Verbotene Liebe Recap: Carla and Stella decide to start over

After her accident, Carla realizes what is most important to her, and asks Stella to start over. They decide to go on a round-the-world trip together.

Monday, October 26, 2009 (3492)

Carla tries to convince Ansgar to end their constant fighting, but he does not want to reconcile with her. He tells her that he never wanted to be the good guy that she thinks he is just because he saved her, and that he wants the power over both the Holding and the family all by himself and not share it with her.

Back in the castle, Carla meets Elisabeth in the entrance hall. She tells Elisabeth about her attempt to make up with Ansgar. Elisabeth is not surprised that Ansgar declined.

Carla tells Elisabeth how fed up she is with the constant fight for the power over the Holding. Elisabeth asks her whether they have a choice. Carla replies that she does not know, but that it is certainly not how her father wanted it to be. She is quiet for a moment, then says that she honestly thought that she was about to die, and that she is now aware of the things that she neglected or missed out on – and probably even lost.

Meanwhile, Stella is on her way to Königsbrunn. When she arrives at the castle moat, she looks at the castle and hesitates for a moment. She notices Ansgar’s gloves, which he took off when he saved Carla and which are still lying by the moat, and picks them up. Then she proceeds to the castle.

In the entrance hall, Maria is just asking David to have a soup prepared for Carla when Stella enters. Stella apologizes for coming to the castle on her day off, and says that she needs to talk to Carla. Maria is relieved to see Stella and tells her that they have been trying to reach her. When Maria realizes that Stella does not know yet what happened, she tells her about Carla’s accident. Stella is confused and starts to panic, but Maria assures her that Carla is feeling much better.

Later, Carla is in the living room and eats her soup while Stella is keeping her company. When Carla is finished, she passes the empty bowl to Stella, who places it on a tray next to her. She takes the tray and is about to get up from her seat when Carla stops her and asks her if she already wants to leave.

Stella puts the tray down again and replies that she has to leave at some point. Carla swallows and seems to brace herself. Then she suggests that Stella should stay – forever.

She tells Stella that the accident finally made her realize some things, and that she cannot live like that anymore. She takes Stella’s hands and says that all she wants is to get happy with Stella and Sophia. When Stella asks about the Holding, Carla interrupts her and says that she should forget about the Holding, that Stella was right when she claimed that Carla was narrow-minded and blind, and that no company in the world is worth it to behave like that. Then she asks Stella to give it a try and start over.

When Stella is wondering whether Carla is serious, Carla smiles mischievously and suggests that Stella should give her a chance to demonstrate it to her. Stella smiles as well and leans forward to embrace Carla.

They are about to kiss when they hear footsteps outside the living room. It is David. He brings Sophia, who is crying. When he sees Carla and Stella, who are still holding each other, he apologizes for disturbing them, and explains that the little girl wanted to be with her mother.

Stella gets up and goes over to them. She picks Sophia up and tries to comfort her. Carla is watching them and smiles.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 (3493)

Carla announces to Ansgar and Tanja that she will take time out and go on a round-the-world trip with Stella.

The next morning, at the apartment Stella shares with her cousin Gregor and his fiancé Louise, Gregor and Louise are in the midst of an argument when the doorbell rings. Stella comes out of her room, all smiles and hyper, and shouts that she is going to the door, but Gregor beats her to it and opens the door for Carla.

After greeting Gregor and Louise, Carla plants a big kiss on Stella’s lips and asks her if she is ready to go. While Stella gets her coat, Louise tells Carla that she likes their plan to go on a long journey together. Carla replies that they now have to go and buy some decent suitcases for Stella. When Stella looks a little annoyed and skeptical, Carla tells her that she cannot travel the world with her small trolley bag forever.

Arm in arm and all smiles, they say goodbye to Louise and leave the apartment.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009 (3494)

No Carla & Stella scenes.

Stella is worried about Gregor and Louise, who found out that Louise’s ex Eduard manipulated the helicopter they crashed in and also tried to kill Gregor in the hospital.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

No new episode.

Friday, October 30, 2009 (3495)

No Carla & Stella scenes.

Stella is at the apartment, doing the dishes and talking with Louise when her cell phone rings. It’s Carla. They talk about flights. Stella says that she has not looked for any yet, but was about to go online anyway. She leaves the room.

Later, Stella helps Gregor and Louise with planning their wedding. When Gregor realizes that he cannot afford the kind of wedding that Louise always wanted and that would be appropriate for a princess, he is devastated, but Stella has an idea.

The next morning, she asks Gregor to come to Königsbrunn, where Maria, who was informed by Stella, offers to host the wedding at the castle.

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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  1. Melinda Dolezsal 27. Oktober 2009 um 11:44

    Thank you very much, MeL for all the Verbotene Liebe recaps. As we, in Hungary, can not watch VL on tv, you are the only Engish-speaking source about the series. Please keep doing recaps, you are saving our lives!
    Thanks one again!

  2. All I have to say is….whhhhhhaaaaat? A trip around the world? Whhhhaaaat and with only a travel bag….??? What about the “baby”? That travel bag may only hold baby bottles, baby wipes and some diapers… I’m just saying.

    All I have to say is that the writers are awesome 😉 lol

    OH thanks for the entertainment. You ROCK!!