Marienhof Recap: And Baby Makes Three?

Kerstin thinks that she might be expecting a child from Raul. When Juliette finds out about it, she is not amused…

Monday, May 10, 2010 (3814)

No Kerstin & Juliette scenes.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 (3815)

No Kerstin & Juliette scenes. At Back Dat, Juliette tells Heidi that Kerstin isn’t feeling good and has gone for a lie down. She asks whether Heidi can take care of the customers while she is checking on Kerstin.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010 (3816)

Kerstin is still unwell. After she had to throw up again, Heidi jokes that if she didn’t know it better, she would think that Kerstin is pregnant. Kerstin dismisses this thought as well, but then she remembers having sex with Raul after she stopped him from going to Spain, and suddenly a pregnancy isn’t such an unlikely scenario anymore.

Kerstin goes to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test. She is on her way home when Juliette finds her. Juliette is worried that Kerstin is not feeling better yet. She wonders whether it might have something to do with her, or maybe Raul, and suggests that the whole situation might be overwhelming for Kerstin.

Kerstin dismisses Juliette’s assumptions in a harsh tone, and says that all she has is an upset stomach. Juliette tries to calm her down and suggests to take Kerstin home, where she is going to take care of her. Kerstin agrees.

At the apartment, Juliette has made Kerstin tea and then leaves her alone. After she is gone, Kerstin gets the pregnancy test out of her bag and starts to read the instructions when Juliette suddenly returns. When she sees the test, Juliette gets upset and asks Kerstin for an explanation.

Kerstin tells her that she might be expecting a child from Raul. Juliette is hurt that Kerstin didn’t tell her about it earlier. When Kerstin tries to explain that she hasn’t even told Raul and that she doesn’t have any idea how he would react, Juliette gets furious and asks Kerstin if it shouldn’t be more important for her to learn how she, Juliette, reacts. Then she storms out.

Later, Kerstin is sitting alone in the living room and nervously waiting for the outcome of the test.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

No new episode,

Friday, May 14, 2010 (3817)

When Juliette returns to the apartment, Kerstin tells her that she made the test but can’t get herself to check the result. She asks Juliette to do it. Juliette takes a look at the test, then tells Kerstin that she is not pregnant. Kerstin is relieved and enthusiastically hugs Juliette, then gets up and says that she feels like drinking a glass of champaign.

But for some reason, Juliette does not seem to share Kerstin’s relief. When Kerstin asks her what’s up, Juliette replies that she always wanted to have a child, and that she’d love to raise a child with Kerstin. But Kerstin tells Juliette right away that having another child is out of the question for her at the moment.

Juliette looks sad and says that she understands. Then she adds that she feels like she is only an attachment to Kerstin’s life, not a part of it.

The next morning at Back Dat, Kerstin tells Heidi that she realized that she and Juliette have different ideas regarding their life together. Before Heidi can say anything, the mailwoman comes in and hands them a letter for Juliette. It’s from her family in France. Kerstin is surprised that Juliette gave them her address, as Juliette still has her own apartment, but Heidi says that it might be because Juliette feels more at home at Kerstin’s place than at her own.

Later, Kerstin is mounting a new nameplate with both her and Juliette’s name next to the front door of the bakery when Sülo stops by. He notices the new nameplate, and Kerstin tells him that she wants to make Juliette co-owner of Back Dat. Sülo wonders whether this is such a good idea, but Kerstin is convinced that she is doing the right thing and that Juliette will agree with her.

Meanwhile, Juliette is on the phone with her mother, who tells her that her uncle has to give up his business, a patisserie, because he is gout-ridden and can’t work anymore. Juliette starts to cry and tells her mother that she is homesick.

In the evening, Kerstin is waiting for Juliette at the apartment, where she wants to show her the paperwork she has prepared to make Juliette her business partner. When Juliette shows up, Kerstin notices how enthusiastic she is.

Juliette gets out some pictures her mother sent her of her uncle’s house and patisserie back in France and shows them to Kerstin. She tells Kerstin that her uncle has to give up his business and says that this is their chance to start a new life together.

Then she asks a surprised Kerstin to move to France with her.

Videos of Kerstin & Juliette scenes are available on the YT channel of Keriette (English subtitles).

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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