Verbotene Liebe Recap: Carla goes too far

Carla becomes obsessed with fighting Ansgar and puts her relationship with Stella at risk.

Monday, September 21st, 2009 (3468)

Elisabeth tries to convince Carla that they have to keep fighting against Ansgar, but Carla tells her that she is tired and that she does not know how to fight Ansgar anymore.

Stella interrupts their conversation to tell Carla that the nanny called in sick and cannot take care of Sophia. Carla wants to cancel all of her appointments for the day to look after Sophia herself, but Stella offers to help out, as it is her free afternoon and she wanted to spend more time with Sophia anyway. Carla smilingly accepts. When Stella has left them, Carla has changed her mind. She turns to Elisabeth and tells her that she is right and that they must not give up fighting Ansgar.

At the Holding, Ansgar makes it clear to Carla that he is now her boss by interfering with her business decisions. She is still mad at him when she and Elisabeth return from the castle, but then they see Stella playing in the salon with Sophia, and Carla decides to join them.

After they brought Sophia to bed, Carla and Stella walk down the stairs to the entrance hall arm and arm, flirting and joking. Carla’s good mood vanishes abruptly when she sees Ansgar and Tanja standing in the hall. As always, they start to exchange bitchy remarks. Ansgar gleefully recounts that he deprived Carla of her power that day, and says that he is sure that she will find someone from the staff to comfort her. When Carla asks him to leave Stella alone, her replies that he was not necessarily referring to Stella, as there were other attractive women in the staff.

Carla and Stella turn to go back upstairs, but Ansgar holds them back. He suggests that the two of them would be happier if they bought a nice little house somewhere, adopted a lot of kids and grew their own vegetables. Then he gets serious and offers Carla to buy her out. Carla tells him that she will not go anywhere, but stay at Königsbrunn and in the Holding to keep Ansgar from destroying everything that other people built up.

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 (3469)

No Carla & Stella scenes.

Christian is frustrated because he was once again confronted with his medical condition and the limitations it inflicts on him. When Stella tries to talk to him, he takes his frustration out on her and storms out. She follows him and tries to reason with him, but gets distracted when she sees that one of the horses broke out of the stables. While Stella leaves to get help, Christian manages to catch the horse. When Stella returns and sees how good he seems to get along with horses, she suggests that he should apply for a job at the stables.

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 (3470)

No Carla & Stella scenes, neither Carla nor Stella was in this episode.

Thursday, September 24th, 2009 (3471)

Elisabeth, Carla and Stella are leaving the dining room together. Stella turns to Carla and reminds her that the next day will be their 1-month-anniversary. They smile at each other and hug. Tanja, who is in the hall and getting ready to leave for a business trip, cannot help but comment, saying that the old count was lucky to have died in a plane crash so he does not have to witness what is going on in his castle. Elisabeth replies that the count would not have been happy that Ansgar married Tanja, either.

Ansgar joins them. Tanja demands of him that he get rid of Elisabeth, which he says he would love to do, especially since her salary at the Holding is way too high. Then Tanja and Ansgar leave. Stella turns to Carla and tells her that she should not be upset about Ansgar, because there would be no use to it. When Elisabeth suggests that it is time that someone put Ansgar in his place, Carla agrees.

The next morning, Stella visits Carla in her office in the Holding. Carla, who is engrossed in some documents, is surprised and asks whether they had a date. Stella replies that they could have one that afternoon at Schneider’s to celebrate their anniversary if Carla was available. Carla says that she will try to find the time, but she is clearly distracted by the papers she is reading. When Elisabeth enters Carla’s office, Stella decides to leave. At the door, she tells Carla that she is looking forward to their date, but Carla is not listening anymore.

After Stella has left, Elisabeth asks whether Carla and Stella have something nice planned. Carla tells her that they plan to go to Schneider’s, then suddenly notices that she has not asked Stella when they are going to meet. She decides to call Stella later. Then she and Elisabeth focus on the documents Carla was so engrossed in, and discuss whether they can use them to fight Ansgar.

