Verbotene Liebe Recap: Wedding Bells

Carla decides to propose to Stella, but gets discouraged when Stella makes a negative remark about weddings. She has already given up the thought of getting married when Stella surprises her with a question…

Monday, November 2, 2009 (3496)

Stella and Gregor are talking about Maria’s offer to celebrate Gregor’s and Louise’s wedding at Königsbrunn when Carla comes down the stairs to the kitchen and joins them. She greets Gregor and Stella and asks what they are talking about.

Gregor tells Carla about Maria’s offer. They sit down at the kitchen table, and Carla says that she thinks that Maria’s idea is great. Then she looks at Stella and adds that she is sure that it was Stella who helped Maria along. Stella puts her arm around Carla’s shoulder and says that she did, but only a little bit, and that is now up to the groom to accept Maria’s offer.

But Gregor is still uncertain. He says that a wedding like that would be just like Louise wanted it, but that he wanted to pay for his wedding himself and not depend on charity. Stella replies that Maria would do it for Louise, and Carla adds that her mother likes Louise very much. Finally, Stella asks Gregor what he is still pondering over.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 (3497)

No Carla & Stella scenes. Stella is busy with organizing the wedding, and Carla starts to pack for their journey.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009 (3498)

Stella is still busy with organizing Gregor and Louise’s wedding. In the salon, she talks with Justus about the table decorations, and then asks Maria aka Countess Francesca to hide the wedding dress that Stella picked out for Louise. When she is alone in the salon, Stella again looks at the choice of wedding dresses that were delivered to the castle. She picks one and goes over to a mirror where she holds up the dress in front of her. She smiles and starts to spin around.

Stella eventually tries the dress on. She looks at herself in the mirror dreamily, then starts to dance. She stops abruptly when she realizes that the door has been opened. It is Carla, who looks at Stella and says “Wow!”.

Stella looks a little embarassed, but Carla smiles and tells her that she shouldn’t mind her. Stella tries to explain that she only wanted to see what the dress looked like when somebody wore it, because she couldn’t judge from just seeing it on the clothes hanger.

She tries to get the zip open, but fails. Impatiently, she asks Carla to help her. Of course, Carla does not need to be told twice. With a big grin, she enters the room and closes the door behind her.

Carla opens the dress, then starts to kiss Stella’s naked neck and shoulders. Just when her hands are about to take off the straps, Ansgar opens the door.

When he sees them, he says that it hopefully is not what it looks like. Stella hurries to get away from Carla and hide behind a room-divider, while Carla faces Ansgar.

She tells him that all he saw was a woman in a wedding dress, and wants to know whether he has never seen that before. He replies that he has, but that in Carla’s case, it has never been the right woman. First, it was this abominable taxi-driver [Writer’s note: He refers to Carla’s first wife Susanne, who in fact was a taxi-driver], and now another service provider is trying to establish herself in the family.

From behind the room-divider, Stella retorts that politeness has never been Ansgar’s strong point. Carla starts to giggle. Ansgar warns Stella not to go out on a limb, because Carla will certainly dump her soon, and then she will depend on him as her boss. Then he leaves the room.

Carla goes over to Stella and hugs her. Stella launches into calling Ansgar names, then stops herself. But Carla finishes her sentence and calls Ansgar an asshole. She kisses Stella, then steps back and once more admires Stella in the dress. They look at each other, very much in love.

Down in the kitchen, the staff is busy with the wedding preparations. Stella and Maria talk about the guest list when Carla joins them. She takes Stella by the hands and leads her to a corner of the room, then asks her if she could get away from the wedding preparations for a while. Stella is not so sure about that, but Carla insists.

She tells Stella that she has to attend to something first, but then she needs to see Stella. When Stella wants to know why, Carla tells her that it is a surprise. They start to kiss, but get interrupted by the cook, who needs Stella’s help. After Stella has left the kitchen with the cook, Carla asks Justus to send a bottle of champagne and a  bouquet of roses up to her room.

Carla returns to the castle with a ring. When she looks at it, Elisabeth comes up from behind her and sees the ring. Carla confesses to Elisabeth that she intends to propose to Stella.

She tells Elisabeth that Stella tried one of the wedding dresses on and looked so beautiful as a bride that Carla just knew that this is it. Elisabeth is happy for Carla, and says that the wedding preparations seem to be contagious. Carla agrees, then adds that she hopes that Stella feels the same way, too.

