Verbotene Liebe Recap: Carla comes to her senses

Carla eventually realizes that she was about to go too far and makes up with Stella. Together, they celebrate Sophia’s second birthday.

Monday, September 28th, 2009 (3473)

Carla and Stella are fighting over Carla’s plan to blackmail Ansgar. Carla thinks that Stella is overreacting. She tries to explain that she will not look on when Ansgar ruins the family, and that she has no choice but to use Hannes against him. She tries to persuade Stella that Ansgar loves Hannes and will not risk losing him, but Stella is not convinced. Even when Carla reminds her that she went to jail because she was framed by Ansgar, Stella replies that this is not an excuse to become like him. Then she leaves the library.

Back in her office, Stella tries to work, but she is still too angry. When the cook comes to complain about the oven, Stella tells her to come back later in a very impatient tone. When Christian sneaks up from behind and teases her with a feather duster, she takes her anger out on him and tells him to do his job instead of playing around.

Meanwhile, Carla is still in the library. With a pencil, she is sketching a picture of Stella’s face on a piece of paper. Next to her on the desk is a brochure of an escort service which she intends to use to frame Ansgar and then blackmail him with notifying Child Protective Services that his marriage to Tanja is just a sham marriage. She finally grabs the brochure and calls them to arrange a meeting.


Carla is on her way to the meeting when she meets Stella in the entrance hall. Stella just looks at her disapprovingly, then leaves the hall without saying a word.

Hannes comes running into the hall, wearing an Indian costume, and hides behind Carla. Ansgar follows him. When he sees Hannes with Carla, he tells his son that he will save him from this nasty snake. He takes Hannes by the hand, but before they leave, Hannes looks up to his father and tells him that Carla is not a snake. Ansgar replies that Carla is in fact a very dangerous snake, then tells Hannes to run and hide again. They leave the hall. Stella, who overheard what Hannes said through the open door of the dining room, looks at Carla with an intense, persuasive look, but Carla moves on and leaves the castle.

When Stella brings the mail to the library later, she accidentally pushes a stack of files off the desk. Picking up the papers, she finds the sketch of her face that Carla did earlier. While she is still looking at it, Elisabeth enters the library. When she sees the sketch in Stella’s hands, she says that Carla is indeed very talented, and that it is too bad that she barely finds time to sketch anymore. Stella sadly replies that it is not only the sketching that Carla hardly has time for anymore. Elisabeth explains to Stella how important the Holding is to Carla, that her late father wanted her to manage the family business and that Carla took on this responsibility with all consequences, which is something that she, Elisabeth, admires Carla for.

Meanwhile, Carla arrives at Schneider’s for her meeting. Charlie brings up the night before, when Carla stood Stella up, but Carla is too nervous to talk about that now. When the woman from the escort service arrives, Carla gives her a picture of Ansgar and an envelope with money and explains that she needs someone to seduce Ansgar.  The woman looks at the picture and recognizes Ansgar. She tells Carla that Ansgar has made use of her service many times, but that he never was as generous as Carla. Finally, Carla realizes what she is about to do. She takes the picture and the money and says that she changed her mind. Then she leaves the table.

Later, Stella comes to Schneider’s where Carla is waiting for her at a table with a nice bouquet of flowers. Carla gets up and thanks Stella for coming, but when she tries to kiss her, Stella backs off and tells her that her coming to Schneider’s does not mean that they can get back to business as usual. Carla replies that that was not what she wanted, but that she instead wanted to apologize to Stella. She admits that Stella was right when she said that it was not okay to use Hannes as a bait to blackmail Ansgar, and that she, Carla, was just out of it.

Stella finally sits down and even takes Carla’s hand. She says that she finally understands why the Holding is so important to Carla. Carla explains that she would feel like deceiving her father if she lets Ansgar have his way. Stella is worried that Carla becomes hard and unscrupulous from fighting Ansgar, but Carla is convinced that this will not happen as long she has Stella by her side. She says that she is happy that Stella stopped her from going through with her plan. They smile at each other and kiss.

