Verbotene Liebe Recap: Stella decides to quit

Stella realizes how difficult it is to be both Carla’s employee and her girlfriend. When she neglects her duties because she wants to spend time with Carla, she gets into trouble with Ansgar and eventually decides to quit.

Monday, September 14th, 2009 (3463)

It’s the evening after Leo left for Boston. Carla and Stella are in Stella’s office. Carla tells Stella that she already misses Leo. They sit down on the sofa and start to kiss and make out. They don’t realize that Ansgar has entered the office until he starts clapping.

Ansgar makes some sarcastic remarks, which prompts Carla to ask him whether he is envious. Ansgar of course denies this, then asks Stella whether she had arranged for his new suit to be picked up from the tailor. Stella replies that she has not, but will see to it. Ansgar asks her to also order some of his favorite cigars and have them delivered to the Holding, before – after another snarky remark – leaving them alone.

The next morning, Carla takes Stella with her to the dining room and announces to Ansgar that from now on, Stella will eat with them from time to time. Elisabeth is delighted and welcomes Stella, while Ansgar is his snarky self again.

Justus enters the room and is surprised to see Stella sitting at the table. He tells her that something has occured that needs to be taken care of. Stella decides to do it right away and leaves the dining room.

After having taken care of the problem, Stella is in the kitchen with some of the staff when Carla joins them. Stella asks her to have some coffee with them, but when Carla sits down at the kitchen table with them, the others get uncomfortable and, one by one, come up with an excuse to get up and leave.

Later, Stella is in her office doing paperwork when Carla comes in and hugs her from behind. Stella tells her that she does not feel comfortable and that everybody at Königsbrunn – both Carla’s family and the staff – seem to watch her closely. Carla asks Stella to sit down with her on the sofa. When Stella does, Carla starts to unbutton her blouse, telling her that she had tasks for all the staff members so nobody would disturb them.

Stella, now shirt-less, and Carla are still making out on the sofa when suddenly the cook enters the room, but fortunately does not see them and leaves again. Carla suggests that they should go to her suite to be alone, but Stella tells her that she will take Carla somewhere else, away from the castle.

They end up in Stella’s apartment and start kissing again when – of course – Stella’s phone rings. It is Ansgar, who still misses his suit and his cigars. Stella makes up an excuse, but Ansgar tells her to take care of it within the next thirty minutes or else not even Carla will be able to protect her.

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 (3464)

After Ansgar set an ultimatum, Stella is in a hurry to get back to Königsbrunn. Carla tells her to ignore Ansgar, but Stella does not calm down. When Carla starts to unbutton Stella’s blouse, Stella pushes her away, but Carla smilingly points out to Stella that she buttoned her blouse the wrong way and Carla only wanted to help. Stella starts to relax a little, but then starts to look for her other shoe, which Carla finds behind the sofa. Carla seems a little amused by the situation, but finally agrees to return to Königsbrunn with Stella.

Back at Königsbrunn, Stella instructs the maid to take care of Ansgar’s suit that she brought with her. When Ansgar shows up in the entrance hall, Stella tells him that both the cigars and the suit have been taken care of, but he still cannot leave her alone. He tells Stella that maybe she should start to think about how she could please him as well and not only his sister. This remark is overheard by Carla, who just entered the hall with Elisabeth.

After the incident in the hall, Carla decides to bring the cigars to Ansgar, who is in the library with Tanja. She demands that he should look for someone else to harrass.

In the kitchen, the cooks seem to be talking about Carla and Stella when Stella enters. She asks them to pay more attention to their work. One of the cooks whispers that Stella already starts to act like a countess herself, which Stella hears.

Elisabeth shows up in Stella’s office and asks her to call a plumber because of a leaking faucet in her room. She tells Stella that Carla told her about the two of them. When Stella says that it is not always easy, Elisabeth assures Stella that she and Carla are backing her up. She mentions to Stella that Carla already called Ansgar out on his behaviour. Stella does not seem to be too happy about that.

Carla and Elisabeth are in the living room. They are talking about the Holding and Ansgar, and Carla seems very composed. When Elisabeth comments on that, Carla tells her that she is happy and will not let Ansgar spoil that for her.

That is when Stella joins them. She tells them that she likes working on Königsbrunn, but that she cannot reconcile her work with her private life, and since she does not want the one to suffer from the other, she has to quit her job. Carla replies that Stella cannot be serious, but Stella tells her that it is the only solution for their situation and asks her to understand.

Stella is in Louise’s suite when Carla comes to talk to her. She tells Stella that Stella scared Carla and Elisabeth with her announcement, but Stella says that she does not see any other way. Carla says that she does, and sits down on the sofa. She invites Stella to sit next to her, but Stella chooses to sit on a chair across from Carla.

Carla tells Stella that she and Elisabeth decided to not accept Stella’s resignation. Stella explains to Carla that she is always caught between two stools and that she cannot stand the gossiping anymore, but Carla argues that Stella is the best administrator they ever had and that she cannot afford to lose her, neither professionally nor in her private life. Then she suggests that they come up with rules that allow them to be together.

After being reluctant at first, Stella agrees to Carla’s suggestion. Carla writes down the rules that Stella comes up with. When Stella claims that there must not be any intimate moments within the castle, Carla hesitates, but gives in when Stella gives her a stern look.

Carla gives the rules they wrote down to Stella and asks her whether Stella now withdraws her resignation. Stella agrees, as along as they observe the rules. When Carla tries to kiss her, Stella points out the “no intimacy” rule to Carla, but Carla explains to her that the suite they are in does not really belong to the castle because it was built much later. Stella wants to clarify the rule, but when Carla takes away pen and notepad from her and throws them away, Stella gives in and they finally kiss.

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 (3465)

No Carla & Stella scenes, Carla was not in this episode.

When she returns to her apartment, Stella is surprised to find her cousin Gregor and his girfriend Louise there, who just returned from their vacation only to find the apartment full of boxes and suitcases with Louise’s wardrobe. Stella tells Louise that there are also some things that belong to Louise back at Königsbrunn. The next day, Stella accompanies Louise to Königsbrunn to get her belongings, but Louise decides to leave them at the castle because they are part of her old life as a countess which she is no longer leading.

Thursday, September 17th, 2009 (3466)

No Carla & Stella scenes.

Carla tries to comfort Elisabeth, who received a letter that says that her marriage with Johannes, Carla’s father, was declared void because his first wife, Francesca, was not dead when he married Elisabeth. (Writer’s note: Francesca is indeed dead, but her younger sister Maria very realistically and with the help of a fake DNA test pretends to be her.)

After returning from the castle, Stella and Louise visit Charlie at Schneider’s, where Louise comes up with the idea to auction off some of her wardrobe for charity.

Friday, September 18th, 2009 (3467)

No Carla & Stella scenes.

After Ansgar humiliated her once more, Elisabeth is devastated and cries in Carla’s arms. Carla tries to convince her that she is still part of the family, despite what Ansgar does. Elisabeth seems disheartened, but then she thinks of Johannes, her late husband and Carla’s father, and that he never wanted Ansgar to lead the Holding, and decides to keep fighting Ansgar.

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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  1. I think a vacation is in order for those two, somewhere where there are no phones, no bosses, no cooks or butlers. But where there IS high speed internet access, we wouldn’t want them to suffer to much 😉

    Stella works in a castle, seriously? How cool is that???

    Thanks MeL for the recap.

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