and starts to laugh. It turns out to be a picture of the waiter who was at the wedding, and Stella finally remembers that his name is Paule and that he was a musician on the cruise ship where she used to work.

Stella returns to her office at Königsbrunn to look for her passport there. In the kitchen, somebody turns on the radio, and the song seems to remind Stella of something. In her mind, she suddenly hears how someone asks her whether she wants to take this man to be her husband, and how she, sounding very drunk, says yes.

Christian enters the office and asks whether Stella is alright. She sits down, looking shocked and confused, and tells him that it looks like she is already married.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 (3503)

Stella tells Christian that she used to work on a cruise ship. One night, she and some of the musicians on board got very drunk, and Paule had the idea to play wedding. Christian tries to calm Stella down by saying that there was probably no minister around, but Stella explains to him that they exchanged their fake vows in front of the captain of the ship, which means that the wedding could be valid.

Carla comes into the office. Stella jumps up and tells her that she was about to go home to pack. Then she grabs Christian and tells him that he is going to help her pack. She kisses Carla goodbye, then drags Christian into the kitchen and to the stairs. A startled Carla stays behind.

Back at her apartment, Stella is about to freak out. She tells Christian that she needs to find out whether Paule is married. When he suggests to ask at the civil registry office, she tells him that she does not have enough time for that, because their flight leaves that night. Stella is worried about Carla’s reaction when she finds out that Stella is married to an untalented dance musician.

Together with Christian, she checks the website of Paule’s band, but his biography only says that he is married, nothing more. Stella grabs the phone. When Christian tries to stop her from calling Paule, she says that she immediately needs a divorce.

Maria is in the park. She is about to read a letter that Ansgar gave her and that explains that she actually is his biological mother when Carla joins her. Maria tells her that she is happy for Carla and Stella because they are such a beautiful couple, and asks where they intend to get married. Carla replies that they do not know yet and want to decide that spontaneously.

Carla asks Maria what she wanted to tell her the night before the wedding. (Writer’s note: Maria wanted to tell Carla that she is not her mother Francesca, but Ansgar – who she now knows is in fact her biological son – asked her not to do it.) Maria says that it was nothing important. When Carla asks her again, saying that she is going to leave that night and who knows how long she will be gone, Maria tells her that she regrets that Carla leaves, but that she is very happy for her. Carla realizes that Maria is trying to dodge the question, and is disappointed. She tells Maria that she thought they could talk more openly now, and walks away.

Carla calls Stella and tells her about Maria’s strange behaviour. Stella has a hard time focusing on the phone call, and not only because she is sitting on her suitcase and trying to close it. She motions to Christian to help her with the suitcase, and tells Carla that what Maria wanted to tell her might not have been that important after all. Besides, they will be high up in the air soon and away from all the family spat. Carla agrees, then asks whether Stella will be on time. Stella assures Carla that she will.

The door bell rings. Stella finishes the phone call and opens the door. It is Paule, the annoying waiter from the wedding. He pulls Stella into a bear hug right away. She asks him to come inside, and tells him that she desperately needs to talk about something with him, but he insists that he needs to have a coffee first.

While Stella is making coffee, Christian is keeping Paule company, putting up a brave front while Paule tells stupid jokes. Stella returns with the coffee. She sits down next to Paule and starts to question him about his life, but does not get the answer she wants. Eventually, she impatiently wants to know if he is married.

When he starts to rave about a woman named Chantal, Stella asks him whether that means that they are not married. He is surprised and wants to know whether she seriously thinks that because of what happened on the cruise ship. When Stella replies that after all, it was the captain who married them, Paule bursts into laughter and says that it was one of the other musicians who just borrowed the captain’s hat. Both Stella and Christian look very relieved.

At Königsbrunn, Carla and some family members and friends are already waiting in the entrance hall when Stella comes rushing in with Christian in tow. Before Carla can say anything, Stella apologizes and says that she knows that she is late, but that they can still make it if they leave right away. Carla and Stella hug, then they start to make their farewells.