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 (3474)

Stella and Carla are still at Schneider’s, having a drink with Ansgar’s ex-wife Natalie and her new boyfriend Matthias Brandner. Their mood changes when Ansgar enters Schneider’s. When he sees the two couples, he makes a sarcastic remark that he can barely stand all the harmony. Carla, in the same sarcastic tone, offers him a seat, saying that she would like to see him suffer, to which Ansgar replies that he would not suffer but be bored to death. Natalie suggests that he should better leave them alone then, which he finally does.

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 (3475)

Carla and Stella are at Stella’s office and talk about fairy tales and which ones the liked as a child. When Elisabeth joins them and sees the storybooks, Carla explains to her that they intend to record some fairy tales for Sophia’s birthday to give them to her as self-made audio books. Stella gets up to look for the recorder and leaves the office.

Elisabeth and Carla talk about Ansgar and what they can do to stop him. Elisabeth is glad that Carla gave up her plan to blackmail Ansgar, but says that they need to do something against Ansgar, soon. Carla agrees, and assures her that she will come up with something.

Carla and Stella are on their way to the park to record the fairy tales when they meet Maria, who just returned from visiting Leonard and Sarah in Boston, in the entrance hall. Maria, who still pretends to be Carla’s mother Francesca, tries to make conversation, asking Carla how she is and whether they are going on a trip, but Carla is dismissive and only gives short answers. Stella asks Maria about her trip, and also tells her what they are planning for Sophia’s birthday, ignoring that Carla glares at her. Maria says that she brought gifts for Sophia, and offers to get and give them to Carla right away, but Carla rebuffs her by telling her to give them to Justus instead. Then she leaves with Stella in tow.

In the evening, Carla and Stella are back in Stella’s office, wrapping gifts and preparing the decoration for Sophia’s birthday. Carla gives Stella a lot of balloons to blow them up. Stella takes one of the balloons and blows air into it while flirtingly smiling at Carla. When she is finished, Carla tells her that she did a great job and kisses her.

Justus enters the office and asks whether there is anything else he can get Carla. She tells him that he can go home for the night. Before he leaves, Justus brings Carla the gifts that Maria got for Sophia and puts them on the table, but Carla ignores them. She even accidentally pushes one of the gifts off the table when she and Stella try to knot one of the balloons. When Stella goes to pick it up, Carla tells her to leave it alone. Stella gets the gift anyway, then says that it is obvious that Sophia is important to Maria and asks Carla why she is so dismissive. Carla replies that she wouldn’t if Maria hadn’t made Ansgar boss of the Lahnstein Holding. Stella looks a little annoyed, but lets it go.

The next morning, Carla overhears a conversation between Maria and Ansgar in which Ansgar threatens Maria to send her away again if she does not do what he wants, behaving not at all like the loving son he pretends to be.

Later, she is in the library with Elisabeth when Stella brings in a huge gift that was sent by Lars, Sophia’s father. [Writer’s note: Carla got pregnant by means of artificial insemination because her ex-wife Susanne wanted a child but could not get pregnant herself, and Lars Schneider, Charlie’s brother, was the sperm donor.] Carla tells them that she saw Ansgar not being very nice to their supposed “mother” Maria. Before she continues, Stella prefers to leave them alone. Carla then tells Elisabeth that she has come up with a plan that could damage Ansgar: Be nice to Maria when Ansgar is not and, by playing the loving daughter, get Maria to reinstate her as CEO of the Lahnstein Holding.

