Marienhof Recap: Kerstin’s Decision

After Kerstin decides that she wants to be with neither Juliette nor Raul, Juliette leaves Marienhof. Raul is trying to win Kerstin back, but when he fails, he decides to leave, too…

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 (3787)

At “Back Dat”, Kerstin is longingly looking at the picture of Juliette that Heidi once put on the wall. Heidi asks her whether she has heard from Juliette. Kerstin says that she hasn’t, and that it’s probably better that way. To cheer Kerstin up, Heidi shows her two tickets that she got for a play they are going to see that night.

Raul comes to the bakery to pick up his mail. While he is waiting for Kerstin to get his mail, he overhears a conversation between Kerstin and a mechanic who was supposed to fix the broken espresso machine. He also sees the theater tickets that still lie on the counter.

Among Raul’s mail is a flyer for a vacation on the Maldive Islands. Raul reminds Kerstin that they once intended to go there. Kerstin remembers that they couldn’t go because they were broke. She smiles at Raul, but then quickly apologizes because she didn’t want to bring things like that up. She tells Raul that she has to go back to work and turns around to go to the kitchen, but he noticed that she looked sad for a moment.

Raul gets his toolbox and buys a bouquet of roses. On his way to Back Dat, he meets a friend who asks him about Kerstin. He tells her that he still loves Kerstin as much as he loved her at the very beginning of their relationship.

When Kerstin and Heidi return from the theater, they notice that somebody is in the bakery. Kerstin wants to call the police, but Heidi wants them to catch the burglar on their own. They go through the apartment, grab a rolling pin and sneak up on the “burglar”, but it turns out to be Raul who is trying to fix the espresso machine.

Raul explains to Kerstin that he wanted to surprise her. Kerstin notices the roses, and asks whether they are part of the surprise, too. Raul tells Kerstin that he misses her, and asks her how much longer it will take for her to come up with a decision. Kerstin replies that she doesn’t know.

Raul wants to know whether there is still a chance for them to get together again, but Kerstin doesn’t answer. Raul removes the key to the bakery from the key chain, puts it on the counter and tells Kerstin that from now on, he will leave her alone. Then he collects his things and leaves.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010 (3788)

Kerstin is cleaning the espresso machine when she hears a knock on the window of the bakery. She thinks that it’s Raul and tells him to go away, but it is Heidi who came back to get her purse. She makes a comment about the flowers which are still lying on the counter. Kerstin picks up the flowers from the counter and looks at them. She doesn’t notice that a card that was plugged into the bouquet is falling down.

Kerstin tells Heidi that Raul won’t leave her alone even though she asked him to. Heidi defends Raul and says that he is fighting for Kerstin, but Kerstin says that that doesn’t help and that she needs her space. Heidi asks Kerstin whether she knows what she is doing, and whether she really wants to take the risk that Raul leaves, too.

Meanwhile, Raul has decided to do just that – leave. The next day, when he runs into Kerstin on the street, he tells her that he intends to leave Marienhof and go to Sevilla, and that he doesn’t know if he will ever return. They say goodbye and Raul goes away, but then Kerstin stops him and asks him if she could call him. He tells her that that is not a good idea.

At “Back Dat”, Heidi is trying to convince Kerstin to stop Raul from leaving, but Kerstin tells her that Raul has to do what he thinks is right for him. Heidi doesn’t agree. She finds the card that came with the roses and hands it to Kerstin. It’s a declaration of love by Raul. Wistfully, Kerstin starts to think of her time together with Raul.

In the evening, Raul says goodbye to Carlos and gets into a cab. When the cab is about to leave Marienhof, it is being stopped by Kerstin.

She asks Raul not to leave.

Thursday, April 1, 2010 (3789)

Raul asks Kerstin to give him a reason to stay. When she says that she couldn’t bear it if he left, he says that that’s not enough. The cab starts to go again, but after it has only gone a few metres, it’s being stopped again, this time by Raul.

Kerstin is back at Back Dat and has to think of her life with Raul. She gets a text message from Juliette, who writes that she misses Kerstin and asks if Kerstin misses her, too. The message reminds Kerstin of how she slept with Juliette, and of the fight she had with Raul when he found out about it. When she realizes how she has ruined her relationship with Raul, she breaks down and cries.

Th next morning, Juliette comes to the bakery. She notices that Kerstin is sad and asks for the reason. Kerstin tells her that Raul went to the airport the night before and that she couldn’t stop him even though she tried. More as a statement than a question, Juliette says that Kerstin loves Raul, and Kerstin says that she does.

Juliette asks what that means for them. Kerstin takes her hands and tells her that she has never met someone like Juliette, but that there is so much more that she and Raul share. Juliette wants to know whether that means that they don’t have a future together even if Raul doesn’t return, and Kerstin gently shakes her head.

Juliette is sad, but calm and collected. She wishes Kerstin luck and tells her that, no matter where she is, she will always be there for Kerstin. Kerstin replies that Juliette is a wonderful human being. Juliette looks like there is something else that she wants to say, but then she lets go of Kerstin and leaves.

Later, Kerstin shows up at Carlos’ and asks him to tell her where exactly Raul is. She tells Carlos that she loves Raul and that to hurt him like she did it was the biggest mistake she ever made. When Carlos still won’t tell her where Raul is, she is determined to travel to Spain to find him herself, but Raul – who heard everything from the other room – stops her.

Together, Raul and Kerstin return to their apartment…

Are Raul and Kerstin really MFEO (= Made For Each Other)? Or will there be another chance for Kerstin and Juliette? Without giving away too much, I can assure you that this was not the last time we have seen Juliette, there are more episodes with her coming up, starting next Monday, April 19th.

Videos of Kerstin & Juliette scenes are available on the YT channels of Keriette (English subtitles available).

Pictures: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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