Carla tells Elisabeth to stand her ground, no matter what happens, and embraces her. Elisabeth replies that Carla must not worry, and wishes her a good trip.

While Stella says goodbye to Elisabeth as well, Carla turns to Nathalie and Matthias. Nathalie asks Carla to send her a postcard. Carla tells her that there are also phones and the internet to stay in touch. Also, they will return soon.

Stella hugs both Nathalie and Matthias as well, while Carla turns to Maria. She tells her that she is within reach for her anytime. Maria smiles and embraces Carla.

While Maria says good bye to Stella, Carla looks at Ansgar, who is also in the hall. Neither of them say a word.

Finally, Carla walks up to the door to meet Stella there. Arm in arm, they take one last look at the group of people in the hall. Stella shouts “So long!”, and Carla adds “And don’t forget us.” The others laugh. Then Carla and Stella turn around and follow Christian through the front door.

Stella is waiting for Carla outside. Carla closes the door behind her, then turns around to look at Stella. They are all smiles. Carla plants a big kiss on Stella’s lips, then she takes Stella’s hand and together, they leave Königsbrunn.



This was the final Carla & Stella recap – at least for now. Of course, once they return from their trip – if they return and not stay on some remote island to live happily ever after – you will read about it here.

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

Originally posted on mels blog on November 10, 2009.

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  1. Thank you so much Mel. You have made the Starla story so very clear to us non-German-speaking fans. And I love your optimism (“Once they return from their trip”). I’ll be checking here for your continuing translation. Till then, have a great life. Danke!

  2. Marilyn Pietersz 15. November 2009 um 21:30

    Hi Mel,

    I’ve enjoyed reading the recaps. Made it a lot easier to follow the STARLA-storyline on Verbotene Liebe. I live in the Netherlands, so I speak Dutch but not German. (some words I understand, but not much) Thanks a lot for all the work you have done. For now I will stop watching as I really only saw the soap because of the Starla-storyline and I became a fan of Claudia Hiersche, good actress; beautiful woman. I try to follow lesbian/gay stories on tv/ movies.

    I’ll keep visiting your blog regularly, though. Like it a lot.

    A question: If Claudia and Anne return for guest appearances as it is said, will you also give a little recap of what happened during Carla’s absence at Köningsbrun? I mean Carla still doesn’t know for instance that Maria Galdi isn’t her mother, but her aunt. And maybe she returns to Köningsbrun to find out that? And I believe that Elizabeth will find out something too; so during her absence certain things will happen. The way I see it Carla is then still the head of the family and the Holding and not Ansgar. Anyway keep us posted. I read on Youtube that Claudia will appear in some episodes in January.

    Once again thank you so much for the fantastic recaps. Dank je wel !.

    P.S.: When Stella and Carla said goodbye, nothing was said about Carla’s daughter Sophia. (failure of the writers).

    Greetings, Marilyn

    • Hi Marilyn,
      alsjeblieft. 🙂

      As for your question: If it’s necessary to understand the storyline, I will most likely describe what happened during their absence, but probably only briefly.

      And as for Sophia, I wondered about that, too, but I figured that she probably stays with her father Lars in Munich while Carla and Stella are away, and the writers just forgot to mention it. 😉


  3. Thank you soooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! You really helped me to understand and enjoy watching the videos so much more!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks everyone for your nice comments, and I actually have a – if only brief – Carla & Stella update for you:

    Elisabeth mentioned in an episode last week that Carla and Stella are currently doing island-hopping in Australia. Also, it seems that Stella actually quit her job as the castle’s administrator before leaving, because Carla now gave the job to Elisabeth.

    More news coming soon!

  5. Tks Mel for the update. So great of you to keep Starla alive for us fans. Btw, not only did Elizabeth take over Stella’s job, she also seem to dress like Stella now. Lol.

  6. The mystery of what happened to Sophia has been solved. Apparently, the writers realized their mistake and let Charlie, Sophia’s aunt, say in yesterday’s episode that Sophia is “traveling around the world with her mommy”.