Marienhof Recap: Busted!

Kerstin and Juliette try to stay away from each other, but when they meet at a party, Kerstin is once again overwhelmed with emotions and kisses Juliette. They don’t know that Raul is also at the party and looking for Kerstin…

Monday, March 8, 2010 (3771)

Heidi and Kerstin take a break outside the bakery when Juliette shows up. Heidi is delighted to see Juliette, while Kerstin does not look very happy. Heidi goes inside to take care of a customer, and Juliette wants to follow, saying that she just needs something from the kitchen, but Kerstin stops her.

For a moment, they look at each other longingly, but then Kerstin lets go of Juliette. She blames her for showing up even though they had agreed to not see each other for a while. Juliette apologizes, and explains that she just needed to see Kerstin because she missed her. Kerstin replies that she missed Juliette, too, but says that Juliette is only making things harder for them.

Juliette wants to know how Kerstin feels, and Kerstin explains that she is still confused and that her feelings are a mess. Juliette states that it looks like not seeing each other didn’t work, and Kerstin agrees.

Kerstin seems desperate when she says that she finally needs to figure out her feelings. Juliette touches her face in order to comfort her. Kerstin enjoys Juliette’s touch for a moment, but then pushes her hand away and asks her to stop.

Juliette looks hurt. She apologizes and says that she will not bother Kerstin any longer. Then she walks away. Kerstin calls her name, but Juliette doesn’t stop.

Later, Kerstin pours out her heart to her friend Sülo. She asks him how he realized that he was gay. He explains to her that he realized that he had fallen in love with somebody, even though it was a man, and that it wasn’t about being gay or straight, but about standing by one’s feelings.

Kerstin admits to Sülo that she has fallen in love with a woman. Sülo suggests that it might be a good idea if Kerstin tried to figure out whether she actually is into women at all. He tells her about a gay and lesbian party that night at Foxy, the local night club.

Kerstin is at home, nervously trying to figure out what to wear for her night out with Sülo, when Raul comes home. He compliments her on her looks, and asks her why she is dressing up. She explains that she is going out to Foxy with Sülo. He tells her again how great she looks, and jokingly asks her to better keep the men at bay.

At Foxy, the party is already in full swing when Kerstin and Sülo arrive. They nervously look around. Kerstin is feeling uneasy about being at the party and wants to leave again right away, but Sülo holds her back. A woman passes them and smilingly looks at Kerstin, which is setting her nerve’s even more on edge. Sülo suggests that they should try to just have a good time, and asks Kerstin for a dance.

Sülo and Kerstin are still on the dancefloor when a man comes up to them and asks whether he may cut in. Sülo agrees, thinking that the man wants to dance with Kerstin, and is surprised and a little helpless when the man starts to dance with him. Kerstin is amused by the situation, but then she sees somebody at the bar who looks like Juliette.

Sülo motions to Kerstin to help him, and she cuts in. While they are dancing again, Kerstin is looking for Juliette, but cannot see her anymore. Sülo is spinning Kerstin around, but then he lets go of her when the man from before cuts in again. When Kerstin comes to a stop, she is standing face to face with a surprised Juliette.

After her surprise encounter with Juliette, Kerstin decides to leave, but the woman who smiled at her before blocks her path and makes a pass at her.  Juliette emerges from the background and politely tells the woman to get lost.

Juliette tells Kerstin that she is yearning for Kerstin, every day, every minute, every second. Kerstin gently hushes Juliette. She looks at Juliette and starts to caress her cheek, then she kisses her.

While Kerstin and Juliette are making out in the back of the club, Raul and Carlos enter the club through the front door. They are surprised when they realize that it is a gay and lesbian party. Then Raul decides to look for his girlfriend…

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 (3772)

Kerstin and Juliette are still making out in the back of the club, oblivious to the fact that they are about to get caught by Raul. Luckily, there are now a lot of people at the club who are blocking Raul’s view and he can only see a glimpse of them, but not enough for him to recognize them. He meets Sülo and asks him for Kerstin, but Sülo doesn’t know where she is, either.

Kerstin lets go of Juliette for a moment and asks her whether she is thirsty. Juliette replies: “Only for you.” Kerstin smiles and kisses Juliette again, then she goes to get them drinks.

When Kerstin turns around, she sees Raul on the other side of the room, and immediately takes cover. Right that moment, Raul discovers Juliette. He and Carlos are surprised that Juliette is apparently a lesbian, while Sülo suddenly understands what is going on. Raul realizes that he just saw Juliette kissing another woman, and sets out again to find Kerstin because he is eager to tell her about the news. Sülo hurries the other way, apparently hoping to find Kerstin before Raul.

