Marienhof Recap: Change of Heart

Juliette returns to Marienhof, and Kerstin cannot resist her attraction. When Raul finds out that Kerstin cheated on him again, he loses it and attacks Juliette…

Monday, April 19, 2010 (3799)

Juliette shows up at Back Dat with her friend Hanne. Kerstin seems to feel uneasy when she sees Juliette, but Juliette reminds her that she agreed to let Hanne use the bakery as a location for a photo shoot a couple of weeks earlier. Juliette apologizes and says that she knows that it’s not a good time, but that Hanne is counting on her.

Kerstin eventually agrees. Juliette thanks her and is about to leave again when Kerstin holds her back. She wants to know how Juliette is. Juliette answers “Ça va” (which means as much as “so-so”), then quickly turns around and leaves while Kerstin’s eyes are following her.

Later, Kerstin is at Daily’s to deliver bread. She tells Raul about Juliette and the photo shoot that is planned for the next day, and that Juliette will also be there for the photo shoot. Much to Kerstin’s suprise, Raul says that it’s okay for him, since it’s only a photo shoot. But after Kerstin has left, Raul looks worried and tells Carlos that he only said that he doesn’t have a problem because he did not want to come across as the jealous lover.

The next day at the bakery, Juliette, Hanne and her team set everything up for the photo shoot. Raul is also there, and Juliette thanks him for allowing them to have the photo shoot at Back Dat. Raul says that’s it’s not a problem, and makes a compliment about the scarf that Juliette is wearing. When he leaves the bakery, Kerstin kisses him goodbye. Juliette notices that and wistfully looks at them.

When one of the models for the photo shoot has to cancel at the last minute, Hanne convinces Juliette to fill in for her. Juliette asks Kerstin whether that would be okay for her, as Juliette would have to be half naked for the photo shoot, and Kerstin agrees. Before the photo shoot starts, Juliette assures Kerstin that she accepts her decision for Raul, if that’s what’s makes Kerstin happy.

But when Juliette is standing before Kerstin only wearing lingerie, Kerstin gets visibly nervous, and even more so during the photo shoot itself, when she sees Juliette doing sexy poses with the other model and some chocolates in front of the camera.

After the photo shoot, Juliette is at the apartment to remove her make up. Kerstin is also there, and cannot stop looking at Juliette. She says that she is sure that the photos will be beautiful, gorgeous, adorable.

Juliette seems to feel uneasy and barely dares to look at Kerstin, until Kerstin turns around to walk away. But then, all of a sudden, Kerstin comes back and hugs Juliette from behind.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 (3800)

Kerstin is still hugging Juliette. She tells her that whenever she is close to her, everything seems to be enchanted. Juliette says that she missed Kerstin, and Kerstin replies that she missed her, too. Juliette turns around to look at Kerstin, and Kerstin kisses her.

Juliette kisses and caresses Kerstin and starts to list everything that she missed about her – her caress, her magic, her eyes, her mouth. Kerstin begins to unbutton her blouse, and Juliette does the same.

Raul is at Carlos’ apartment and waits for the photo shoot to end. Carlos’ notices how stressed and jealous Raul is, and convinces him that there’s no need to worry as Kerstin chose him.

Meanwhile, Kerstin and Juliette are sleeping together.

At night, Kerstin is alone and restless in her bed. She finds Juliette’s scarf and starts to cuddle with it, but when she hears Raul coming in, she quickly hides the scarf under a pillow and pretends to be asleep. Raul lies down next to her, hugs her and whispers “I love you”. When she hears that Kerstin looks sad.

The next morning, Juliette comes to the bakery. She wants to kiss Kerstin, but Kerstin avoids the kiss. Juliette snuggles up to Kerstin and tells her that she can still feel her touch.

Kerstin is worried that somebody might see them. When they hear footsteps, they quickly seperate. It’s Raul. Juliette says goodbye and leaves, while Raul is eyeing her suspiciously. Only half-jokingly, he asks whether Juliette slept in the bakery, but Kerstin quickly explains that Juliette just stopped by for no particular reason.

Raul and Kerstin talk about the photo shoot. Raul wants to snuggle up to Kerstin, but she tries to avoid his touch.

Later, the two of them have lunch at the apartment. Raul notices that Kerstin looks distracted, but she blames it on having a headache. After Kerstin has returned to the bakery, Raul gets ready to go back to work as well when he finds Juliette’s scarf in his and Kerstin’s bed.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 (3801)

When Raul confronts her with Juliette’s scarf which he found in their bed, Kerstin cannot lie. Furiously, Raul leaves the bakery, and Kerstin follows him. She tells him that she did not want to hurt him, but that she loves them both – Raul and Juliette.

Raul replies that the only person Kerstin loves is herself, and that she is only using both him and Juliette. Kerstin starts to cry and says that she couldn’t help her feelings, and that she doesn’t know what to do. Raul tells her that he never wants to see her again.

