Marienhof Recap: Better Than Chocolate

Kerstin’s decision for Raul and against Juliette puts a strain on her friendship with Juliette. When the situation escalates into a bitter argument, Kerstin cannot restrain her feelings anymore…

(From Feb. 15 to Feb. 26, a lot of episodes were pre-empted because of live coverage of the Winter Olympics)

Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2010 (3761)

Kerstin says that she is not in love with Juliette, but Juliette won’t let go so easily. She asks Kerstin why she sat by her side while Juliette was sleeping the night before, and why she kissed her. After a brief moment of silence, Juliette asks Kerstin whether she is afraid of being a lesbian.

Kerstin vehemently denies that she is a lesbian. Juliette looks hurt by Kerstin’s hefty reaction, and says that Kerstin makes it sound like a disease. Kerstin is sorry, but repeats that she is not a lesbian. Juliette has had enough and asks Kerstin to leave so she can take her time and think about her feelings.

The next morning at the bakery, Kerstin is making every effort to prove to Juliette (and possibly herself) that she is in love with Raul by being overly affectionate with him. Of course, Juliette is peeved, and says that it looks too good to be true.

Later, Kerstin makes a sarcastic remark about Juliette’s chocolates to a customer who intended to buy some. Juliette is angry about the way Kerstin is treating “her” customers, to which Kerstin replies that she is still the one who owns the bakery. Then both of them storm out in different directions, leaving a confused looking Heidi behind.

Kerstin and Juliette’s fight continues outside the bakery. Kerstin lists everything that bothers her about Juliette, for example, that she is messy and always late. Angrily, Juliette asks whether it is also bothering Kerstin that her chocolates brought new customers to the bakery.

Juliette calms down a little, and tells Kerstin that she fell in love with her because Kerstin used to be so cheerful and uncomplicated and loveable, or at least that’s what she thought, but she might have been wrong about that. She turns around and goes back into the store. Kerstin’s eyes follow her with a sad look.

Raul, who witnessed the fight from the other side of the street, comes over and asks whether everything is alright. Kerstin tells him that it is fine, then says that she has to take care of some customers and follows Juliette back into the store.

In the evening, Kerstin and Raul are enjoying a romantic dinner. They start to kiss, but Kerstin gets distracted by a song on the radio – the song she listened to with Juliette the night before. She quickly changes the channel, then continues to make out with Raul. Meanwhile, Juliette is alone in Carlos’ apartment and suffering from a broken heart.

Kerstin and Raul are in bed and apparently having a good time, until Raul starts to sing THE song and reminds Kerstin of Juliette. Raul notices the change in Kerstin’s behavior, and asks her whether she wants to talk about something. Kerstin looks at him and says yes.

Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010 (3762)

Raul encourages Kerstin to tell him what’s up with her. Finally, she tells him that she has a problem with Juliette. She explains to him that she has never met someone like Juliette before, and that Juliette is driving her crazy.

Then, all of a sudden, her tone changes and she says that it is because Juliette is unreliable, never on time and talking too much. Raul is trying to comfort Kerstin, and suggests that Kerstin should just talk to Juliette about what is bothering her. Kerstin agrees.

The next morning, while Raul is still sleeping, Kerstin is lying in bed wide awake, thinking of Juliette and everything that has happened so far. Eventually, she gets up to take a walk. On the street, she meets Lisa, who notices that something is wrong with Kerstin.

Kerstin confesses to Lisa that the person who she has fallen in love with is a woman. She tells Lisa that she is confused because she still loves Raul, and she doesn’t want to lie to him, but that she is afraid of his reaction if she tells him.

Lisa, who is a physician, tries to calm her down by explaining that everybody tends to be attracted to people of the same gender, it’s just that most people don’t know that. She suggests that Kerstin should figure out whether what she is feeling is just a physical attraction or more before telling Raul about it. She tells Kerstin that it would be good for her to take one step back.

At “Back Dat”, Heidi notices that Kerstin cannot stop looking at Juliette, and suggests that Kerstin stops because she is making Juliette nervous. Juliette replies that Kerstin can look at her anytime. Heidi asks why, if that is the case, Juliette was so distracted that she confused chili for cinnamon earlier. Juliette snaps at Heidi, and Heidi decides that she has had enough. She gets her coat and suggests that the two of them should talk, then she leaves the shop.