Kerstin manages to leave the club undetected. She is already out on the street when Raul eventually finds her. She acts surprised to see him. Raul tells her that he was at the party looking for her, but that he instead found Juliette. When he tells her that Juliette was making out with someone, Kerstin anxiously asks him whether he saw the woman Juliette was kissing.

Raul is surprised that Kerstin knows that it was a woman who Juliette was making out with, and asks her whether she knew that Juliette is a lesbian. Kerstin denies that, and explains that she guessed it because it was a “rainbow party”. Raul accepts her explanation, and they go home together.

The next morning, Juliette is all smiles when she comes to the bakery, which is packed with customers. She greets Heidi, then goes over to Kerstin and wants to know why Kerstin left without saying something the night before. Kerstin tells her that Raul was at Foxy, and that they desperately need to talk.

She wants to go outside with Juliette, but a snarky comment from Heidi brings home the message that there are too many customers at the moment. Juliette says that she is going to run some errands first and come back later. Kerstin tries to stop her, but then lets her go.

Later, Raul visits Kerstin at the bakery. He asks whether Juliette has a day off, or whether she is having a date with the chick from the night before. Heidi is confused by this remark, and tells him that Juliette is delivering chocolates to customers, but will be back any minute.

When Kerstin hears that Juliette will return soon, she tries to get rid of Raul. She tells him that she is too busy to have coffee with him. While she is hugging him, she sees Juliette who is about to enter the bakery. She motions to her not to come in, until Juliette eventually understands and goes away. Kerstin promises Raul to meet him for a drink later, and he finally agrees and leaves. After he is gone, Heidi looks at Kerstin with disbelief.

In the evening, with no customers left, Kerstin asks Heidi for Juliette and is shocked when Heidi tells her that Juliette went over to Daily’s, Raul’s and Carlos’ café.

At Daily’s, Juliette is already on her way out when Raul, who is curious to learn more about the woman Juliette was with the night before, asks her to stay for a coffee. Juliette doesn’t want to, but eventually agrees.

Meanwhile, Kerstin is trying to call Juliette, but only gets her voicemail. Heidi is confused by Kerstin’s behaviour and then gets angry when Kerstin decides to go over to Daily’s herself, but Kerstin promises to be back right away.

Raul and Juliette talk about the party at Foxy the night before. Raul tells Juliette that he saw her with “you know who”.

Juliette is shocked as she thinks that he is talking about Kerstin, and confused as he seems to take the situation in stride. Incredulously, she asks him again if it really isn’t a problem for him. Now it’s Raul’s turn to be confused, and he wants to know what Juliette is talking about.

Juliette tells him that she is in love with Kerstin.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 (3773)

Raul is confused, and Juliette repeats that she is in love with Kerstin. Raul still doesn’t understand, and wants to know how long Juliette has been in love with Kerstin. Now it’s Juliette’s turn again to be confused, as she thought that he already knew about her feelings.

Raul asks Juliette whether Kerstin knows about all that, but before Juliette can answer, Kerstin shows up at Daily’s and says that she does know about Juliette’s feelings for her. Raul asks her why she didn’t tell him, and much to Juliette’s dismay, Kerstin replies that it’s because she has told Juliette that she does not feel the same way about her.

Raul is relieved. Kerstin says that Juliette can handle the situation, and insistently looks at Juliette, who is devastated. Still, she manages to say that everything is alright, as Kerstin has told her that she only loves Raul. Then Juliette leaves the café. Out on the street, she stops for a moment, looking like she cannot believe what just happened. Then she goes away.

Raul is still flabbergasted by Juliette’s confession. Kerstin says that she wanted Juliette to tell Raul herself. Raul replies that he now understands what all the fighting was about, and that it must be difficult for them to work together under these circumstances. Kerstin, who is now looking devastated herself, agrees.

The next morning, Juliette is in the kitchen putting the final touch on some of her chocolates, but she cannot concentrate. Kerstin comes in and asks her how much longer it will take her. Juliette replies that she could ask Kerstin the same thing.

Kerstin takes Juliettes hand and thanks her for not telling Raul everything. Juliette is angry and hurt because she felt like an idiot. Apologetically, Kerstin says that that’s why she tried to talk with Juliette all day.

Juliette blames Kerstin for not seizing the opportunity to tell Raul about them, to tell him the truth for once. Kerstin says that she cannot do that, to which Juliette replies that Kerstin just does not want to do it. She tries to bring Kerstin to face the truth, which is that it was Kerstin who sought Juliette’s company, who came to the Foxy, and who kissed Juliette.

