Marienhof Recap: Adieu, Kerstin & Juliette

Kerstin and Juliette are getting ready to move to France when Kerstin’s daughter Marie, who doesn’t know about the changes in her mother’s life yet, shows up for a surprise visit…

Monday, May 24, 2010

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010 (3823)

After Carlos has finally agreed to take over the bakery with her, Heidi calls Kerstin at Back Dat to tell her the good news. Kerstin is happy for Heidi, but after hanging up the phone she looks around the bakery with a sad look in her eyes.

The next day, while she is alone at Back Dat, Kerstin reminisces about the time when she she opened the bakery, but then she also thinks of Juliette and how in love she is with her.

When Inge comes to the bakery to buy some cake, she and Kerstin talk about Kerstin’s plans to move to France with Juliette. Inge notices that Kerstin doesn’t seem to be very excited about it. Kerstin tells her that it’s not easy to give up her life in Marienhof, but Inge replies that she can always take the Marienhof with her – in her heart.

Kerstin is still a little nostalgic, and says that so many wonderful things happened to her during her time at Marienhof and who knows what it’s going to be like in France, but Inge reminds her that “nostalgia is just the memory of a past that never was”.

Later, Kerstin and Heidi talk about Back Dat. Kerstin has a few tips regarding the assortment of pastries she thinks Heidi should continue to offer at the bakery. Juliette overhears their conversation, and realizes how hard it is for Kerstin to let go. When she gently confronts Kerstin with it, Kerstin denies it.

Juliette still tells Kerstin that it would be okay if she felt like things are going too fast, but Kerstin replies that saying goodbye won’t get easier by delaying it. She admits that she at first thought that she would miss Marienhof, but that she realized that there are some things that she will not miss.

She takes Juliette’s hands, and quotes German author Hermann Hesse: “Und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne, der uns beschützt und der uns hilft zu leben.” (Loosely translated: “There’s a certain charm inherent in every new beginning, which protects us und which helps us to live.”)

Kerstin says that Juliette is bringing about this certain charm, every day anew, and that she loves her. Juliette smiles, and they kiss.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 (3824)

Kerstin is in the kitchen when she gets a call from her daughter Marie, who lives in England. Marie tells Kerstin that she just arrived at the airport for a surprised visit. Kerstin is stunned, but offers to pick Marie up from the airport.

When Kerstin tells Juliette that Marie is at the airport, Juliette is happy for Kerstin and doesn’t get why Kerstin seems so tense, until Kerstin admits that Marie doesn’t know about Kerstin’s relationship with Juliette yet.

When Juliette asks her what happened to the letter she wanted to write, Kerstin replies that she tried, but that it just didn’t feel right. Matter-of-factly (but with a slight smirk), Juliette states that it seems that Kerstin will have to tell her daughter face-to-face that she is into women now – a scenario that Kerstin obviously dreads.

When Kerstin, her daughter Marie and her granddaughter Alina arrive at the apartment, Marie explains to Kerstin that it has been so long since Kerstin’s last email that she decided to buy a cheap ticket and fly over from England. She wants to know what happened between Kerstin and Raul, but Kerstin – who first makes sure that Juliette isn’t anywhere around – tries to dodge her questions, saying that she and Raul just drifted apart.

Kerstin sits down next to Marie and starts off her first attempt to tell Marie the truth by saying that there are many different ways to attain happiness, but Marie gets distracted because her daughter is hungry.

Kerstin and Marie are sitting on the sofa and are taking care of Alina when Juliette returns to the apartment. She is all smiles and welcomes Marie, until Kerstin introduces her as her new roommate. Juliette seems a little aghast, but manages to put a good face on the matter.

But then Kerstin changes her mind and says that there is something she has to tell Marie about Juliette and herself. That’s – of course – when Marie’s cell phone starts to ring. It is Inge, who demands to see her great-grandchild right away. [Writer’s note:  Marie’s boyfriend Steve is Inge’s grandson.]

After Marie has left, Kerstin asks Juliette whether she thinks that she is a coward, but Juliette comforts her. She says that she can imagine that it’s not so easy for Kerstin, but that the most important thing is that Marie learns the news from Kerstin and not from anybody else. That’s when Kerstin rushes to the phone to call Inge and ask her not to say anything to Marie. Inge is reluctant at first, as she thinks that Marie should know the truth, but then agrees.

Marie is on her way to Inge when she runs into Raul. She tells him that she is sorry about his breakup with Kerstin, then asks him what happened.

