Marienhof Recap: Three of Hearts

Raul agrees to move in with Kerstin and Juliette as he hopes to be able to win Kerstin back. But when he realizes that he has to share Kerstin with Juliette, he decides to finally break up with Kerstin for good.

Monday, May 3, 2010 (3809)

Kerstin is happy when Raul decides to accept Juliette’s offer to move in with them. Although none of them has any idea how their “living arrangement” is going to be like, they decide to give it a try.

When Kerstin tells Heidi about their plan to live together, Heidi is skeptical as she does not believe for a minute that Raul is ready to share Kerstin with Juliette. In fact, Raul tells Carlos that he only accepted Juliette’s proposal because he sees it as an opportunity to win Kerstin back.

Raul arrives at the apartment with his bags and a bouquet of roses. Kerstin welcomes him with an embrace. When Juliette sees them, she is obviously jealous but puts up a brave front. Still, from that moment on, she and Raul try to outdo each other in trying to win Kerstin’s attention.

Their rivalry becomes manifest again when it comes to decide who sleeps where, as of course both of them want to sleep in the bed with Kerstin. They eventually decide to draw lots. As a result, Kerstin gets to sleep in the bed, Raul on a mattress on the floor right beside the bed, and Juliette has to settle for the sofa on the other side of the room.

But none of them is actually able to sleep. When Kerstin gets up and goes over to the kitchen to get a glass of milk, Raul follows her and tries to seduce her. Just when Kerstin is about to give in and kiss him, they get interrupted by Juliette.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 (3810)

In the kitchen, Juliette, Kerstin and Raul are looking at each other for a while, until Raul finally suggests to go back to bed. Juliette agrees. Both she and Raul make sure that the other one leaves the kitchen as well and none of them stays in the kitchen with Kerstin. After they have left, Kerstin stays alone in the kitchen, looking miserable. Then she goes back to bed as well.

The next morning, Raul tells Carlos about what happened the night before, and that Kerstin looked at both him and Juliette with so much love. When Carlos suggests to Raul that he should have a threesome with the two women, Raul dismisses that suggestion and says that he loves Kerstin, but doesn’t know how much longer he can put up with Juliette.

Back at the apartment, Raul and Juliette talk about the situation they are in, that they both want Kerstin and that Kerstin wants them both. They agree that, at least for the moment, it is better to leave sex aside as it would only make things more complicated.

But Raul’s good intentions are gone when, in the evening, he and Kerstin find themselves alone in the apartment. Raul is not wearing a shirt, and Kerstin is so turned on by his bare chest that she cannot control herself and they start to make out.

By the time Juliette returns from her yoga class, Raul and Kerstin have made it to the bed. Juliette is of course not very excited to see her girlfriend in bed with her ex, but then Kerstin sees Juliette and reaches out for her. Juliette goes over to the bed and kisses Kerstin – much to the surprise of an unsuspecting Raul, who suddenly finds himself in-between the two women.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 (3811)

While a perplexed Raul is looking on, Kerstin takes Juliette’s coat off and continues to kiss her. But after a moment, Raul gets up and leaves the bed.

After Kerstin and Raul got dressed again, both Raul and Juliette come to the conclusion that they deceived themselves and that living together would never work. Kerstin still wants to give it another try, but Raul says that he does not want to share her, that he wants her completely. He tells her that it’s over, then leaves the apartment.

Kerstin is devastated. Juliette starts to reach out for her to comfort her, but then stops herself.

Raul goes over to Daily’s and gets the ring that he took off a few days earlier. Kerstin is on her way to Daily’s as well. But when she sees Raul through the window, she turns around to go away and suddenly finds herself face to face with Juliette, who followed her.

Kerstin looks at Juliette for a moment, then walks away without saying a word. But Juliette continues to follow her, and the next time Kerstin turns around and sees her, she eventually goes over and embraces her. Juliette kisses Kerstin.

Later, Raul returns to the apartment to pack his things. Kerstin apologizes for hurting him. When she says that she is going to miss him, he replies that she made her choice and that she can’t have everything. He returns the keys to the apartment and hands her his ring, then he leaves.

After he is gone, Kerstin looks at a picture of the two of them and silently says “Good bye”.

Thursday, May 6, 2010 (3812)  & Friday, May 7, 2010  (3813)

No Kerstin & Juliette scenes. Juliette tells Heidi that Hanne wants her as a model for a photo shoot. When Heidi hesitates, Kerstin convinces her to give it a try.

Videos of Kerstin & Juliette scenes are available on the YT channels of Keriette (English subtitles).

Pictures: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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