Marienhof Recap: A Kiss Is Still A Kiss

After a fight with Kerstin, Raul moves out. Juliette is there to comfort Kerstin, and slowly but surely their relationship starts to become more than friendship…

Monday, February 8, 2010 (3757)

Juliette is at Kerstin and Raul’s apartment and unpacking her suitcase when Raul storms in, followed by Kerstin. Raul gets a bag and starts to pack. Kerstin tries to calm him down, but he does not listen. Juliette tries to mediate and take the blame, but he just grabs his bag and leaves.

After he is gone, Juliette suggests that it might be better if she took a hotel room, but now it is Kerstin’s turn to be angry and stubborn and she dismisses Juliette’s offer, saying that if Raul thinks that he has to move in with Carlos, then be it.

The next morning, Juliette prepares breakfast for Kerstin, and also makes sure to put some chocolates on her plate. Juliette is concerned about Kerstin and suggests that she should talk to Raul, but Kerstin is still stubborn and says that she will not run after him. She is convinced that Raul is going to calm himself soon. When she notices Juliette’s concern, Kerstin smiles at her reassuringly.

At the bakery, Kerstin and Heidi talk about Kerstin’s fight with Raul. Heidi reminds Kerstin that the she is not completely innocent when it comes to the fight, as it was her who let Raul wait at the restaurant and invited Juliette to stay with them without asking him first.

When the phone rings, Kerstin looks full of hope and goes to pick it up, but it is Juliette, who calls to say that she is in her apartment to pick up the rest of her stuff. She asks whether she can borrow a bag from Kerstin. Just when Kerstin is about to answer, she has to think of the “finger-incident” again. Quickly, she tells Juliette that she is in a hurry because she has to talk to Raul. Then she hangs up, grabs her coat and leaves the shop.

Kerstin goes to see Raul at Carlos’ apartment. She wants to talk to him, but he seems to be more interested in preparing the TV for a soccer game that he and Carlos want to watch later. Kerstin asks Raul when he is going to move back in, and he replies that he does not know. He offers to come and see her after the game so they can talk, but she tells him that it does not matter and storms out.

At the apartment, Kerstin is scrubbing the floor. While taking all her anger out on the floor, she complains to Juliette that Raul seems to be more interested in soccer than in her. Juliette tries to be sympathetic, but Kerstin is fed up with the situation and starts to cry.

Juliette goes over to her, kneels down beside her and takes Kerstin in her arms to comfort her. Sadly, Kerstin states that she and Raul just do not get along very well at the moment, but Juliette tries to cheer her up by saying that sometimes, it needs a thunderstorm to clear the air.

Later, Kerstin and Juliette sit down together on the couch. Juliette says that she will never understand that some men just don’t get how great their women are. She tells Kerstin that she is not only beautiful, but also smart and caring. Carefully, she lays her hand on Kerstin’s and adds that Raul actually doesn’t deserve to have Kerstin. She affectionately looks at Kerstin.

Kerstin tells Juliette that it is great that Juliette is there for her. Juliette slowly removes her hand, and jokingly states that professional comforter is her side job. Kerstin smiles, then says that Juliette is exceptional. With a smile, Juliette replies that Kerstin is exceptionally cute. She lifts her hand and lets her fingers run through Kerstin’s hair, then calls Kerstin “Ma belle de jour” (“My beauty of the day”) and leans over to kiss her.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 (3758)

Kerstin realizes that Juliette is about to kiss her and, at the last moment, turns her head. After a moment of awkward silence, Kerstin thanks Juliette for comforting her. Then she flees from the couch, pretending that she has to finish scrubbing the floor. Juliette stays on the couch, looking disappointed and embarrassed. Then she says that there is something that she needs to take care of and rushes out of the living room.

The next morning, Kerstin goes to see Raul and asks him to come home. He wants to know why, but she does not have a very good explanation. She says that after all, he is her boyfriend and paying half of the rent.

Raul asks her whether that is the only reason she wants him to come home, but Kerstin does not understand what he means. He gets angry, and tells her that he thought that they are lovers and not roommates. He asks her to finally tell him what’s going on with her, but when she says that everything is alright, he turns around and leaves the apartment, slamming the door shut behind him.

When Kerstin returns to the apartment, Juliette is in the shower, and some of her clothes are scattered across the floor. Kerstin slowly picks up Juliette’s blouse and holds it close to her, like she is about to smell at it.

Juliette comes into the living room, only wearing a towel. Kerstin tells her that Raul will not come home that night, and asks Juliette whether they can talk, but Juliette replies that everything has been said already. She gets some clothes from her suitcase, and adds that she understands and that she will be gone the next morning. Then she returns to the bathroom, leaving a puzzled looking Kerstin behind.

When Juliette returns to the living room, now wearing a Kimono, Kerstin blames her for taking the easy way out. She tells Juliette that she wanted to help her by offering her a place to stay, and now her relationship is in trouble, she is confused, and now Juliette wants to leave.

Juliette tries to explain to her that she cannot stay and that it is for the best. She turns away, but Kerstin holds her back. Juliette looks at her pleadingly and asks Kerstin to let her go, but Kerstin replies “Please don’t leave”. She gently draws Juliette towards her, and they finally kiss.

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2010 (3759)

Kerstin and Juliette kiss. When Juliette starts to cover her neck with kisses as well, Kerstin breaks away from the embrace. Juliette apologizes, but Kerstin tells her that she doesn’t know what is going on with her. Juliette replies that she understands.

Later, Juliette assures Kerstin that she would never try to make Kerstin do something that Kerstin does not want. Kerstin replies that it would be much easier if she only knew what she wanted. Juliette takes Kerstin’s hand and tells her that being close to Kerstin is more than enough for her.