Thursday, October 1st, 2009 (3476)

Carla and Stella are in the entrance hall, looking at a huge teddy bear that Charlie got Sophia for her birthday, when Maria comes down the stairs. Stella wishes her a good morning, but Maria looks at Carla and passes them without saying anything. It is Carla who calls her back and apologizes for her behaviour the day before. Maria says that Carla will obviously always blame her for appointing Ansgar as CEO of the Holding, and that she will have to live with that, but that she would like to have a normal relationship with her daughter. Carla says that she would like that, too, and that Sophia would probably want her grandmother to celebrate her second birthday with her. Maria is surprised and then delighted. Stella, who witnessed the scene, seems skeptical of Carla’s apparent change of heart.

In the living room, Stella, Carla and some members of the staff sing Happy Birthday for Sophia. The cook gives Sophia a cake, and Carla and Stella help Sophia to blow out the candles. Maria enters the room and asks whether she can wish her granddaughter a happy birthday. Carla smiles and invites Maria over. Maria gives Sophia one of the presents she brought back from Boston. Carla suggests that “Grandma” might help Sophia unwrap the present, which Maria does.

Maria and Sophia play with the huge teddy bear that Sophia got from her aunt Charlie while Stella and Carla look on and laugh. Stella says that she has to get back to work, to which Carla replies that it looks like she is unwelcome as well, but Stella suggests that maybe Maria and Sophia will let Carla join the game. Carla and Stella kiss goodbye, then Stella leaves the living room.

Carla joins Maria and Sophia on the sofa. Maria and Carla talk, and Carla keeps pretending that she wants to get along with Maria better. She asks Maria why she signed the Holding over to Ansgar. Maria tries to dodge that question, but Carla keeps at it, until Maria finally gets up and leaves.

Later, Carla apologizes to Maria and says that she of course will accept Maria’s reason for signing over the Holding to Ansgar. Very dramatically, she explains to Maria why the Holding is so important to her, as she had promised her father Johannes to lead the Holding like he would have just before he died. Maria is moved by Carla’s performance, and finally promises to talk to Ansgar.

Carla and Maria meet Ansgar in the entrance hall. When she sees how well they get along, he gets suspicious. Carla tells him that they have to talk to him, thus forcing Maria to act. Maria eventually suggests to Ansgar that he and Carla should manage the Holding together, as a team. Ansgar of course declines that suggestion, and tells Carla that it does not matter what Maria, their supposed mother, wants. Carla tries to get Maria to react and put Ansgar in his place, but she of course does not.

When Maria tries to talk to Ansgar in private, he threatens to have Carla arrested again if Maria does not stop trying to help her.

Friday, October 2nd, 2009 (3477)

Carla and Elisabeth discuss the progress of Carla’s plan to regain control of the Holding when Maria joins them. Carla asks her whether she had the chance to talk to Ansgar again. Maria tells her that everything is just a matter of time and formalities. When Carla and Elisabeth later talk about Maria again, Carla expresses concern that Ansgar has something on Maria, but says that she will not leave their mother to Ansgar without a fight.

The next morning, Carla and Stella meet in the hall. Stella asks whether Carla had a good night, but she obviously had not. She tells Stella that she went over her financial statements, trying to come up with a way to help Natalie and the Brandners, who were tricked by Ansgar into taking out a loan with one of his banks and now might lose their construction company. That’s when Natalie arrives at Königsbrunn. Stella says that she has to run some errands and leaves Natalie and Carla alone.

Carla tells Natalie that she cannot help her at the moment, but promises to ask Maria for help. But when she tries to talk to her “mother”, Maria comes up with excuses.

Stella is at Schneider’s and talks to Charlie about how difficult it is for her and Carla to reconcile work and private life. She tells Charlie that sometimes, she dreams of going away with Carla and running a small hotel with her somewhere. Maria, who is also at Schneider’s, overhears their conversation.

After hearing what Stella said, Maria leaves Schneider’s right away and returns to Königsbrunn, where she tells Ansgar about Stella’s dream. She tries to get him to help Stella fulfill her dream, telling him that it might be a way to get Carla to leave Königsbrunn and Düsseldorf altogether, but he refuses.

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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