Verbotene Liebe Recap: Carla and Stella cannot keep their relationship a secret

Carla and Stella try to keep their relationship a secret, but get caught kissing by Maria. Much to Carla’s surprise, Maria keeps their secret from Ansgar and even tries to get to know Stella better.

Monday, August 10th, 2009 (3443)

No Carla & Stella scenes.

Carla is still at Waldensteyck. Meanwhile, Stella offers her cousin Christian a job at Königsbrunn. When butler Justus tries to give Christian a hard time, Stella wants to support him, but Christian manages to handle the situation all by himself.

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009 (3444)

Stella is talking with butler Justus about the cook, who has been using too much salt lately. They speculate whether she might be in love, but Stella makes clear that even that wouldn’t be an excuse for not doing her job properly. Justus tells Stella that he liked hearing that from her, and looks at her in a strange way.

That’s Carla’s cue to enter the kitchen. In a stern tone, she complains to Justus that there were branches in the driveway. As Justus leaves to take care of the branches, Carla can barely stop herself from laughing about her made-up task. When they are finally alone, Stella teases Carla that branches in the driveway were really inexcusable. Carla tells Stella that she just couldn’t bear being without Stella for one more second. She hugs Stella from behind, and they start to kiss.

At the family lunch, Ansgar complains about the food. Stella, who happens to be in the dining room, overhears this. After sharing a brief and annoyed look with Carla, she patiently offers to have something else prepared for him. When Ansgar instead considers firing the cook, like he had fired the housemaid the week before, Stella tells him that she had to take that firing back because it hadn’t been legal. When Ansgar gets angry and reprimands Stella, Carla intervenes and tells him that Stella had acted under her orders. Ansgar replies that Carla didn’t have the right to do that, since she wasn’t head of the family anymore, and asks Maria, who still poses as Ansgar’s and Carla’s mother Francesca von Lahnstein, for her opinion.

When Maria backs Ansgar up, Carla is annoyed and disappointed and leaves the dining room, fighting back tears. Maria follows her into the entrance hall and tries to explain her behaviour, but Carla is too angry to listen. She reminds Maria of what a monster Ansgar has become and that it had been him who had brought about Carla’s arrest and time in prison a few months earlier. Of course, Ansgar interrupts them, and Carla leaves.

Meanwhile, Stella has returned to her office, where she is having a chat with her cousin.  Christian quickly notices that something is going on with Stella. He asks her whether she was in love and who it was, and she finally whispers to him that it was Carla.

Unfortunately, Carla is standing behing the office door and overhears their conversation. She enters the office and asks to talk to Stella in private, but instead of kissing her (like last time), she blames Stella for sharing their secret with Christian. Carla is worried that now Ansgar might find out and, together with “their mother” Maria, will make their life a living hell just to get rid of her. Without hearing Stella out, Carla storms out.

Later, Stella hears how some of the staff is gossiping about Louise. She gets angry and tells them that she would not accept any gossip about the masteries.

Meanwhile, Leo tries to calm Carla down. She finally tells him that she and Stella were now a couple (which was great), but that she was worried that people would start gossiping about them once they found out. Leo eventually manages to convince Carla that Christian would keep their secret, that her worries were unfounded and that she couldn’t blame Stella for the difficult situation with Ansgar and Maria.

Ruefully, Carla returns to Stella’s office and apologizes to her, telling Stella that whatever she had said earlier was nonsense. Stella tries to act like she’s still angry with Carla, but quickly gives in and accepts Carla’s apology.

Carla tells Stella that she was worried that Ansgar might go after Stella as well if he found out about them. Stella promises to not talk about their relationship anymore. They smile at each other, and Stella pulls Carla to a sofa in the corner of her office. They tell each other that from now on, they would be very careful, and start to kiss.

Of course, this is when Maria enters the room and finds them in a passionate embrace…

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

No new episode.

Thursday, August 13th, 2009 (3445)

Carla and Stella finally become aware that Maria entered the office and saw them kissing. There’s an awkward moment of silence, then Carla tries to come up with an explanation for the situation. Maria interrupts her, apologizes for not knocking before entering, and quickly leaves Stella’s office.

After Maria is gone, Stella tries to make a joke by saying that they don’t need gossipers but would make their relationship known to everybody on the castle all by themselves. Carla is worried, because she is certain that Maria will tell Ansgar about them and that, once he knows, he will make Stella’s life a living hell. Stella tries to calm her down, saying that she couldn’t be fired for kissing her boss, but Carla insists that Ansgar would harass Stella just to get back at Carla. Stella replies that she was strong enough to take on Ansgar, as long as Carla supported her.

Later, Carla looks for Maria and finds her in the library where she is in a conversation with Ansgar and Tanja. Carla asks Maria whether they could talk in private, but Maria tells her that it was not a good moment. Carla insists that they talk later and leaves the library with a very worried look on her face.

At night, Carla is sitting alone in front of a fireplace and stares into the flames. Maria joins her, apologizing for not finding time to talk to her earlier, and says that she could imagine what Carla wanted to talk to her about. Carla bitterly assumes that Maria had already told Ansgar and Tanja about Stella and her, but she is in for a surprise, as Maria tells her that Carla’s private life was none of her, Maria’s, and also none of Ansgar’s business. Maria assures Carla that she was glad that Carla had a partner who she was happy with, and that there was no reason for her to get involved.

The next morning, Stella is in her apartment which she shares with her other cousin Gregor. While Stella is in a hyper mood, Gregor is bleary-eyed and sad, as he is suffering from his breakup with Lousie. Stella tries to cheer him up, but to no avail.