Kerstin tries to avoid the situation and wants to leave, but Juliette holds her back. She tells Kerstin that she loves her, and that Kerstin has to talk to Raul because they cannot go on like that. Then she goes back into the bakery.

On her way to Daily’s, Kerstin tries to come up with the right words to tell Raul that she has fallen in love with Juliette, but when she arrives, she cannot bring herself to do it.

Raul notices that something is wrong with Kerstin and is worried about her, but she blames it on an upset stomach. He asks whether everything is alright with Juliette and her, given the situation, but she says that everything is fine.

On her way back to the bakery, Kerstin wistfully looks at two women who are holding hands. Then she finds a note in her pocket in which Raul tells her how much he loves her.

Raul goes to his and Kerstin’s apartment to get a sweater. In the drawer, he finds a note from Juliette with lipstick on it. He throws it away, but then he realizes that it looks like the one that he found when he returned to the apartment a few weeks earlier, the one he assumed Kerstin had written for him.

Raul starts to think about various situations – how Juliette left the bedroom while still buttoning up her blouse, how Kerstin asked him whether he saw the woman Juliette made out with at the party, how Juliette told him that she loves Kerstin, and finally how he saw Juliette kissing another woman – and suddenly everything seems to make sense.

When Kerstin returns to the apartment, Raul is waiting for her. He shows her the note he found in the drawer and asks her whether the note he found when he returned to the apartment after their fight a few weeks earlier was from Juliette.

Kerstin again says that she did not want him to know about Juliette’s feelings for her, but he gets impatient and asks her whether she is into Juliette. Then he tells her outright that she was the woman who Juliette kissed at Foxy.

After a moment, Kerstin nods.

Thursday, March 11, 2010 (3774)

Raul is furious about Kerstin’s confession. Kerstin tries to tell him that what happened doesn’t have anything to do with their relationship, but Raul doesn’t believe her.

He asks about the day when he came to the apartment and Juliette was buttoning up her blouse. Kerstin tries to dodge the question by saying that she didn’t want it to happen, but Raul tells her outright that she slept with Juliette, and she doesn’t deny it. He asks her what is going on with her and Juliette, but Kerstin doesn’t answer.

Kerstin says that she tried to fight her feelings for Juliette, but Raul doesn’t want to hear that. He asks her whether it turned Kerstin on to do it with a woman, but Kerstin tells him that it wasn’t about sex, that it’s more.

Raul realizes what Kerstin is telling him – that she has fallen in love with Juliette. Kerstin says that she doesn’t know what it is she is feeling, that the one thing she knows for sure is that she doesn’t want to lose him. But Raul is already on his way out.

The next morning, Raul meets Juliette on the street. In a hostile tone, he asks her whether she is happy now. She tries to tell him that she didn’t want to get between them, that she just fell in love with Kerstin.

Raul says that he and Kerstin were in love until Juliette came with her chocolates and ruined everything. He slaps the tray with chocolates she is carrying out of her hand and tells her that he doesn’t want to see her anymore.

At Daily’s, Raul tells Carlos about Kerstin and Juliette. Carlos tries to calm him down by saying that it might just be something temporary, but Raul is too angry and hurt that Kerstin cheated on him, and with a women.

Carlos tells Raul that he needs to fight for Kerstin. They don’t notice that a woman who is sitting nearby is overhearing their conversation.

Meanwhile, Juliette is trying to comfort Kerstin. She asks her whether Kerstin regrets telling Raul the truth. Kerstin answers that she doesn’t, because she couldn’t have taken it any longer.

Kerstin notices that there is only one piece of chocolate left on Juliette’s tray and asks what happened. Juliette tells her that Raul apparently wasn’t in the mood for chocolate. Kerstin is worried that Raul did something to Juliette, but Juliette assures her that she is fine. More to herself than to Juliette, Kerstin says how terrible Raul must feel now, because they used to be so happy.

Juliette takes Kerstin’s hand. She tells her that it is always hard when a relationship fails, and that Kerstin needs to give it more time before she and Raul can talk about it.

Kerstin looks at her, then looks at the tray and states that Juliette now has to make the chocolates all over again. Juliette points out that there is still one left. She takes it and gives it to Kerstin, saying that it is an “amour fou” (which means as much as “crazy love”). Kerstin smiles, takes the chocolate and bites off half of it, then returns the other half to Juliette, who smiles back at her.

In the evening, Kerstin is lying in her bed and thinks about herself with Raul, and also about herself with Juliette. When she hears that the door is being opened, she quickly dries her tears.

