Verbotene Liebe Recap: Stella leaves Carla, and Carla nearly dies

After a bitter quarrel with Carla, Stella decides to take time out and leaves Carla and the castle. Devastated by losing Stella, Carla has an accident and nearly drowns.

Monday, October 19th, 2009 (3487)

No Carla & Stella scenes, none of them was in the episode.

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 (3488)

Maria tries to convince Ansgar to assign leadership of the Lahnstein Bank in Shanghai to Carla, just like she promised it to Carla, but he refuses because it would mean that Carla would regain too much power.

Stella is in her office and on the phone with Christian, who tells her that Gregor finally awoke from the coma. She tells the good news to David and Carla, who embraces her. David interrupts them politely and asks for the key to the tool chamber, because he needs a pipe wrench. Stella gives the key to him and he leaves.

Stella notices that Carla is holding some papers in her hand and asks whether the real-estate agent has already sent proposals. Together, they look at the proposals and seem to have found the perfect apartment for them when Maria joins them. Carla shows the proposal to Maria and thanks her for her job offer. She says that she starts to look forward to leading the Lahnstein Bank in Shanghai. Carla and Stella smile at each other and start to laugh, then embrace again, while Maria quietly leaves Stella’s office.

In the living room, Maria, who realized that Carla will never leave Königsbrunn without the job she promised her and that things will even get worse if her plan fails, breaks down and starts to cry. Stella comes into the living room and finds her like that. She thinks that Maria cries because Carla is moving to Shanghai, but Maria confesses to her that she only promised Carla the job to make her leave Düsseldorf, but that she cannot keep the promise now because Ansgar refuses to go along with her plan.

Stella is outraged when she learns about Maria’s true intentions, and says that without the job, Carla will never go away. Maria thinks that she might find a way to convince Ansgar, and asks Stella not to tell Carla about her plan. Reluctantly, Stella agrees, but says that she only does it to protect Carla.

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 (3489)

When Maria threatens to tell the family that she is not – like she claims to be – Francesca von Lahnstein, Ansgar eventually gives in to Maria’s demand. At the family breakfast, he announces to Carla, Elisabeth, Maria and Stella, who happens to be in the room, that he appointed Carla as the new director of the Lahnstein Bank in Shanghai.

While Carla is willing to believe that it was Maria who actually gave the job to her and that Ansgar only agreed to get rid of her, Elisabeth questions Ansgar’s motives and asks Carla to be careful.

Carla eventually becomes suspicious as well. When she tells Stella about her concerns that something is not right about Ansgar’s noble gesture, Stella gets noticeably uncomfortable. She is about to tell Carla about her conversation with Maria, but Carla interrupts her. Eventually, Stella tells Carla that she does not know what is going on. Carla says that she believes Stella, because if there is someone who is always honest with her, it is Stella.

Stella tells Maria about Carla’s suspicion that Ansgar’s decision is just another one of his tricks. She wants to know why  why she should not tell Carla that it was Maria who convinced Ansgar, as she is afraid that keeping secrets from Carla could make things even worse. Maria talks insistently to her not to tell Carla, because it would only make Carla more suspicious if she knew. She persuades Stella that it is for the best to keep quiet, and tells her that sometimes, lying to a loved one can be legitimate in order to protect them.

Later, Ansgar comes into Stella’s office, Maria in tow. He wants to know when Stella and Carla intend to leave Düsseldorf. When Stella tells him that it is up to Carla, he demands of Stella to convince Carla to leave as soon as possible, otherwise he might reconsider his decision. Stella refuses. Meanwhile, unnoticed by Maria, Stella and Ansgar, Carla has entered the kitchen next to the office and overhears their conversation.

Maria tries to calm Ansgar down by saying that Carla will eventually go away with Stella as planned, that Stella will get the job in Shanghai and will in return keep quiet about their arrangement. Stella agrees, saying that nothing about their arrangement has changed.

After hearing that, Carla storms into the office, looking hurt and asking whether they think that she is stupid. Maria tries to tell Carla that her conversation with Stella was harmless and that they acted with the best of intentions, but Carla does not believe her.

