Marienhof Recap: The Agony of Choice

Kerstin goes away to have time to think. While she is out of town, Raul conducts a campaign against Juliette which almost ends tragically. When Kerstin returns, she has made a decision…

Monday, March 15, 2010 (3776)

Kerstin is shocked when she realizes that Raul has slept with another woman.

When Nadine – the woman with the towel – realizes who Kerstin is, she offers to leave, but it is Kerstin who leaves instead, angrily slamming the door shut behind her. Raul wakes up from the noise, and when Nadine tells him what happened, he is far from pleased.

Kerstin is sitting in a doorway and crying when Juliette finds her. Kerstin tells Juliette that Raul cheated on her with another woman, but when Juliette disapproves of Raul’s behaviour, Kerstin defends Raul and even yells at Juliette to stop talking.

Kerstin blames herself for what Raul did because he is so deeply hurt by her betrayal. When Juliette states the obvious – that Kerstin is still in love with Raul – Kerstin snaps at her and leaves her alone in the doorway.

Kerstin and Juliette continue their argument outside of “Back Dat”. Kerstin keeps defending Raul, until Juliette eventually gives in. She apologizes to Kerstin for appearing smart-alecky, and tells Kerstin that this whole situation isn’t easy for her, either. When Kerstin has calmed down, Juliette suggests that maybe Kerstin needs to take time out from work and Raul and that they should go away for a while – just the two of them, but only as friends.

Later, Kerstin is in her room at the pension and dreams of being with Raul. They kiss and make out, but when they lie down on the bed, Juliette is there, and Kerstin starts to make out with her as well..

Kerstin starts from her sleep when her cell phone rings. It’s Raul who is trying to reach her, but she does not take the call. When there’s a knock on the door, Kerstin gets up to open it and finds Juliette standing there. She explains that she just wanted to check on Kerstin.

Juliette asks Kerstin whether Kerstin has thought about her suggestion to go away for the weekend, and Kerstin tells her that she wants to go, but alone. Juliette is disappointed, but doesn’t say anything.

Kerstin is waiting at the bus stop when Raul comes over to talk to her. He thinks that Kerstin is leaving with Juliette, but Kerstin explains to him that she is going away to have time to think and to make a decision, but that she needs to be alone in order to do that. He lets this information sink in, then briefly strokes her arm and leaves again.

Thursday, March 18, 2010 (3779)

Raul is trying to drown his lovesickness in alcohol. One morning, while still dealing with the hangover from the night before, he meets Juliette in the kitchen. She makes a comment about his condition, and he reacts dismissively and hostile. When she asks him to go apart so she can continue working on her chocolates, he slowly pushes a tray with chocolates from the counter before he leaves.

As the kitchen belongs both to the bakery and the apartment, Juliette has no choice but to continue working there while Raul is sitting in the living room, wallowing in self-pity and watching her hostilely, until he finally gets his coat and leaves.

In the evening, Raul can be seen doing carpentry at the apartment. Also, some more of Juliette’s chocolates end up in the trash.

When Heidi and Juliette open the bakery in the morning, they find the passageway to the kitchen blocked by a wooden wall. Juliette is furious. With the key that Kerstin gave her, she enters the apartment through the back door to confront Raul and remove the wall. Raul forcibly stops her and tries to take the key from her, thereby only making her more furious.

She yells at him that his behaviour won’t change Kerstin’s feelings for her, and that Kerstin slept with her because they are in love. In return, Raul threatens that he is going to let her have it if she takes Kerstin away from him.

Friday, March 19, 2010 (3780)

Raul and Juliette are still struggling for the key when Heidi enters the apartment and demands an explanation. Raul threatens Juliette not to say anything, but Juliette defies him and tells Heidi that she and Kerstin are in love and even slept with each other.

When Raul goes for Juliette again, Heidi tries to stop him and asks him to remove the dividing wall. He insists that the wall will stay and pushes them both out of his apartment.

Later, Carlos comes to the bakery to see his girlfriend Heidi. She tells him what happened between Raul and Juliette. Raul comes over to them, and demands of Carlos to kick Juliette out of his apartment. Carlos hesitates, but Raul insists until Carlos eventually agrees.

When he later sees Juliette at the bus stop with her bags, Raul triumphs and goes over to her to sarcastically wish her “Bon Voyage”. But Raul cheered too soon, because when he removes the wooden wall, Juliette is at the bakery and taking care of a customer.