Kerstin admits that she enjoys being with Juliette as well, and that the kiss felt new and exciting. Juliette looks lovestruck, but then Kerstin says that she loves Raul and still doesn’t want to lose Juliette. She asks Juliette whether they can be friends, and reluctantly, Juliette agrees.

At night, Juliette and Kerstin both lie awake, Juliette on the couch and Kerstin in her bed.

The next morning, Kerstin meets Raul on the street in front of the bakery. She tells him that she misses him. He acts dismissively and wants to move on, but Kerstin holds him back and asks him to move back in. He eventually agrees, and suggests that Juliette could move in with Carlos instead. Kerstin tells Raul again how much she missed him, and they hug and kiss. Juliette, who was watching them from inside the bakery, suddenly looks very sad.

At the bakery, Kerstin tells Juliette that Raul is moving back in and suggests to Juliette that she could stay at Carlos’ apartment. Juliette is visibly sad, but stays very composed and tells Kerstin that all she wants is for Kerstin to be happy. Kerstin assures her that she meant it when she told Juliette that she wants to stay friends, and Juliette replies that she knows that.

When Heidi learns that Juliette is moving in with Carlos, she suggests that to wrap Kerstin & Juliette’s brief living community up, they should celebrate an orgy. Both Kerstin and Juliette look like they have just been caught in the act, but it turns out that Heidi was talking about girls’ night. Heidi is so excited about her idea that Kerstin and Juliette reluctantly agree.

At Kerstin and Raul’s apartment, Heidi gets a call. After hanging up, she explains to Kerstin and Juliette that her friend Sülo has hurt his back again and that she has to babysit his son. When Heidi notices that Kerstin and Juliette both look worried, she thinks that it is because of Sülo and tries to reassure them that it might not be that bad.

While Heidi is gathering her things, Kerstin and Juliette sit in silence and eat potato chips. Heidi says that she is sorry that she has to leave so soon, because they did not even have the chance to talk about the exciting things – like sex, love and passion. That is when Juliette suddenly chokes on one of her potato chips.

After Heidi is gone, Kerstin and Juliette avoid looking at each other, and instead talk about the music. Finally, Kerstin says that she hopes that Juliette can cope with her decision to stay with Raul. Juliette replies that she of course would have preferred a different decision.

Kerstin again tells Juliette that she is glad that they will remain friends, and not very convincingly Juliette agrees. Then she adds that everything will be easier once she has moved out. Kerstin, who looks like she is not feeling well, suddenly gets up and rushes to the bathroom. Juliette lies down on the sofa and listens to the music while she is obviously close to tears.

Kerstin leaves the bathroom and apologizes for leaving Juliette alone for so long. She turns the music back on and then realizes that Juliette has fallen asleep on the couch. Slowly, Kerstin goes over to the couch and kneels down beside Juliette. She starts to caress Juliette’s hair and face, then leans forward to kiss her.

Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010 (3760)

Slowly and softly, Kerstin kisses Juliette, who starts to smile in her sleep. Kerstin sits back and smiles as well. When Juliette briefly wakes up, she notices Kerstin beside her. Kerstin tells her to go back to sleep. Still half asleep, Juliette takes Kerstin’s hand and asks Kerstin not to go away. Then she falls asleep again.

Carefully, Kerstin removes her hand from Juliette’s, then gets her coat and, with a last look at the sleeping Juliette, leaves the apartment. Juliette wakes up again and realizes that Kerstin is gone.

Outside, Kerstin is sitting on a bench, deep in thought. That’s where Lisa, her sister-in-law, finds her. Lisa wants to know what is going on with Kerstin, and Kerstin finally confesses to her that she has fallen in love with someone, that she is confused because she also still loves Raul, and that she doesn’t know what to do.

Lisa tells Kerstin that chances are that it is all just a fantasy, and even though it might feel wonderful at the moment, Kerstin shouldn’t act on it because she and Raul belong together.

The next morning, Juliette is at the apartment and packs her things. When Kerstin comes in, Juliette asks her whether Kerstin actually did kiss her the night before while she was sleeping, or whether it was all just a dream. Kerstin replies that Juliette must have dreamt that. Juliette looks disappointed and sad.

Kerstin goes to help Heidi at the bakery, and Juliette finishes packing. Before she leaves, she puts on some lipstick and places a kiss on a post-it note which she sticks to a MP3 player that is lying on the kitchen table.

At the bakery, Kerstin and Juliette don’t know how to act around each other and take turns in looking at each other longingly.

When Raul returns to the apartment, he finds Juliette’s note and of course thinks that it is for him from Kerstin. He goes to thank Kerstin for the note, who of course doesn’t know what he is talking about, but manages to not show her confusion. Raul kisses her. Of course, that’s when Juliette comes in. She sees the note in Raul’s hand and realizes that Raul thought it was for him. Deeply hurt, she makes a snarky remark and leaves them alone again.

Later, Kerstin goes to see Juliette at Carlos’ apartment. She blames Juliette for leaving the note, and on Raul’s MP3 player, of all places. Juliette says that she didn’t know that it is Raul’s, and tries to calm Kerstin down because nothing actually happened. But Kerstin won’t listen to her. Angrily, she asks whether Juliette wants to destroy her relationship.

Juliette tells her that all she wants is for Kerstin to be happy. Kerstin is about to storm out again, but Juliette holds her back by asking Kerstin to admit that she has fallen in love with her.

Friday, Feb. 12, 2010

No new episode due to live coverage of the Winter Olympics.

Videos of Kerstin & Juliette scenes are available on the YT channel of Keriette (English subtitles available). The song Kerstin and Juliette listen to at the apartment is “Ich kenne nichts (das so schön ist wie du)” (which means “I don’t know anything that is as beautiful as you are”) by German singer Xavier Naidoo. The official video can be found here.

Source: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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