After both Ansgar and Maria have left the office, Carla blames Stella for being hand in glove with Ansgar and Maria from the very beginning. Stella tells Carla that she is wrong, and that going to Shanghai is the right decision, no matter how it came about. Carla disagrees. She says that she trusted Stella more than anyone, and then Stella of all people allies herself with Ansgar.

Stella tells Carla that she only did what she did to protect Carla, that she did not intend to interfere with Carla’s affairs, but that Carla had been so obsessed with the fight for the Holding that she wouldn’t even listen to her anymore.

Carla sarcastically replies that she in fact did not hear Stella say that she is making common cause with Ansgar and Maria.

When Stella asks Carla what all of this means, Carla tells her that it is over.

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 (3490)

After Carla told her that it is over, Stella tries to explain that she did what she did for Carla because she wanted the fighting with Ansgar to end and thought that in Shanghai, they could finally be happy. Carla wants to know if that is reason enough for Stella to join forces with her enemies. Stella again emphasizes that she did not ally herself with Ansgar and Maria aka “Francesca”, and that “Francesca” is not Carla’s enemy. Carla does not want to hear Stella’s explanations.

Stella assures Carla that she would have exlained everything to her once they were in Shanghai, but Carla bitterly remarks that that would have been after Stella deceived her and lured her to Shanghai under a false pretense. Stella finally realizes that Carla does not believe her and decides that, under those circumstances, it is probably better for them to take a break and put some distance between them for a while. Carla agrees.

The next morning, Elisabeth meets Carla in the library. Carla is visibly shaken. Elisabeth asks her whether she had a fight with Stella, because Stella seems as distraught as Carla. Carla replies that it was less of a fight and more of a complete disaster. Then she tells Elisabeth that Stella made common cause with Ansgar and Maria to entice Carla away from Düsseldorf, but that Stella kept saying that she only did it for their relationship.

When Elisabeth asks Carla if she believes Stella, Carla says that it does not matter if she does because Stella deceived her, and that it is now over.

Meanwhile, Stella is in her office. Sadly, she looks at the picture of her and Carla on her desk, then puts it away and starts to write something down. Maria approaches her and asks whether she and Carla were able to work things out the night before. Stella says that if Maria was meaning to ask whether they made up, the answer is no. Maria offers to speak  with Carla and explain to her that Stella was not part of the plan and that everything was her, Maria’s, idea. Stella declines that offer, saying that she is fed up with Maria’s interferences. Then she asks Maria for a few days off so she could avoid Carla. Maria agrees.

Even though Stella asked her not to do it, Maria still tries to talk to Carla and explain to her that it was all her fault and not Stella’s, but Carla refuses to listen and tells Maria to leave her alone.

Later, Carla is in the entrance hall when David approaches her and tells her that the edges of the castle moat are covered with moss, which could be very dangerous. Carla tells him to talk to Stella about this.

That’s when Stella enters the entrance hall as well, carrying a suitcase with her. She looks at Carla and, with a put-on politeness, says goodbye to her. Carla, acting the same way as Stella, asks whether Stella wants to go away on a journey. Stella explains that she is taking time out, which she thinks will probably suit Carla fine. Carla wishes her a good rest. David mentions the castle moat to Stella, but she tells him to talk to the gardener about it and leaves.

After Stella has left, Carla takes a walk in the park. She looks devastated. While pacing up and down, she has to think of  her conversation with Stella the day before, when she told Stella about her concerns about Ansgar’s seemingly noble decision; of the conversation between Stella, Maria and Ansgar that she overheard; and finally of how she told Stella that it is over.

Carla does not realize that she is standing on the mossy edge of the castle moat when she starts to cry uncontrollably. Suddenly, she loses her footing and falls into the moat.

Unconscious, she drifts in the water of the moat when, of all people, Ansgar finds her.

Friday, October 23rd, 2009 (3491)

When Ansgar sees Carla drifting in the moat, he hesitates for a moment and it looks like he is about go away, but then he changes his mind and runs into the moat to save her. He carries Carla out of the water and starts to resuscitate her.