Kerstin and Juliette are clearing the tables outside of Back Dat and make a plan for Kerstin’s conversation with Marie. Juliette suggests that Kerstin should just tell Marie how she feels, that she is in love with Juliette.

Meanwhile, Marie, who is on the way back to the apartment, is talking to her boyfriend Steve on the phone and complains that nobody is telling her what happened between Kerstin and Raul, not even Raul.

Outside of Back Dat, Juliette compliments Kerstin on having such a wonderful daughter. Kerstin is a little embarrassed, but then accepts the compliment. Kerstin and Juliette smile at each other, then Juliette tells Kerstin that she loves her. Kerstin replies that she loves Juliette, too, and they kiss. Of course, that’s when Marie shows up on the other side of the street and sees them.

Thursday, May 27, 2010 (3825)

Marie is furious that Kerstin didn’t tell her about her relationship with Juliette earlier. Kerstin tries to apologize and explain to her that she attempted to tell her, but couldn’t find the right moment, but Marie is too hurt. She reminds Kerstin that she has kept secrets from her before and says that she is sick and tired of it. She packs her things and leaves the apartment.

Kerstin is devastated because of her fight with Marie. Juliette tries to comfort her, but Kerstin keeps blaming herself for being such a coward, until Juliette suggests that Marie’s anger might also have to do with the fact that Kerstin is now in a relationship with a woman.

Meanwhile, Marie is pouring her heart out to Inge. She is hurt that Kerstin is excluding her from her life, and that she didn’t dare tell her about her and Juliette. Inge is trying to reason with her, and eventually comes up with the same assumption as Juliette, that Marie has a problem that Kerstin is now dating a woman.

The next morning, Marie is talking with Lisa, her boyfriend Steve’s mother. Just like Inge, Lisa is trying to reason with Marie, and tells her that Kerstin didn’t choose who she fell in love with, but that she has a right to be happy and that, from the looks of it, she is. Then Lisa assures Marie that even though Kerstin is trying to build up a new life for herself, Marie will always be a part of it.

At Back Dat, Juliette and Kerstin are talking about Marie. Juliette offers to move out for a while, but Kerstin declines her offer, saying that Juliette belongs to her and that she will not pretend that she doesn’t just because Marie has a problem accepting it. Kerstin is optimistic that Marie will calm down soon and that everything will sort itself out eventually, and decides to pay Marie a visit.

In fact, when Marie and Kerstin later meet on the street, Marie embraces her mother, and both apologize for what happened. Marie asks Kerstin whether she is happy, and Kerstin tells her that she is very happy and that she loves Juliette.

Marie says that all of this could only happen because they barely see each other. Kerstin enthusiastically tells her that this is about to change because of the good connection from France to England. Marie is confused, and both she and Kerstin realize that there is something else that Kerstin hasn’t told her daughter.

Kerstin tells Marie that she and Juliette will move to France, and that they will leave the next day. Marie is stunned and rushes off, leaving a devastated Kerstin behind.

Friday, May 28, 2010 (3826)

Juliette is outside of Back Dat with some moving boxes when she sees Kerstin, who is sitting a little further down the street on a wall and cries. Juliette goes over to her, and Kerstin tells her what happened, that everything seemed to be alright until she accidentally told Marie about their upcoming move to France. Kerstin says that she is about to lose her daughter and starts to cry again. Juliette holds her and tries to comfort her.

Later, Kerstin is taking out her self-loathing on some trash while Juliette is trying to reason with her, but Kerstin doesn’t want to listen. She says that she betrayed Marie’s trust once again, and that Marie now not only has to deal with her mother being in a relationship with a woman, but also with her moving to France.

Juliette asks Kerstin to wait and goes inside to get some pictures she found while packing. They are family photos. She hands them to Kerstin and suggests that Kerstin should take a good look at all the evidence of what a great mother and grandmother she actually is.

Meanwhile, Marie is planning to return to England later that day. Inge is trying to convince her to talk with Kerstin before leaving, but Marie refuses to. They’re standing on the sidewalk outside of the laundrette that Inge runs when Juliette comes up to them and asks to talk to Marie in private.

After Inge has left, Juliette says that even though she doesn’t have children herself, she knows how much Kerstin loves her daughter, and that, if Marie insists on being angry with somebody, she should be angry with her, Juliette, because it was her who persuaded Kerstin to leave Marienhof and move to France.

Juliette also tells Marie that she has always been a lesbian, but that it was something completely new to Kerstin, who was more shocked than anyone else. That’s why she wanted to tell Marie about it in person, just like she wanted to tell her about their move to France in person and not on the phone or in a letter or an email. Juliette talks about Kerstin’s plans to stay in Cologne and run the Back Dat together with Juliette, and that it was her, Juliette’s, wish to move to France.

