Marienhof Recap: An Unusual Proposal

Juliette realizes how much Kerstin misses Raul. In order to make Kerstin happy, she makes Raul a surprising offer.

Monday, April 26, 2010 (3804)

No Kerstin & Juliette scenes.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 (3805)

Only one brief Kerstin & Juliette scene. The girls are working at Back Dat. Juliette smiles at Kerstin when she walks past her, and Kerstin smiles back at Juliette.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 (3806)

Kerstin’s sister-in-law Lisa is at Wilder Mann and reads in a magazine when she suddenly discovers Hanne’s photo spread of Juliette and the other model. She shows it to Stefano, the owner of the restaurant, and they talk about Kerstin and Juliette. Stefano tells Lisa that Kerstin kissed Juliette in front of everybody.

They quickly change the subject when Raul comes in, but Lisa cannot stop Raul from looking at the magazine. He of course discovers the article, which also includes a picture of Juliette together with Kerstin. Lisa and Stefano feel a little awkward, but much to their surprise, Raul says that it’s okay and that Kerstin and Juliette actually are a cute couple.

The next morning, Kerstin is outside Back Dat and tries to hang up a small billboard when Juliette joins her and gives her a hand. Raul comes by on the other side of the street and sees them.

Kerstin starts to write on the board. When she writes “Petit Fous” instead of “Petit Fours”, Juliette smiles and points out to Kerstin that she just offered to sell small crazy people instead of pastries. Kerstin laughs and corrects her mistake, then she and Juliette kiss while Raul is still watching them from the other side of the street.

Later, Lisa tells Kerstin about meeting Raul the night before and that he seems to be okay. Kerstin is sceptical, but says that she hopes that Lisa is right. Meanwhile, Raul is out for a jog and seems to feel good when he suddenly sees Juliette. He hides behind a tree so she cannot see him. When she is gone, Raul breaks down and starts to cry.

Thursday, April 29, 2010 (3807)

Sülo meets Raul in the park and sees that he has been crying. Raul admits that even though he understands that his relationship with Kerstin is over, he still doesn’t get it emotionally. Sülo tries to comfort Raul and says that both Raul and Kerstin will have to eventually let go. Back at Daily’s, Raul takes off his ring.

At the apartment, Kerstin is looking longingly at a parcel that arrived for Raul. She tells Juliette that it includes a DVD with rare recordings of soccer games of Raul’s favorite team, FC Sevilla. When Juliette doesn’t seem too impressed, Kerstin tells her that she was skeptical at first, too, but that in the course of the years she has become a fan of the team herself.

Kerstin becomes more and more excited when talking about Raul’s enthusiasm for the team, until Juliette eventually states the obvious: That Kerstin still misses Raul. She says that Kerstin should try to talk to Raul again to maybe resolve any issues that are still left unresolved between them, and points out to Kerstin that it’s difficult for her to see Kerstin like that.

Kerstin assures her that there is nothing left unresolved between her and Raul. But when Juliette suggests that Kerstin should bring the parcel to Raul herself, Kerstin doesn’t want to do it.

Later, Kerstin starts to make plans to rearrange the furniture in the living room and the kitchen. When Juliette asks her why they should do that, Kerstin explains that it’s because they always get into each other’s way when working in the kitchen.

Juliette tells her that moving the furniture won’t solve Kerstin’s problem. She suggests that they should go away for a couple of days, just the two of them. When Kerstin doesn’t respond to her suggestion right away, Juliette says that of course, nothing they do will be of any use as long as Kerstin thinks that Juliette is getting in her way. Kerstin tries to tell her that that’s not what she meant to say, but Juliette is not convinced.

The next morning, Kerstin is sitting in the kitchen, deep in thought. When Juliette sees her like that, she once again suggests that Kerstin should bring Raul the parcel and talk to him. Kerstin eventually agrees to call Raul – later. Then she goes back to work. Juliette stays behind, looking pensive.

Later, it is Juliette who goes to see Raul at Daily’s. She tells him that Kerstin is still suffering because of the breakup, and that she still misses Raul.

Then Juliette asks Raul to move in with them.