Raul comes in. He wants to talk. He apologizes for the fight they had the day before, and she apologizes for what happened. She says that she knows that she hurt him, and that she didn’t want that to happen.

He sits down next to her and tells her that he doesn’t want to lose her. She replies that she doesn’t want to lose him, either, and asks him whether he can forgive her. Instead of answering, Raul tells Kerstin that he loves her, and that everything is going to be alright.

Then he demands that Kerstin never sees Juliette again.

Friday, March 12, 2010 (3775)

Raul cannot understand why Kerstin is hesitating to agree to his demand to not see Juliette again. Kerstin explains to him that she needs more time. He wants to know how long – two weeks? Two months?

Kerstin tells him that she can’t just stop having these feelings for Juliette. Raul grabs a bag, hands it to Kerstin and tells her that, in that case, she better moves out. Kerstin can’t believe that Raul is kicking her out, but he says that she can probably stay with Juliette – in her bed.

Raul is sitting at the kitchen table while Kerstin is packing. After she is finished, Raul asks her to turn off the light when she leaves. Kerstin looks at him sad and hurt, but does what he asks her to do. After she is gone, Raul lays his head on the table and starts to cry.

When Heidi arrives at “Back Dat” the next morning, the door to the bakery is still locked. Heidi knocks until Raul opens the door from the inside. Heidi is surprised and asks for Kerstin, but Raul just mumbles something and leaves. On the street, he meets Kerstin, but he passes her without saying a word.

Heidi wants to know what’s going on, but Kerstin doesn’t say anything. Juliette arrives at the bakery. Kerstin tells her that Raul kicked her out.

Juliette takes a CD out of her purse and offers it to Kerstin. She says that she listens to it when she is sad. Kerstin is annoyed and asks her whether she thinks that she only needs to listen to some music and everything will be fine again. Juliette tries to comfort her, but Kerstin angrily blames her for ruining her relationship and storms off. Juliette’s sad eyes follow her.

At Daily’s, Raul is taking his anger out on the guests until Carlos calls him out on it. Raul promises to behave. The woman who overheard his and Carlos’ conversation the day before is back and tries to start a conversation with Raul. He brushes her off, but then she says something in Spanish and suddenly has his attention.

At the bakery, Heidi offers Kerstin to stay with her instead of the pension, but Kerstin declines the offer. Then Heidi tries to convince Kerstin to go out for a drink so they can talk. Kerstin thanks her for being a great friend, but tells her that she cannot help her at the moment.

After Heidi has left, Kerstin longingly looks at a picture of Juliette for a while, then she takes her coat and her purse and leaves the bakery.

Meanwhile, Raul is making out with the woman from the café.

The next morning, Kerstin comes to the apartment to get some clothes. Raul is still sleeping. She sits down beside him for a moment and kisses his shoulder, then she takes her clothes.

She is about to leave again when the bathroom door opens and the woman from the café stands in front of Kerstin, wearing nothing but a towel.

Videos of Kerstin & Juliette scenes are available on the YT channels of Keriette (English subtitles available).

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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  1. Thank you. Always grateful for the English translations. I don’t know how you find the time to this, but this is hard work and Das Erste should be paying you!

    Juliette and Kerstin are starting to grow on me. It helps that they’re both very attractive, especially Juliette. I’m still not loving their storyline, though. It’s been done before and I’m sort of tired of it. And that’s why I just end up staring at these two lovely women whenever I watch their clips. I sometimes don’t bother to understand what’s happening, I just look at these very pretty ladies. Good thing you write the recaps. Happy Easter to you. 🙂

  2. “…And that’s why I just end up staring at these two lovely women whenever I watch their clips. I sometimes don’t bother to understand what’s happening, I just look at these very pretty ladies. …”

    Seriously, there are times when I would love to just do that, too… 😉

    • Go ahead, indulge yourself. 😉 It’s a soap full of tired lesbian cliches, I’d enjoy it the best way possible- just ogle the beautiful women. The same way I, uh, appreciated Carla and Stella. To be fair to Carla, I found her storylines much more substantial than those of Juliette’s or Kerstin’s.

      • Carla von Lahnstein touched my heart like now-one else before her. and reason is Claudia Hiersche.
        Her Storylines with Hanna and Susanne are good. Stella and are both lesbian, but the author have don´t enough interessed in. There was a lot of potential…. but i like the Happy End for Carla.
        That´s what i can say ever and ever….+++rotwerde+++

        If i read die Spoiler´s of Keriette and Chrolli I can´t belive it. Have we the frist of April…..They are soooooooo bad.

        I can say, Claudia Hiersche had it make right, she have gave her amazing figure Carla an good end and leave forbidden love.