Verbotene Liebe Recap: Carla & Stella finally become a couple

This week on Verbotene Liebe, Carla & Stella finally gave in to their growing attraction to each other, but Stella had to realize all too soon that being in love with your boss isn’t always easy.

Monday, August 3rd, 2009 (3439)

Carla, Leonard and Constantin are in the entrance hall, having just witnessed Maria slapping Ansgar in the face for being mean to his brother Constantin and calling him a bastard. Carla can’t conceal her schadenfreude when she offers Ansgar an ice pack for his cheek before she, Leonard and Constantin head off to the dining room with Maria, leaving a humiliated Ansgar in the entrance hall.

At the pension, Stella is gushing about how great Carla is, that she has style, is sensitive, smart and beautiful. Stella is wondering why it took her so long to realize that. Charlie teases her about the little romantic detour Stella took – to Carla via Charlie -, but is happy for Stella as she thinks that Stella and Carla are the perfect couple. But when she suggests that Stella should tell Carla about her feelings, Stella is reluctant and thinks that it’s not the right time to disclose her feelings to Carla. She reminds Charlie that only a few weeks before, Stella was crying in Carla’s arms because Charlie had left her, and she doesn’t want Carla to think that she is only the rebound girl for her.

At the castle, Carla is busy cancelling all of her appointments for the day as she has to stay with Mr. Ed. She asks Justus to let Stella know that she is with Mr. Ed, but then changes her mind and calls Stella herself. When Stella sees that it’s Carla who is calling her, she panics, but Charlie tells her to not behave like a child and answer the phone, which Stella finally does – in a very matter-of-fact tone. Carla asks Stella whether she would keep her company at the stable while Carla watches over Mr. Ed, because she doesn’t want to be alone and feels like she needs some support, but Stella declines at first, citing her busy schedule and that she wouldn’t be of any help anyway. When she catches a encouraging look from Charlie, she changes her mind, but it’s too late, as Carla has already hung up.

Carla is nervously waiting at the stable while the vet is looking after Mr. Ed when Stella joins her. Carla is surprised to see Stella, but when Stella tries to explain to Carla why she did not want to come at first, Carla stops her and tells her that it doesn’t matter anymore now that Stella is there with her.

They talk about Mr. Ed. Carla is very worried, but Stella tells her that everything will be okay with the horse. Carla is happy that Stella is there for her.

Carla and Stella are waiting at the stable while the vet is still looking after Mr. Ed. Stella asks Carla why the horse is so important to her, and Carla tells her that her mother gave it to her as a foal. She starts to speak about her father, that she couldn’t even bid farewell to him, doesn’t even know where his body is, and how much she misses him. She says that the horse reminds her of the time when her father was still alive, all of them were still a family and everything felt so easy. Stella tells her again that Mr. Ed will survive. She puts her hand on Carla’s leg, and they start to lean in….

…but then Mr. Ed nickers and Carla jumps up to go over to him.

The vet finally tells Carla that Mr. Ed will survive. She is overjoyed and hugs Stella, telling Stella that she was right when she said that Mr. Ed would survive. Stella says that she is always right and that Carla should get used to it, and they start to flirt and look at each other longingly. But then Stella breaks the moment off by saying that right now, Mr. Ed was more important. Carla agrees with her, but right before she goes to see after Mr. Ed, she takes Stella by the shoulders and…

…thanks her for not letting her go through this alone.

When it’s obvious that Mr. Ed is much better, Carla tells Stella that she could leave her now if she wanted to, because she had stayed to “hold Carla’s hands” long enough. Stella of course declines. Carla comes closer and reaches out for Stella and…

… picks a piece of straw from Stella’s hair. (Writer’s note: Yes, that was the moment when I started to yell “Kiss her already!” at the TV screen.)

Stella (just like probably the whole audience) seems to get tired of the teasing and starts to head off, but Carla holds her back. And then they finally kiss. And they don’t stop there…

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 (3440)

Carla and Stella, now with a lot less clothing, are cuddling in the straw. Stella says that she still can’t believe that she is lying in the straw with her boss, which prompts Carla to become bossy, jokingly telling Stella (“Frau Mann!”) that she had definitely exceeded her authorities. Stella plays along, saying that she hoped that she wouldn’t get a warning for her behaviour, and Carla offers to put in a good word for her.

When Stella suggests that they should leave the stable and go back to work, Carla instead leans in for some more kissing and… you know.

Later, Carla and Stella return to the castle eventually. Still in a hyper mood, they are busy picking straws from each other’s clothes and cuddling when suddenly Leonard enters the hall. They quickly separate and act as though nothing has happened.

Leonard tells them that he had just talked to Louise on the phone, but while Carla tries to listen to him, Stella keeps picking straw from her sweater. Eventually, Leonard gets suspicious and asks them whether something was going on because the two of them seemed so exhilarated. Carla quickly makes up an explanation, saying that they were in a good mood because of Mr. Ed’s recovery.

When Leo turns to leave them, Carla acts as if giving Stella an order and quickly shoves her out of the entrance hall and into the salon. There, she apologizes for her behaviour, but tells Stella that for now she did not want anyone to know about them. Stella is confused about that, but Carla explains that after all, she was Stella’s boss, and that she didn’t want people at Königsbrunn to talk about them. Stella agrees with Carla, but after they kiss again and Carla leaves the salon, Stella doesn’t look too happy but rather disappointed.

That night, Stella is in her office with a bouquet of red roses. While arranging the flowers in a vase, her thoughts start to wander off, to Carla and to the two of them making love in the straw. She gets distracted by Justus, who notices the roses. Stella tells him to bring them to Carla’s room. When Justus wonders who the roses might be from, Stella is quick to tell him that that was none of his business.

Meanwhile, the Lahnsteins are having dinner. While the others engage in their usual quarrels, Carla is in her own little world, smiling, not paying attention to anything that is going on. Ansgar notices his sister’s absentmindedness and tries to tease her, but Carla is far from being angry and instead reacts with irony.

The next morning, Stella is in the middle of a staff meeting when Carla enters her office and, in a serious tone, demands to talk to her in private right away. Stella looks a little confused, but then she asks the staff to leave. Before she even has the chance to close the doors to her office properly, Carla pulls her into a stormy embrace. She thanks Stella for the roses and kisses her. Stella tries to stop her, telling her that half of the staff was outside Stella’s office, but Carla doesn’t care and they continue to kiss.

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009 (3441)

No Carla & Stella scenes.

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

No new episode.

Friday, August 7th, 2009 (3442)

No Carla & Stella scenes.

Carla travels to Waldensteyck with Leonard and Maria to attend Prince Wilhelm’s funeral. Olli asks Stella whether she can help find a job for his boyfriend Christian, Stella’s cousin.

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for your recaps. I only recently came across Carla and have no German soyour translated summaries are a godsend. Thanks so much for all you efforts.
    PsI have become quite the addict

  2. I just saw the montage of tidbits of Carla and Stella on youtube (that you put in your blog). I must say if this was shown on television in America ALOT of lesbians will be voluntary unemployed and also blog about it, after they get off of the floor.

    Luckily for you, you are safe. ;o)