Kerstin blames Juliette for drawing Heidi into their fighting. She is scared that sooner or later Raul will become suspicious, too. Juliette replies that Kerstin is only using Raul as an excuse so she doesn’t have to face the truth. Kerstin says that it might be better if they stopped working together for a while, and suggests that Juliette should take a few days off. Juliette gets even angrier and says that Kerstin is trying to take the easy way out. They get interrupted by customers who come into the bakery.

Juliette is in the kitchen that links the bakery with the apartment and is taking care of her chocolates when Kerstin comes in. She gets out a calendar and wants to plan Juliette’s time off, but Juliette tells her that she is not going to take time off. She says that it is Kerstin who has a problem, not her, and that Kerstin cannot distinguish business from private affairs.

Kerstin argues that it would be good for both of them, but Juliette snaps at her and asks her if she thinks that Juliette is just her employee. She worries that maybe Kerstin is just playing with her and once she is finished will kick her out.

Kerstin is irritated by Juliette’s outburst, but Juliette is not finished yet. She yells at Kerstin that she is not her toy. Kerstin, now angry as well, yells back at Juliette that she is not a lesbian like Juliette. Juliette looks shocked.

Monday, Feb. 22, 2010 (3763)

Kerstin realizes that her words hurt Juliette, and she hurries over to her to apologize. Juliette says that normally, lesbian isn’t a swear word. Kerstin says that she didn’t want to insult Juliette or hurt her feelings and embraces her. When she lets go of Juliette again, she says that it is all becoming too much for her, that she was happy with Raul until Juliette came along.

Juliette caresses Kerstin’s cheek, and Kerstin enjoys her touch. They look at each other, and silently, Kerstin says that she is not into women. Juliette smiles at her. Then she kisses Kerstin.

Raul is at the Daily’s, his and Carlos’ café. He is trying to call Kerstin, but Kerstin is too busy making out with Juliette to answer the phone. Eventually, Juliette takes Kerstin’s hand and starts to walk in the direction of the bedroom. Kerstin follows her.

Meanwhile, Heidi arrives at Daily’s and tells Raul that Kerstin and Juliette are fighting again. While Heidi and Raul are wondering why Kerstin and Juliette don’t seem to get along, the two women have made it to the bed and in fact are getting along just fine…

While Kerstin and Juliette are still in bed together, making love, Raul has decided to surprise Kerstin by inviting her to dinner that night, so he bought flowers and is on the way to the apartment. Luckily for Kerstin and Juliette, he meets his brother Carlos, who tells him about the exhibition he just came back from.

At the apartment, Kerstin and Juliette are getting dressed. Juliette wants to know how Kerstin is feeling. Kerstin says that it was indescribable. That’s when they hear Raul, who is in the bakery and calls for them. Kerstin rushes to the kitchen, but Raul is already entering the apartment through the kitchen while Juliette is still buttoning up her blouse.

Raul is wondering why none of them is keeping an eye on the shop, but Juliette quickly explains to him that Kerstin had to lend her a blouse because she spilled something on hers. Then she gathers the rest of her clothes and goes into the bathroom.

Raul hands Kerstin the flowers, and asks her to go out to dinner with him later. She agrees, and he leaves again. Juliette returns to the kitchen, still trying to straighten her hair. Kerstin is worried that Raul almost caught them, but Juliette tells her that everything is fine, kisses her and then leaves the kitchen in the direction of the bakery.

At the bakery, Kerstin and Juliette both still revel in the memory of their love-making. Kerstin says that it was so good, almost too good. Juliette replies that there is no such thing as “too good”. She tells Kerstin that she loves her, and asks her to give them a chance.

Kerstin is torn. She tells Juliette that she has feelings for her, too, but that she still loves Raul, and that she is going on a date with him that night even though she will think of Juliette and their afternoon together all of the time.

Juliette notices Kerstin’s inner conflict and suggests that it might be a good idea if she in fact took a few days off so Kerstin can take her time and think about everything. Kerstin doesn’t want Juliette to leave, but Juliette assures her that she will come back. She gets her coat and her purse, kisses Kerstin on the cheek and sets off, but Kerstin holds her back and kisses her. Slowly, they let go of each other, and Juliette leaves the bakery.

February 24 – March 5, 2010 (3764 – 3770)

No Kerstin & Juliette scenes.

Juliette helps Carlos, who realizes that he has fallen in love with Heidi and needs Juliette’s advice on what to do, whereas Kerstin reasons with Heidi, who has a hard time believing that Carlos is serious.

Videos of Kerstin & Juliette scenes are available on the YT channels of Keriette (English subtitles available).

Pictures: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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