Friday, April 30, 2010 (3808)

Raul is stunned by Juliette’s question and asks her whether she and Kerstin have completely lost their mind. Juliette tries to reason with him and tells him that Kerstin just isn’t happy without him, to which Raul replies that it was Kerstin’s decision to sleep with Juliette and leave him in the first place, and that Kerstin cannot have everything.

When Kerstin later shows up at Daily’s to bring Raul his parcel, he is dismissive and reproachful and alleges that Kerstin was in on Juliette’s proposal. Kerstin is confused and tells him that she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but Raul does not believe her.

Kerstin leaves Daily’s to look for Juliette. When she cannot find her, she returns to Daily’s to talk to Raul again. She tries to tell him that it wasn’t her idea that he should move in with them, and that he should know her better, but he replies that he doesn’t know her at all. She starts to cry, but he is too angry to listen, let alone believe her.

After he has calmed down, Raul tells Sülo about Juliette’s proposal. When Sülo asks him whether he can imagine living with them, maybe even in some form of a relationship, Raul says that he hasn’t thought about it yet, but that he misses being with Kerstin.

At the apartment, Kerstin and Juliette fight. Kerstin is furious because of Juliette’s proposal and because Raul thought that she was in on it. Juliette tries to defend herself, but Kerstin doesn’t want to hear her. She tells Juliette that she chose her over Raul, and asks her whether she is trying to ruin their relationship.

Quietly, Juliette replies that it’s Kerstin who is doing that. Kerstin is shocked by Juliette’s allegation. Juliette tells her that it’s obvious that Kerstin still loves Raul and misses him, and that she hoped that Kerstin would feel better if Raul moved in.

Kerstin calms down and asks Juliette whether she would really risk Raul barging in between them. Juliette answers that she only wants Kerstin to be happy.

In the evening, Kerstin and Juliette are having a quiet dinner when they hear the ringing of the doorbell. It’s Raul, who wants to talk about the proposal.

He asks what it is exactly that they are suggesting – a living community, or something more intimate?

Videos of Kerstin & Juliette scenes are available on the YT channel of Keriette (English subtitles).

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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  1. This couple are cute together, but there just seems to be something missing. I don’t really understand what draws them together beyond physical attraction. I don’t see them as ‘in love’…in lust, perhaps…but the writers want us to buy that they are in love. Not there for me. I don’t see it.

    Perhaps I’ve just been spoilt by the Carla von Lahnstein storylines 🙂

    Now this development. Well, it’s absurd even for a soap! I will watch until the end of course 😉

    Thanks for the recaps!

  2. I agree with you, except that I don’t even see the physical attraction. But oh well, as I’ve said before, I’m going to keep watching and recapping because….

    … after all, it’s only going to be four more weeks.

      • This couple and SL does absolutely nothing for me…too much, even for a soap..LOL

        Check out Katherine and Robin on Desperate Housewives. It was too short, only 4 episodes, but it was sweet, and enjoyable…and the ending will surprise you.

  3. @Jerri: I saw most of the storyline on YT and liked it. Maybe because it was so short they didn’t have enough time to screw it up, like so many shows normally do. 😉

    @adsullata: I watched a few of the clips with Julia and Mariana, and fast-forwarded through the rest because I got annoyed by Julia’s boyfriend. Also, another lesbian suffering from unrequited love is way too much for me. Still, thanks again for the tip regarding the storyline, and if you come across other storylines, please keep me posted. 🙂

  4. Mel,
    I agree, it was well done. It was the right combination of comedic stuff ( the kiss at the restaurant, the dream sequence, Susan, and getting caught on the porch) and serious stuff (Robin making her point with nothing more than a kiss and the speech by Katherine at the end). Both actresses have pilots filming, so they will either not be back next year at all or may only come back for a guest appearance. I hope its the latter, with Katherine being happy for a change with Robin… Regardless, it doesn’t matter how many times I watch the dream scene, it never fails to make me laugh. The expressions on Dana’s face are priceless. Ogling 101..

    There isn’t much on TV right now. I’m sick of unrequited love, men, babies and the likes. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed Starla and K/H. Self-made obstacles, but no men turning it into threesomes. ….thank God for my I-Pod and youtube. Spaeking of which, is there a way to download stuff from youtube to i-pods?