Kerstin pours her heart out to Sülo. She tells him that she slept with Juliette, and that Raul found out about it. Sülo tries to comfort her, but when Kerstin says that she loves them both and doesn’t know what to do, he tells her that she has to hurt one of them, whether she wants it or not.

Later, Raul and Juliette have a run-in at the restaurant Wilder Mann where Juliette meets with Hanne to look at the photos Hanne took. When Raul hears them talking about Kerstin he snaps and tells Juliette to better get out of his way – or else. Then he leaves the restaurant. Juliette and Hanne are shocked.

In the evening, Juliette meets Raul on the street and tries to apologize for what happened between her and Kerstin, but he doesn’t want to listen. Instead, he suddenly attacks Juliette, throws her against a wall and threatens to hurt her.

Thursday, April 22, 2010 (3802)

Juliette is struggling to get free, but Raul is too strong. He is pressing his arm against Juliette’s throat until she has trouble breathing. She still manages to tell him that this will not help him win Kerstin back. When Raul blames Juliette for turning Kerstin’s head so that Kerstin doesn’t know anymore what she is doing, Juliette replies that Kerstin knows that she loves her, and that’s all she needs to know.

Raul finally seems to realize what he is doing and lets go of Juliette. She tells him that they didn’t want to hurt him. He grabs her again and yells at her that she ruined his relationship, then he walks away. Juliette collapses, coughing and crying.

Kerstin is at her apartment when Juliette shows up, completely distraught and still in shock. She tells Kerstin what happened. She says that Raul hates her for taking Kerstin away from him, but that she cannot help it because she loves Kerstin. Then she breaks down again and cries in Kerstin’s arms.

Meanwhile, Raul already regrets what happened. He tells Heidi that he knows that it’s him who has now ruined everything.

The next morning, Kerstin is watching Juliette in her sleep when she hears Heidi entering Back Dat. Heidi of course knows about the attack from Raul, and asks for Juliette. Kerstin tells her that Juliette stayed with her for the night. She is mad at Raul for what he did.

Heidi tells Kerstin that Raul knows that what he did was wrong and already regrets it, but that it’s understandable because of everything that Kerstin put him through. She suggests to Kerstin that the incident could be her wake-up call so she finally makes her choice.

Kerstin goes over to Daily’s to talk to Raul. He asks for Juliette and tells Kerstin that he did not want this to happen. Kerstin tells him that she was unfair, and that she should have made a decision much earlier.

When Raul asks Kerstin whether she finally knows what she wants, she tells him that she wants to be with Juliette.

Friday, April 23, 2010 (3803)

Back at her apartment, Kerstin is sad because of her breakup with Raul. Juliette is trying to comfort her. Kerstin is surprised that it doesn’t seem to bother Juliette that she is crying over Raul, but Juliette replies that she loves Kerstin and that’s all that matters.

Kerstin tells Juliette that she loves her, too, and that it’s time to finally be open about their love. She suggests to meet with Juliette in the restaurant Wilder Mann later – as a couple. Juliette agrees and kisses Kerstin.

But when Kerstin is alone again at her apartment, waiting for Raul to pick up his things, she starts to get nervous because of her imminent coming out. She envisions the scene at Wilder Mann, how everybody in the restaurant, including some of her friends, is watching her when she enters the restaurant, goes over to Juliette and kisses her.

Kerstin’s nervousness is getting worse when she is waiting for Juliette at Wilder Mann. While holding on to a glass of water, she imagines how the other guests, including Carlos and Heidi, are talking about her behind her back and are judging her for her relationship with Juliette. Eventually, the panic overwhelms her and Kerstin flees from the restaurant.

The next day, Kerstin and Juliette talk about what happened. Kerstin convinces Juliette that she still wants to be open about their relationship, so Juliette suggests to give it another try and meet for lunch.

After her conversation with Juliette, Kerstin meets Raul outside Daily’s. He tries to ignore her, and tells her that he doesn’t have to say anything to her anymore, even if her “phase” with Juliette was over.

When Kerstin says that it’s not a phase, but that she’s in love with Juliette, Raul wonders why he never sees them together then, and sarcastically implies that Kerstin has a problem with coming out as a lesbian.

At Wilder Mann, Juliette is anxiously waiting for Kerstin. There are some of Kerstin’s friends at the restaurant, including Sülo, but when Kerstin arrives, she only has eyes for Juliette. She goes over to her and tells her that she loves her.

Then Kerstin kisses Juliette.

Of course their kissing doesn’t go unnoticed, but everybody seems to be more surprised that Kerstin isn’t with Raul anymore than that Kerstin is kissing a woman.

After the kiss, Kerstin takes a look around and is relieved when she realizes that nobody really seems to care. She smiles at Juliette, and they kiss again.

Videos of Kerstin & Juliette scenes are available on the YT channels of Keriette (English subtitles available).

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks alot for the recap on Kerstin and Juliette Marienhof, and hope you stay with it until the story ends. thanks again.

    • I intend to stay with this storyline to the bitter end. (And don’t get me wrong, that is NOT meant as a spoiler. ;))