Verbotene Liebe Recap: Carla takes her anger out on Stella

Carla is disappointed and hurt when Maria makes Ansgar CEO of the Holding. When Stella tries to mediate between them, Carla gets even more furious.

Monday, August 24th, 2009 (3450)

No Carla & Stella scenes.

Even though she is still hurt that Maria removed her from her position as leader of the Lahnstein Holding, Carla decides to cooperate with her supposed mother and is positively surprised when Maria manages to close a deal with an important but demanding client.

Stella’s cousin Gregor sneaks into Louise’s suite in Königsbrunn to see her one last time before she returns to Waldensteyck to marry baron Eduard von Tepp. When he is nearly dicovered by von Tepp, he sends Stella a text message and asks for her help. With a very flimsy excuse, Stella eventually manages to get von Tepp to leave Louise and the suite, but not for long.

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 (3451)

No Carla & Stella scenes.

Stella manages to hold Baron von Tepp up long enough for Gregor and Louise to leave the suite and Königsbrunn. The next morning, Stella overhears a conversation between von Tepp and Louise, who decides to leave Königsbrunn to return to Waldensteyck and marry von Tepp.

Carla and Elisabeth try to convince Maria that Ansgar tried to frame her. Later, Carla, Elisabeth and Rebecca are on hand to bid Louise and Baron von Tepp farewell as they leave Königsbrunn.

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 (3452)

No Carla & Stella scenes, in fact Stella is not in this episode at all, and Carla only briefly:

Carla is in the library and flips through a catalogue for children’s clothes. Elisabeth cannot understand how Carla can be so relaxed while Maria took over leadership of the Holding, but Carla tells her that they should try to help Maria.

Later, Carla meets a distraught Maria in the entrance hall, not knowing that Maria was just forced by Ansgar to sign over leadership of the Holding to him.

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

No new episode.

Friday, August 28th, 2009 (3453)

Carla, Leo and Elisabeth arrive at the dining room for breakfast and are being greeted by Ansgar, Tanja and Maria. While Maria still seems distraught like the night before when Carla met her in the hall, Ansgar gleefully offers his siblings and Elisabeth champaign before he announces to them that Maria finally transferred leadership of the Lahnstein Holding to him. He then takes his seat at the head of the table as the new patriarch. Carla is stunned and leaves the dining room, followed by Leo and Elisabeth.

Later, Maria sits alone at the breakfast table when Stella enters the dining room. As she is about to leave the room again, Maria holds her back. She asks Stella to tell Carla that she is sorry and that she did not want to alienate Carla. She gets up and starts to walk away, then turns around again and, in a sad and desperate tone, says more to herself than to Stella that she tried everything but that she had to do it or else the nightmare would have recured and she would not have been able to survive it. [Editor’s note: Ansgar threatened to have Maria institutionalized again.] Then Maria leaves the dining room and a confused Stella.

Still beside herself, Carla comes to see Stella in her office. Carla tells Stella that she keeps falling into her mother’s trap, and that even as a child, whenever she thought that she meant something to her mother, her mother had pushed her away again. Carla is certain that Maria’s decision to take over leadership of the Holding herself and even their lunch at Schneider’s had been a bluff by Maria to string Carla along. When Stella replies that she did not have that impression back at Schneider’s, Carla explains to her that her mother had always been skilful at deceiving people.

Stella tells Carla about her earlier encounter with Maria in the dining room, that Maria seemed to be all run down and that she asked Stella to tell Carla that she was sorry. This infuriates Carla even more, that Maria sends someone else because she does not have the guts to apologize herself but on the other hand does everything for her darling Ansgar.

Stella finally goes over to Carla and hugs her.

Unfortuately, that’s when there’s a knock at the door. They quickly separate, and Stella answers the door. It’s the cook who wants to discuss the menu for the following week. Stella wants to put that off until later, but Carla says that it’s okay. When she leaves, Stella cannot suppress a smile, which the cook notices.

At the Holding, Leonard and Elisabeth try to convince Carla that she cannot accept Maria’s decision to make Ansgar boss, but Carla tells them that there is nothing she could do. Her phone rings. It is Stella who asks her to come to Schneider’s right away. Carla smilingly agrees, which leaves Leo and Elisabeth flabbergasted. They insist that something needs to be done, but Carla repeats that her mother will not revise her decision.

Stella nervously waits for Carla at Scheider’s. When Carla arrives, she greets Stella with a smile, telling her that the lunch was such a great idea and how good it was to be away from the Holding and not having to think about Ansgar for an hour. Carla whispers to Stella that she does her good and that she is glad to have Stella. Stella tries to tell Carla something, but Carla doesn’t hear her out, telling her instead that she can relax in Stella’s company.

That’s when Maria arrives at Schneider’s. She joins them at their table and tells Carla how happy she is that Carla came. Carla is disappointed when she realizes that Stella arranged this meeting, but Stella tells her that she noticed how much the fight with her mother hurts Carla, and she asks Carla to hear Maria out as it might all be a misunderstanding.

But Carla is too angry to listen. She replies that there was nothing to misunderstand about Maria’s behaviour, that Maria keeps betraying her in every way possible, that she unseated her from her position at the Holding to give it to Ansgar, and that she is through with Maria.

Then Carla turns to Stella and angrily asks her how Stella could dare to interfere in this matter.

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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