Verbotene Liebe Recap: Stella gets drunk and Carla gets a kiss

Starting this week, I will try to recap the Stella & Carla (aka “Starla”) scenes on “Verbotene Liebe” (Forbidden Love) on a weekly basis.

Monday, July 13th, 2009 (3426)

Carla is shocked when the DNA test that was rigged by her brother Ansgar and his wife Tanja seems to prove that Maria Galdi actually is her mother, Francesca von Lahnstein. When Maria tries to reach out for her, Carla tells her that she’s not ready yet to accept Maria as her mother.

The next morning at the family breakfast, Carla leaves the seat at the head of the table to Maria, declaring that it’s not her seat anymore because the family now as a new “matriarch”. When Maria later wants to thank Carla, Carla declares that all she did was to face reality. She tells Maria that she, Maria, still is a stranger to her and that she doesn’t know whether that will ever change.

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 (3427)

Stella is at No Limits where she meets Lydia. They talk about the presentation of “Schneider’s No. 1”, Charlie’s very own brand of sparkling wine that will take place that night. Right when Stella makes up a story why she isn’t going to attend the event, Charlie walks in with a box of wine she leaves for Olli. When she asks Stella whether they will see each other at Schneider’s that night, Stella enthusiastically affirms that she will attend the presentation while a confused Lydia looks on.

Later, Stella visits Königsbrunn, the Lahnstein castle, to pick up some paperwork and runs into Carla, who asks her to stay for a coffee. Stella declines and explains that she wants to go to the wine presentation. Carla tries to talk Stella out of going to Schneider’s that night as she is worried what it would be like for Stella to meet Charlie, but Stella tells her that she wants to act professionally and not stay away from the event because of the breakup. When Carla can’t convince Stella, she offers to accompany her to the event, which Stella gladly accepts.

By the time Stella and Carla arrive at Schneider’s, the presentation is already under way. Stella seems uneasy, but when Carla encouragingly puts her arm around Stella’s shoulder, Stella tells her that she’s glad that Carla accompanied her. Charlie comes over to greet Stella and tells her that the wine is their joint success. They share a long look, but then Charlie leaves a sad-faced Stella to greet a new arrival.

Stella tries to drown her sorrow in wine. When it becomes obvious that she’s had too much, Carla suggests that they leave, but Stella wants to stay and keep drinking. Charlie joins them and enthusiastically tells them that the editor of a famous wine guide gave their wine a very good rating. A now very drunk and still bitter Stella suggests that it’s only because Charlie kept flirting with the man, and asks Charlie whether she has to prove to herself that she’s still interesting to men. Stella accuses Charlie of being hypocritical and cold as ice and loudly declares that Charlie doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. She then storms out with Carla in tow, leaving a puzzled Charlie behind.

Back at the pension, Stella is too drunk to unlock the door to her apartment, so Carla has to help her. Stella tries to talk Carla into staying and having another drink with her, but Carla tells Stella that she should go to bed to sleep it off. On the way to the bedroom, Stella stumbles. When Carla helps her to stand up and take off her jacket, Stella suddenly says that Carla is the only person to ever be nice to her. Then she kisses Carla.

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 (3428)

Stella feels bad about kissing Carla, but Carla tries to react with humour and jokes about the kiss they shared a few months earlier. Stella tells Carla that she’s a wonderful person and that she didn’t want to raise false expectations in Carla. This seems to make Carla sad, and she prepares to take off. When Stella stops her at the apartment door, asking whether she had said something wrong, Carla starts to cry, but tells Stella that she’s not crying because of her.

Carla tells Stella that Maria Galdi supposedly is her mother, but that it does not feel right to her. Stella offers to listen to her worries, but Carla wants to leave because it’s already late at night. She reminds Stella to drink a lot water to prevent a hangover. Stella sees her to the door and smiles as her eyes follow Carla down the hallway.

The next morning, Stella is back at the castle and gives instructions to the staff. Carla comes into Stella’s office and asks her about the hangover. Stella thanks Carla for the tip about the water and asks her whether she would come out to the park with her. When Carla tells Stella that she had actually intended to spend some time with her daughter Sophia, Stella suggests to take Sophia with them.

In the park, Stella, Carla and Sophia have a picnic and Stella plays with Sophia. The three have a nice time together, and Carla and Stella slowly get into a flirtatious mood.

Later, Stella calls Charlie and apologizes for her behaviour the night before. Charlie accepts the apology.

Thursday, July 16th, 2009 (3429) + Friday, July 17th, 2009 (3430)

No Stella & Carla scenes. Both were in a couple of scenes as background for Ansgar and Maria Galdi’s attempts to expel Elisabeth from Königsbrunn.

Source: Das Erste

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  1. Thanks for recapping this. I don’t speak German, but discovered this soap on YouTube and now spend an extraordinary amount of time trawling the interet looking for translations of it! Of course, I am learning some German too, but not nearly fast enough! I appreciate the effort this takes 🙂

  2. could you please include the songs used from carla & stella’s scenes. i only got one…a&e.


    • There’s a playlist for each episode available on the official website. Just search by the number of the episode and it will show you all the songs, like for this episode.