Back in the kitchen, Stella is close to a nervous breakdown when things seem to get out of hand. Maria tries to calm her down, but Stella talks herself into a rage, and says that it was a stupid idea to organize Gregor’s wedding, that all the wedding hullabaloo gets on her nerves, and that nobody needs that anyway. Unfortunately, Carla hears Stella’s rant.

Carla is pacing up and down in the salon, holding the ring in her hand. Elisabeth comes into the room and asks her whether she is trying to come up with the right words for the proposal. Carla replies that not even the right words would help her now.

She tells Elisabeth about the rant, and that Stella apparently thinks that weddings are the last thing anybody needs. Elisabeth tries to comfort Carla. She explains to Carla that Stella was probably just stressed and did not mean it that way, but Carla is not convinced.

Sadly, she puts the ring away and says that the one time she tries to be spontaneous, it backfires. Elisabeth continues to talk insistently to Carla, telling her that she should not get discouraged that easily, but Carla replies that she would just make a fool of herself, because getting married is the last thing for Stella.

That’s when Stella rushes into the salon and says that she and Carla need to talk. She grabs Carla’s hand, apologizes to Elisabeth, and drags Carla out of the room.

Stella leaves the castle through the front door. While Carla is trying to keep up with her, she hurries down the stairs and starts to list everything that is going wrong with the wedding preparations. She says that it is just one mishap after another and that she does not know how to get it all done.

Stella tells Carla that she has a huge problem, and that is that she wants the wedding to be unforgettable for Gregor and Louise because they deserve it so much as they had to fight so hard for their love. She stops and looks at Carla and says: “Just like we had, hadn’t we?” Carla smiles at her and nods.

Breathlessly, Stella goes on to say that if she does not say this now, she will never say it. She takes Carla’s hands, looks at her and asks: “Carla, will you marry me?”

Carla is surprised at first. Then she says yes. She hugs Stella passionately and shouts “Of course!” and “I will”. Then they kiss and hug again.

Thursday, November 5, 2009 (3499)

Closly entangled, Carla and Stella return to the salon. Stella says that she still cannot believe that Carla really wants to marry her. Carla replies that she of course wants to, and that she can even prove it.

She lets go of Stella and goes over to the piano where she left the ring. When Stella sees the box, she asks whether this is what she thinks it is. Carla opens the box and shows Stella the ring.

She tells Stella that she wanted to propose to her earlier that day. Stella looks a little worried and wonders why Carla changed her mind. Carla explains to her that she did not have the courage to do it because Stella had been so annoyed by all the “wedding hullabaloo”. Stella is relieved, and says that for a moment, she thought that it was because Carla got cold feet. Carla takes the ring out of the box and places it on Stella’s finger, then tells Stella that she would like nothing better than to spend her life with Stella.

Tanja enters the salon. When she sees Carla and Stella, she sighs and states that this looks like a proposal. Carla asks if there is no place in the castle where they could be safe from her. Tanja agrees to leave them alone, but before she is at the door, she stops. In a sarcastic tone, she congratulates Carla on this gainful alliance. She goes on to say that getting involved with untitled people seems to be contagious nowadays – first Louise, now Carla – but someone from the staff, of all people?

Stella wants to respond, but Carla holds her back. She tells Stella that Tanja knows what she is talking about, because she herself started as a groom. Tanja raises her eyebrows, but does not say anything anymore and leaves the room. After she is gone, Stella states that Tanja is a witch. Carla agrees, saying that Stella put that really well.

Stella reckons that there is probably no use in trying to keep their engagement a secret. Carla wonders why they should, and says that after all, they are getting married so that all the world can see how much they love each other. They kiss.

Elisabeth, Tanja, Maria and Ansgar are in the living room and seem to be waiting for something. Ansgar is impatient. Maria asks whether anybody has an idea what Carla wants to tell them. Tanja says that she thinks she knows what this is about, and that she just saw Carla with Stella. Just as she wants to continue, Carla, who enters the room hand in hand with Stella, interrupts her and tells her that she will let Tanja know if she needs a publicist. With a look at Stella, Tanja retorts that Carla has always had a knack for choosing the right personnel.

Carla announces that she and Stella are getting married. Ansgar makes a cynical remark, wondering how many marriages that is now for Carla, but Elisabeth tells them that she is happy for them. She hugs Carla and congratulates her, then kisses Stella on the cheek and welcomes her into the family.

