Verbotene Liebe Recap: Stella asks Carla to go away with her

Carla’s fights with Ansgar continue to put a strain on her relationship with Stella. When Stella gets the offer to manage a hotel in Shanghai, she asks Carla to come with her.

Monday, October 5th, 2009 (3478):

No Carla & Stella scenes, Carla was not in this episode.

Stella is at No Limits and celebrates the engagement of her cousin Gregor and Louise von Waldensteyck.

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 (3479):

No Carla & Stella scenes, Carla was not in this episode.

Stella is still at No Limits. Louise’s ex-fiancé Eduard is also at the engagement party. When he cannot stand seeing Louise and Gregor’s happiness, he turns around to leave and runs into Stella. Without apologizing, he storms out.

The next morning, Eduard shows up at the apartment that Stella shares with Gregor and Louise to bring them a gift and say goodbye.

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 (3480):

No Carla & Stella scenes, Stella was not in this episode.

Carla tries to support Nathalie, who is scared that Ansgar’s intrigue might destroy her relationship with Matthias.

Thursday, October 8th, 2009 (3481):

Ansgar and Maria arrive at Schneider’s just when Carla, who met there with Nathalie, is about to leave. When she sees Ansgar, Carla calls him a disgusting pig. She then explains to Maria that Ansgar tried to blackmail Nathalie and force her to sleep with him.

Ansgar retorts her attack by emphasizing again how powerless Carla is. Carla pledges that one day, she will regain her old position. Maria tries to stop the two of them from fighting, but Carla tells her that it will be like that between them as long as Maria does not remove Ansgar from his position. Then she leaves Schneider’s.

The next morning, Maria and Ansgar talk about Maria’s plan to get Carla to leave Düsseldorf with Stella. Ansgar tells Maria that he is not willing to support her or to spend any money on that plan, but pressures Maria to make it work, or he would have to take care of Carla himself. Maria says that she knows people in Shanghai who could help her.

Carla and Stella return to the castle, carrying rollerblades. Stella is in a good mood and laughs about an almost-crash she had with a pedestrian. Carla does not respond to her but quietly sits down on the couch in Stella’s office. Stella sighs, then sits down with Carla and asks her what is wrong.

Carla tries to act like there is nothing wrong and that she is just tired, but Stella tells her that she was on the rollerblades for only ten minutes, and for the rest of the time sat on a bench and stared into space. Carla smilingly replies that she was watching Stella, but Stella ignores that. She asks Carla how much longer Carla wants to continue to only think about Ansgar and the Holding all of the time. Carla wonders why Stella thinks that Carla is so easy to see through, but Stella replies that Carla is for her.

Carla finally gives up her act and says that she does not like the situation, either, but when Stella says that she should just forget about everything from time to time, Carla jumps up and answers that it is just not that easy. Stella takes Carla by the shoulders and offers to help her with that. She tells her that the sun is shining, that they had a great day together and that Carla has so much that she can look forward to.

Carla agrees, but when Stella tries to kiss her, Carla does not let her. She says that she just cannot let Ansgar win like that. Stella, now obviously annoyed, tells Carla that if she  lets that fight destroy herself, Ansgar also wins. Carla does not answer, but suddenly looks very sad.

Later, Stella is alone in her office, just finishing a phone call when Maria enters. Maria asks about the call, which obviously left a big impression on Stella. Stella tells her that a hotel in Shanghai is looking for a manager, and that they just offered her the job. Maria congratulates her, but Stella does not look happy.

She tells Maria that a job like that is what she always wanted, but that things between her and Carla are so good at the moment that she does not want to give that up for a job. Maria suggests that Stella should take Carla with her. When Stella is wondering what Carla should do in Shanghai, Maria explains that Shanghai is an interesting market for art, and that Carla would most definitely not get bored. Stella is sure that Carla would never leave Düsseldorf with all that’s going on at the moment, but Maria replies that she thinks that Carla needs a break, and that it would not hurt if Stella talked to Carla about that.

Carla is in the library on the phone, talking with her brother Leonard in Boston. She tells him that everything could be so wonderful with Stella and Sophia and her if it weren’t for Ansgar and the fight for the Holding. Leonard suggests that she should visit him in Boston for a few days. Maria enters the library and overhears the last part of the phone call. She tells Carla that she thinks it is a great idea for Carla to visit Leonard.