While Ansgar is trying to save her, Carla has a near death experience. She is back in the castle, wearing a white dress and standing in the salon. All the furniture is covered with white cloth. She looks around and sees Stella in a white suit standing by the door. Stella is holding Sophia in her arms, who is also wearing a white dress. Carla calls for Stella, but Stella and Sophia just look at her and then seem to fade away.

That is the moment when Carla spits out the water she swallowed and starts to cough and breathe again.

Elisabeth and Maria are in the entrance hall when Ansgar pushes open the front door and carries Carla in. He asks them to call an ambulance and carries Carla into the living room. Elisabeth and Maria follow him.

In the living room, the emergency doctor examines Carla while Ansgar, Maria, Elisabeth and Justus wait impatiently. Eventually, the doctor says that Carla was lucky and only has a minor concussion.

Back at her apartment, Stella tells Louise that Carla is obsessed with getting back at Ansgar and does not care that their relationship suffers. Louise tries to comfort her, saying that Carla is probably suffering as much as Stella, but that she feels obliged to her father’s heritage. Stella is aware of that, but says that it does not justify throwing away their relationship. She starts to cry.

Louise tells Stella that Carla loves her and that she will most likely reconsider her decision, but Stella replies that Carla has already made a decision: for the Holding and against her.

After the emergency doctor has left, Maria and Elisabeth stay with Carla, who is still not responsive. When they try to talk to her, Carla starts to call for Stella. Maria tells Elisabeth that Stella has a few days off, but that she will try to get a hold of her.

Louise is still trying to comfort Stella when Stella’s cell phone starts to ring. Stella looks at the display and sees that someone from Königsbrunn is trying to reach her. Louise asks whether Stella is going to pick up, but Stella says that she can’t.

Maria holds Ansgar at fault for Carla’s accident, saying that without their constant fighting, it would not have happened. He denies her accusations, but she seems to have touched a nerve. Later, he goes to Carla’s room to look after her and sits down by her bed while she is sleeping. But when she gets restless and seems to wake up, he quickly leaves.

Maria is by Carla’s side when she wakes up the next morning. Carla wonders what Maria is doing there. Maria explains that Carla nearly drowned. She starts to cry and says that she wishes that she could reverse everything that happened, and tells Carla again that she meant well.

Carla tells Maria that she knows that, then adds that things like the Holding and Shanghai do not really matter, but that she had to fall into the moat to realize that. Maria is relieved and happy to hear those words from Carla. They talk about the accident, and Carla says that all she remembers is how she fell, but not who saved her.

Stella is sitting on the sofa in her apartment, crying. Her phone is ringing, but she does not react. Louise comes into the room. She asks whether it was Carla who called, but Stella answers that she does not know.

Louise sits down next to Stella and hugs her, then suggests that she will go make coffee while Stella checks her phone. The phone starts to ring again, and Stella reaches out for it, but then stops herself.

It is in fact Carla who calls Stella. She is in the park and slowly and carefully approaches the moat, then kneels down by the edge. When she reaches Stella’s voicemail, she leaves a message and asks Stella to call her because she has to tell her something.

Carla hangs up and looks at the moat, lost in thought, until she suddenly hears Ansgar’s voice behind her. He says that she should not dare to fall again, because he would not jump in after her a second time. Carla thanks him for saving her, then says that she would not have expected that of him. He looks hurt, then asks whether she thinks that he would just let her croak. Carla replies that it would not have surprised her, then admits that she is not sure what she would have done if she had seen him drifting in the water. He looks at her surprised.

Carla says that all their fighting is madness. When he replies that it was not only his fault, she admits that she has not changed for the better. She asks him if he sometimes wonders whether the Holding is worth it. When he does not answer, she reminds him that there was a time when they could work together without fighting, and that there should be a way to get back to that, because, after all, they are siblings and not enemies.

Carla tells Ansgar that it is time to make peace and offers her hand to him.

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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  1. What’s over? The job, or the relationship??? Thanks MeL for keeping us in suspense.

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  2. Thank you SO much for the english recap! Much appreciated while I wait for the subtitles on mittag1234’s youtube channel.

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