Finally, Juliette tells Marie that it would be a mistake if she left without talking to her mother. Marie doesn’t say anything, but after Juliette has left, she looks pensive.

Still, Marie is planning to leave and is about to get into a taxi when Inge tries to reason with her one last time. She tells her that Kerstin isn’t there to say goodbye because she respects Marie and her decision that she doesn’t want to see her mother, but that Kerstin adores her daughter and that Marie knows that.

At the apartment, Juliette is busy packing while Kerstin is staring into space and thinking about Marie. Juliette is trying to cheer her up and manages to make her smile for a moment. Kerstin says that, as soon as they are in France, she is going to visit Marie. Juliette notices something behind Kerstin and says that she doesn’t have to. When Kerstin turns around, she sees Marie outside a window of the apartment.

Kerstin rushes to open the door. Marie says that they are on their way to the airport, but that she just had to come and say goodbye to Kerstin. She hands Kerstin a locket with pictures of her and her daughter Alina, and says that she had to think about all the mistakes she might make as a mother, but that the most important thing is that Kerstin loves her, and that she knows that.

Juliette smiles and watches as mother and daughter embrace.

Monday, May 31, 2010 (3827)

When Inge asks Kerstin whether she and Juliette will have a going-away party, Kerstin tells her that they are still too busy packing that there probably won’t be time. Of course, Inge starts to plan a surprise party for them right away.

The next day, Kerstin and Juliette have finished packing and are standing in an near-empty apartment. Kerstin is taking a look around. Juliette asks her if she regrets her decision, but Kerstin says that she doesn’t, and that it feels good to know that Raul will move back in.

Kerstin has to think of all the wonderful things that happened while she was living in the apartment, and all of the other things as well, and Juliette states that Kerstin’s heart still lives in the apartment. Kerstin replies that she is sure that it will be as wonderful in their new home in France. She smiles at Juliette, and they kiss.

They are surprised when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Heidi, who tells them that she has bad news. Kerstin and Juliette look a little worried.

Heidi goes on to say that now that the apartment is so nice and clean – they are coming to throw them a party! That’s when Carlos, Inge, Sülo, Tanja and Stefano come in with food and party equipment. Kerstin and Juliette are all smiles and happy.

Later, the party guests accompany Kerstin and Juliette to a taxi that is waiting outside of Back Dat. One by one, they say goodbye to Kerstin and Juliette. When it’s Carlos’ turn, he tells Kerstin that Raul had to look after Daily’s, but that he sends greetings. Then he turns to Juliette and jokes about the crush he had on her when she first came to Marienhof, and that he is still wondering why they never got together.

Meanwhile, Raul is watching the sendoff from the window at Daily’s.

Before getting into the taxi, Kerstin takes one last look at Marienhof and says “Adieu”. In the taxi, Juliette kisses Kerstin and tells her that she loves her. Then they both turn around and wave goodbye to their friends while the taxi takes them away to their new life…



This was the final recap of the Kerstin & Juliette storyline. Both actresses – Maike Billitis and Maike von Bremen – have left the series, there’s a a farewell video of them (in German) on the official Marienhof website, where you can also watch the most recent episodes of Marienhof. Videos of Kerstin & Juliette scenes are also available on the YT channel of Keriette (English subtitles).

Thanks to all who followed the storyline with me for your support and your comments.

Pictures: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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  1. Thank you, MeL. Well, at least the writers decided to end this messy love story on a happy note (and grateful for it).

    Just a suggestion- how about another poll of 10 most enchanting/fascinating/amazing/lovely European women? Anyone from western and eastern Europe. You can still include German women on the list, no objections here.

  2. I agree with you, at least they got a happy ending. I still didn’t see a lot of chemistry between them, but I really liked Maike von Bremen aka Juliette in the last couple of episodes.

    Thanks for your suggestion regarding another poll. I’m still in the process of putting together the results of the last poll, and that is way more work than I expected, even though I know all these women and don’t have to google them. So it might be a while before the next poll, but I of course keep you suggestion in mind. 🙂

    If you don’t want to wait, maybe eurOut is interested in doing a poll like that? After all, their chances that they don’t have to google so many of the women are way higher than mine. 😉

  3. for me there is chemistry between” juliette and kerstin”, both actress are play on the same level and there is a privat relationship. for me that you see in the scences.
    and i like the happy end so much. in this story, the man can´t disstroy the realtionship, how offen we can see that.kerstin stay by juliette side and live with here. 🙂 that statment are good news.