Later, Carla and Stella are in the entrance hall of Königsbrunn, talking business for a change. When Stella sees Maria come downstairs, she intends to leave, but Maria stops her. She tells Stella that she was happy for her and Carla, and that they made a very nice couple. Maria says that she would like to get to know Carla and Stella better, and she suggests that they should go out for lunch together. Carla and Stella agree.

After Maria has left them, Stella turns to Carla, asking her whether it was possible that Carla’s opinion about her “mother” was wrong. Carla replies that maybe it was, but she is still looking skeptical.

Friday, August 14th, 2009 (3446)

Carla, Stella and Maria are at Schneider’s, clicking glasses of Schneider’s No. 1. Carla is still skeptical and asks Maria how her sudden change of heart came about, as “Francesca” had never been very interested in Carla, neither in the past, nor the previous weeks. Maria tells Carla that that wasn’t the case, even if it might have seemed like that to Carla, and that she wanted to learn as much as possible about Carla.

Stella offers to leave them alone, but Maria insists that she stays, saying that Stella was now part of Carla’s life. Jokingly, she inquires whether Carla was keeping any secrets from Stella, and Carla tells Maria that she and Stella had only been together for a week. Carla wants to know whether it didn’t bother Maria that she loved women, to which Maria smilingly replies that she had always suspected that. When Carla tells Maria that her father had been very surprised about her being gay and that they had had a difficult time because of that, Maria regrets not having been there for them.

Maria wants to know whether it was difficult for Carla and Stella that Stella was employed at Königsbrunn. Stella replies that it sometimes was and that therefore, they were trying to keep their relationship a secret. Carla adds that they were especially hding it from Ansgar, as they could both live very well without his stupid remarks. When Maria assesses that Carla and Ansgar still didn’t get along, Carla states that that would never change. Maria thinks that a family should stand together or at least get along, to which Carla replies that her father had tried to achieve that, but to no avail.

As Maria, Carla and Stella talk, Tanja enters the Schneider’s and sees the three of them together.

Tanja is sitting at the bar at Schneider’s, trying to overhear the conversation among Carla, Stella and Maria as they talk about Carla’s work at the Holding. Carla says that, even though she had always been more interested in arts, she had come to like her work at the Holding, and that it had been her father’s express wish that she worked there.

Stella notices that Tanja is sitting at the bar and points it out to Carla, who is immediately wondering how long Tanja had been watching them.

After Charlie makes a sarcastic remark, Tanja leaves the bar and comes over to Maria, Carla and Stella. Stella quickly assures Carla that Tanja couldn’t have noticed anything. After exchanging some sneers with Carla, Tanja turns to Stella and wonders whether she shouldn’t be at work. With a big smile, Stella tells her that she was right, and that she, Stella, was trying to convince Maria and Carla of the qualities of Schneider’s No. 1. Maria and Carla play along, and Carla orders 24 boxes of the wine. Stella leaves the table to place the order with Charlie.

Tanja doesn’t believe in the story about the wine tasting, especially considering the time of day and that Maria is with them even though she and Carla are not very close. Carla tells Tanja that she didn’t know that she owed any explanations to her. As Tanja replies that there was a lot that Carla didn’t know and that she should be more careful, Maria intervenes. She declares that Tanja was just making empty threats, and that she wouldn’t disturb them any longer. Tanja mockingly says that she was sorry for disturbing them, to which Maria replies that she should be. Defeated for now, Tanja eventually leaves Schneider’s, and Maria raises her glass to Carla, who smiles but still looks skeptical.

Back at Königsbrunn, Maria tells Carla that she enjoyed their lunch and that they should do something like that more often. Carla agrees. Maria assures Carla once again that she would not tell Ansgar about her and Stella. Carla is worried that Tanja has become aware of something at Schneider’s, but Maria is certain that Tanja had bought Stella’s excuse. Also, she wonders what Ansgar and Tanja could do to Carla if they knew. Carla explains to her that she wasn’t worried for herself, but for Stella, because Tanja and Ansgar were able to make Stella’s life on Königsbrunn a living hell.

Meanwhile, Tanja tells Ansgar of her encounter with Maria, Carla and Stella. While she is worried that they were forming an alliance against them, Ansgar figures out what is really going on between Carla and Stella. He explains to Tanja that he had always suspected Stella to be a lesbian, because of the way she responded – or rather didn’t respond – to his charm. (Writer’s note: Yuck!)

In the salon, Maria and Carla talk about Carla’s strained relationship with Ansgar. When Carla blames Ansgar again for putting her into jail, Maria admits that he couldn’t really explain that to her, either. Carla is wondering why Maria is still on Ansgar’s side. Maria explains to Carla that, after all, Ansgar was her son, as Carla was her daughter, and that she was trying to understand them both. When she adds that she was sure that it was in fact Tanja who was behind a lot of Ansgar’s scheming, Carla tells Maria that she was underestimating Ansgar, who was pathological in his ambition to become the boss, and that she, Carla, was standing in Ansgar’s way. Maria asks Carla to be a little more patient, and tells her that they might be able to come up with a solution that would work for both Carla and Ansgar.

But of course, Ansgar has already come up with another intrigue. When Maria suggests to him that he and Carla should share responsibilites at the Holding as equal partners, he acts as if he gives in. But when Carla joins them in the library and Maria wants to tell her about the compromise she thinks she and Ansgar have agreed on, Ansgar informs Carla that the following day, Maria would make him boss of the Holding and that Carla would have exactly 5 minutes to clear her desk.

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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