Then it is Ansgar’s turn again. He comes over to them, and wonders whether he should congratulate them. He says that maybe it works this time. Then he reminds Carla that if it does not work, she can just fire Stella anytime. Carla pities him that he still thinks that he can hurt them with his idiotic remarks. Ansgar leaves.

Carla turns to Stella and asks her whether she is still sure that she wants to marry into that family. Stella smiles and replies that at least now Carla knows that Stella really loves her.

Later, Stella and Carla are in Stella’s office. Stella unwraps the figures for the wedding cake. Carla playfully asks whether she should help Stella to undress (the figures, of course!). Stella agrees and, with a mischievous smile, says that Carla can start right away.

Maria shows up at the door to the office and asks whether it is okay to come in. Carla agrees. Maria wants to say something, but starts to stammer as she is not sure how to address Stella properly. Carla says that Stella will soon be part of the family, and that Maria and Stella could start to address each other with the familiar “du” now. Both women agree.

Maria says that she wanted to congratulate them on their engagement in private, and says that she wishes that they become very, very happy togther. Carla thanks her. Stella hesitates for a moment and looks at Carla, then she gets up from her seat and embraces Maria. Carla remains seated, but then Stella takes her hand and looks at her in a challenging way, until Carla finally gets up and embraces Maria as well.

From outside the office, David calls Stella because he needs her help. She leaves the office. Maria and Carla sit down at the table, and Maria asks whether they already set a date. Carla says that they will either get married during their journey or afterwards. Maria tells Carla that she will miss them. Carla admits that for her, it is not so easy to leave either. Then she says that she has a favor to ask Maria.

Back in the living room, Maria tells Ansgar that Carla and Stella plan to go on an extended journey right after Gregor and Louise’s wedding, and that Carla asked her to make sure that Elisabeth can stay at the castle during her absence. Ansgar declines, and says that he wants to get rid of Elisabeth.

Stella and David are taking care of the flower arrangement in the salon when Maria enters. Stella asks Maria whether she likes the flowers, and tells her that they look just like the flowers at the wedding of Louise’s parents. Maria tries to hide from Stella that she has been crying, and admires the flowers. After Stella and David have left the salon, Maria breaks down and starts to cry. Carla enters the salon, and sees that her “mother” is crying. She goes over to her and tries to comfort her.  Just as Maria is about to tell Carla that she cannot lie to her anymore about being her mother, Tanja interrupts her and leads Maria out of the room.

When Carla checks on Maria later, she asks what Maria wanted to tell her back in the salon. But Maria tells her that it can wait until after the wedding.

Friday, November 6, 2009 (3500 + 3501)

It is the morning of Gregor and Louise’s wedding. Stella is busy with the last wedding preparations. When Charlie arrives at Königsbrunn, she is being welcomed by Carla and Maria. Carla says that she has to tell Charlie some news, but Charlie interrupts her and replies that she has to talk to Stella first.

Down in the kitchen, Charlie tells Stella about the champagne she catered for the wedding when she notices Stella’s ring. She suddenly realizes what Carla wanted to tell her and congratulates Stella. They do not notice Eduard von Tepp, Louise’s ex-fiancé, who is hiding behind a column in the kitchen.

Later, Carla and Stella are in the chapel and wait for Gregor and Louise, not knowing that Louise was kidnapped by Eduard, who still cannot accept that she left him for Gregor and who therefore challenged Gregor to a duel with sabers. While Christian goes to look for them, Carla informs the wedding guests that bride and groom are still keeping them in suspense.

Gregor manages to defeat Eduard. He and Christian bring Eduard back to the castle to turn him over to the police. Stella meets them in the hall. Together with Louise, she takes care of Gregor’s wound. Stella tries to convince Gregor to see a doctor, but he wants to go ahead with the wedding as planned.

Outside of the castle, Justus informs Carla that the marriage ceremony will proceed, and she announces it to the guests.

In the chapel, Stella and Carla smile at each other when the ceremony begins. Together, they witness how Gregor and Louise exchange their vows.

Outside the castle, Carla, Stella and the other guests applaud the newlyweds when fireworks are being launched. In the romantic light of the fireworks, Carla and Stella kiss.

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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  1. Thanks to both of you for your comments, I’m glad that you liked the recap. 🙂

    And I agree, it was a very sweet episode, with lots of screentime for Carla and Stella.

  2. I’m becoming more unhappy as the story line of Carla and Stella come to an end.
    Thank you MeL! I have truly enjoyed your hard work.