Later that day, Carla and Elisabeth try to convince Sebastian to support them in their fight against Ansgar by claiming his share of the Lahnstein legacy, but he tells them that it would have no use and besides, he has other things to worry about. Then Carla has another run-in with Ansgar when he tells her that she is no longer allowed to direct payments from the Holding accounts.

At Schneider’s, Stella decorates the table with flowers. When Charlie comments on that, Stella jokingly reminds Charlie that this could have been for her if Charlie had not decided to dump her. Charlie replies that she had always known that Carla and Stella belonged together. Then she offers to have something special prepared for them.

While Stella beams with anticipation, Carla is in the process of devastating her office, taking her anger out on her files and her desk chair and having obviously forgotten her date with Stella. Elisabeth tries to reason with her. When Carla has finally calmed down, she tells Elisabeth that the reason that people like them always seem to lose against people like Tanja and Ansgar is that they are fair and honest. Then she announces to a shocked Elisabeth that from now on, she will play Ansgar at his own game.

Friday, September 25th, 2009 (3472)

Stella is still waiting for Carla at Schneider’s. Charlie comes over to her and offers to keep her company, and even offer to have some champaign with Stella, but Stella declines. She thanks Charlie for being so nice, but – with tears in her eyes – says that it is a special day for her and Carla. Then she leaves Schneider’s.

Carla is in her office with Elisabeth. Just when she comes up with an idea how to hurt Ansgar, she takes a look at her phone and realizes that she forgot about her date with Stella. Meanwhile, Stella has returned to Königsbrunn. She meets Justus in the hall and asks him whether Carla has returned to the castle yet. That’s when Carla calls her. She apologizes for forgetting about the date. Stella tells her that it would have been great if she had called, but when Carla offers to make it up to her and come to the apartment later, Stella agrees.

When Carla finally shows up at Stella’s apartment with a bottle of champaign in her hand, it is ovious that Stella has already been sleeping. Stella points out to Carla that it is past midnight, and that she had been sleeping, but not in her bed like she should have, but on the sofa, because she was stupid enough to wait for Carla. Carla tries to apologize and explain what Ansgar did, but Stella won’t hear her out. She says that she is tired and needs to go to bed, then adds “alone”. Carla is disappointed, but gets the clue and leaves.

The next morning at Königsbrunn, Stella meets Elisabeth in the entrance hall. Elisabeth is surprised to see Stella at the castle that early. Stella replies that she could not sleep the night before anyway, so she decided to go to work. Elisabeth acknowledges that it must be difficult for Stella to deal with Carla and all of her problems at the moment.

That’s when Ansgar and Carla come into the entrance hall. Ansgar points out again that Carla cannot dispose of the Holding finances anymore. Carla replies that he should not feel too safe, but he shrugs her threat off with a smirk, and with a look at Stella, adds that she is nothing but a lesbian who will soon have lost everything. Carla wants to go after him, but Elisabeth holds her back and leads her back into the dining room, leaving Stella alone in the hall.

In the library, Elisabeth and Carla discuss Carla’s plan how to pressure Ansgar by means of using his love for his little son Hannes against him. Elisabeth is not sure that they should go through with it. Stella enters the library with a tray of food that was sent up by the kitchen. Elisabeth makes up an excuse and leaves them alone.

When Elisabeth has left, Carla gets up and starts apologizing to Stella again, but Stella interrupts her by kissing her. She tells Carla that she could have been a little more sympathetic, that she can understand Carla’s worries about Ansgar since she has just witnessed the incidence in the hall. While massaging Carla’s neck, she insists that Carla has to relax from time to time, and that she is there to help Carla with that. Carla is happy that they made up, then tells Stella that she might even have come up with a plan that could break Ansgar’s back.

After hearing Carla’s plan, Stella is shocked that Carla intends to blackmail Ansgar and use his son Hannes as a bait. She reminds Carla that she is playing with the feelings of a little child who loves and needs his father, and that the way Carla talks is no better than Ansgar’s. Carla asks her what else she should do to fight against Ansgar. Stella does not have an answer to that, but she tells Carla that she cannot seriously consider sinking to Ansgar’s low level and risking to hurt a child. Then she says that she does not know Carla anymore and that that is not the woman she loves.


Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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