Maria is still trying to talk Carla into going away for a while when Stella joins them in the library. Maria pretends to leave them alone, but leaves the door of the library open so she can hear what they talk about.

Carla is happy to see Stella. She gets up, goes over to her and kisses her. Stella says that there is something that she needs to talk about with Carla. She tells Carla about the offer to become manager of a hotel. Carla is happy for Stella, and wants to know whether the hotel is in Düsseldorf. Instead of answering right away, Stella asks Carla what she thinks about a fresh start for the three of them – Carla, herself and Sophia – in Shanghai. Carla looks at her with a shocked look on her face.

Friday, October 9th, 2009 (3482):

Stella wants to know what Carla thinks about her suggestion. Carla says that she is surprised, and goes back to her desk. Stella asks her to imagine how great it could be to go to Shanghai together, but Carla replies that she belongs where she is, not despite, but because of the fight with Ansgar. Stella insists that the fight with Ansgar is putting a strain on Carla, and that she thinks that in Shanghai, they could be happy.

Carla pushes Stella away and jumps up, saying that she cannot make a decision right away. Stella replies that she is aware of that, but that she has a job interview in two days, and suggests that Carla should come with her to Shanghai so they can get to know the city together. Carla is outraged that Stella wants to leave on such a short notice, even if it is only for a few days. She tells Stella that she cannot cancel her appointments, or even reschedule them, because she takes her job seriously and cannot change her whole life on a moment’s notice. When Stella says that this is not what she is doing, Carla asks her what else it is. Stella does not reply anymore, but just looks at Carla, whp pretends to read in a file on her desk, then leaves the library.

After their fight, Carla is still in the library while Stella is back in her office. Both are deep in thought. Carla eventually gets up and goes to an ancient globe next to the desk, where she looks up Shanghai. Maria returns to the library. She sees what Carla is looking at and asks her whether she intends to go on vacation. Carla replies “maybe”, then leaves the library.

At Schneider’s, Stella says goodbye to Charlie. Charlie wishes Stella that being in Shanghai for the job interview helps Stella to decide what she wants to do, but that she, Charlie, would prefer it if Stella stayed in Düsseldorf. With a smile, Charlie adds that she is probably not the only one who does not want Stella to leave, to which Stella just sadly replies “Who knows”. She tells Charlie that Carla did not even come to say goodbye to her because everything else is more important to her. Charlie looks at Stella compassionately, but then sees something behind Stella and starts to smile again. Stella turns around to see that Carla has entered Schneider’s. Charlie quickly says goodbye to Stella and wishes her all the best, then leaves Carla and Stella alone.

Carla is reliefed to see Stella as she was scared that she would not see her anymore. Stella tells her that even if she accepts the job, she still has to come back again. Carla says that maybe the hotel in Shanghai turns out not to be that great, to which Stella just replies that they will see.

For a while, they look at each other without knowing what to say, then Carla wishes Stella a safe flight. Stella thanks her. Another moment of silence. Eventually, Stella notes that it is time for her to go. She looks around, then embraces Carla. They hold each other until Stella finally lets go. She takes her suitcase, says that she is going to call Carla, and goes. By the door, she turns around again to look at Carla, who waves to her. Stella waves back, then opens the door and leaves Schneider’s.

Back at Königsbrunn, Carla is in Stella’s office and looks at a picture of her and Stella. Maria sees her and asks whether Carla already misses Stella. Carla puts away the picture and pretends like she does not know what Maria is talking about. Maria explains that Stella told her about the job offer because, after all, Stella is employed at Königsbrunn – for the moment. Carla says that it is not sure yet whether Stella is going to quit.

Maria asks Carla if she has thought about going away with Stella, and reminds her that the Asian headquarters for the Lahnstein Holding are in Shanghai as well. She offers Carla to put her in charge of the headquarters and all of the Lahnsteins’ business relations in Asia. Carla is suspicious and tells Maria that it sounds like Maria was trying to get rid of her, and that Ansgar would never let Carla become that powerful again. Maria assures her that she will be able to push it through, and asks Carla to think about it.

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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