Raul is frustrated about his failed attempt to get rid of Juliette. When Juliette later passes by his café Daily’s and two customers make a lewd remark about her, Raul tells them to forget about her because she’s a lesbian, and that he has a score to settle with her.

In the evening, Juliette is locking the Back Dat when the two men come up to her. They tell her that they know that she hasn’t done it with a man in a while, and that they are about to change that. She tells them to get lost, but they hold her back. She starts to call for help, but one of them covers her mouth with his hand.

That’s when Raul turns around the corner and sees them.

Monday, March 22, 2010 (3781)

When Raul sees that Juliette is being attacked, he goes over to help her. He tells the men to leave her alone, to which one of them replies that they are only doing this as a favour for him. Raul drags the men away from Juliette and knocks them down, but that doesn’t stop them. Raul eventually manages to fight them off, but both Raul and Juliette get hurt.

Raul takes Juliette to the emergency room. While they are waiting for treatment, Juliette asks Raul what the men meant when they said that they were doing him a favour, but he pretends that he didn’t hear them say that.

The next day, Raul and Juliette report the two men to the police. On their way home, Raul is very protective towards Juliette and even asks her if she wants to have coffee with him. Juliette gets suspicious, and Raul eventually admits that it was his fault that the two men attacked Juliette. He apologizes to her.

Juliette is angry at first, but then she accepts his apology and thanks him for saving her. When Juliette asks Raul whether he has told Kerstin about what happened, it becomes apparent that none of them has heard from Kerstin since she left.

At the apartment, Juliette and Raul have proceeded from coffee to wine. Juliette suggests a truce, as there has been enough fighting already, but Raul replies that he doesn’t have to fight for Kerstin, because she belongs to him and he belongs to her.

When Juliette says that she will not give up on Kerstin, Raul tries to argue with her and knocks over his glass. The red wine pours out on Juliette’s white blouse. She goes to wash it out, but on her way to the bathroom, she stops and tells Raul that they cannot force Kerstin into making a decision, that they have to give her time to decide.

Raul has taken off his shirt and is waiting for Juliette to come out of the bathroom when the door to the apartment is being opened and Kerstin comes in.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 (3782)

Juliette comes out of the bathroom. She is buttoning up Raul’s shirt that she is now wearing. When Kerstin sees her, she is surprised and shocked and demands an explanation. Raul and Juliette try to explain to her that it’s not what Kerstin apparently thinks it is, but Kerstin does not believe them. She grabs her bags and storms out.

The next morning, Kerstin tells Heidi about what she saw, and that she thinks that something happened between Juliette and Raul. Heidi can convince her that the situation was completely harmless, because the two of them were interested in her and not in each other. She asks Kerstin whether she has made a decision, and Kerstin says that she has.

Meanwhile, Juliette, Raul and Carlos are at Daily’s and talk about Kerstin. Raul says that Kerstin will come back to him anyway. Juliette wonders whether he always has to be such a macho, but Carlos says that Raul is probably right, because if Kerstin had decided that she wanted to be with Juliette, she would not have shown up at Raul’s.

Juliette needs a moment to take Carlos’ point in, then suggests that Raul should talk to Kerstin. If he gets what he wants, she would leave, as she does not want to sadden Kerstin any further.

Raul meets with Kerstin at their apartment and explains to her what happened. Kerstin is shocked about the almost-rape, and thanks Raul for helping Juliette. They talk about Kerstin’s trip to England, where she visited her daughter and her granddaughter, then Raul wants to know if Kerstin has made a decision.

Kerstin tells him that she chose neither Juliette nor Raul, but that she has decided that she needs to be alone for a while. She tells him that he can stay at the apartment, but he doesn’t want to. He gets up, takes his coat and leaves.

In the evening, Raul moves in with Carlos, Juliette is waiting for the bus to bring her away from Marienhof, and Kerstin stays alone in her apartment.

Videos of Kerstin & Juliette scenes are available on the YT channels of Keriette (English subtitles available).

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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  1. Sorry I’m very new to Marienhof. All I follow is Juliette and Kerstin’s storyline which I just started doing recently. Kerstin is a mom, and a grandmom to boot? Did I get it right?

    Thanks as always and happy weekend to you. 🙂

  2. I have to admit that I haven’t followed Marienhof for years before this storyline started, and I don’t actually know the character of Kerstin very much, but according to the official website, she does have a (teenage?) daughter who already has a child herself, which makes Kerstin a grandmother. It was said that her daughter and granddaughter live in England.