Marienhof Recap: A Freudian Slip

After a rocky start, Kerstin and Juliette begin to get along much better. But when Juliette first makes a move on her and then flirts with Raul, Kerstin is confused both by Juliette’s behaviour as well as her own reaction. Suddenly, she does not know anymore who she is more jealous of – Juliette, or Raul?

Friday, January 29, 2010 (3752)

One day at the bakery, Kerstin invites Juliette over for dinner. Unfortunately, she does not tell Raul about it, who is looking forward to a romantic evening with Kerstin. When Kerstin and Juliette enter the apartment, Raul is waiting for Kerstin – totally naked.

During dinner, Kerstin and Juliette have a good time while Raul (who is of course fully clothed now) feels like a fifth wheel. He decides to flee to his brother Carlos to watch soccer with him. When he leaves, the girls barely take notice.

The next morning, Raul wakes up on the couch with a hangover when he suddenly realizes that Kerstin and Juliette are watching him. Kerstin explains to Raul that Juliette stayed overnight because they too had a little too much to drink.

When Raul wonders why Juliette did not stay on the couch, Kerstin says that they were too tired to make the bed on the couch, and that they thought that he would stay overnight at Carlos’ place. Raul is irritated that Kerstin and Juliette suddenly seem to get along so well, and in an undertone of peevishness, he asks Kerstin to let him know beforehand if Juliette is going to move in with them.

Later, Kerstin and Juliette are in the kitchen where Juliette teaches Kerstin how to make chocolates. Juliette prepares a very special filling, and after having tried it, Kerstin states that it is better than sex. With her finger, she dips into the filling again, but before she can lick it, Juliette asks “May I?”, then takes Kerstin’s finger. Very slowly, she puts Kerstin’s finger into her mouth and licks off the chocolate. When she is done, she says that it is almost better than sex. Kerstin is dumbfounded. She quickly withdraws her hand and just stares at Juliette.

Monday, February 1, 2010 (3753)

Kerstin is still confused by what Juliette did and cannot look at her, even when Juliette tries to talk to her. When Juliette asks whether Kerstin felt uncomfortable with what happened, Kerstin says no, but it does not sound very convincing. Juliette finally gives up and decides to go and help Heidi at the bakery.

Later, Kerstin, Juliette and Heidi are at the bakery. Kerstin still seems distracted. When Juliette leaves the shop to look after the chocolates they made, Heidi asks Kerstin what is going on. Kerstin is reluctant to tell her at first, but then explains to Heidi how Juliette licked her finger. She admits that it did not feel yucky, but rather erotic.

Heidi suggests to put together a list of pros and cons to figure out whether Juliette is a lesbian or maybe bisexual and made a move on Kerstin. When Juliette returns and wants to know what they are talking about, Heidi quickly makes up a story about her neighbour, but it is obvious that Juliette does not believe her and suspects what they were talking about.

In the evening, Raul comes to the bakery to pick his girlfriend up. Juliette immediately starts to flirt with him, and when he jokingly wonders whether the chocolates that Kerstin made are actually good, Juliette takes one, goes over to him and feeds it to him. In doing so, she gently strokes his mouth.

While Kerstin looks confused and a little annoyed, Raul is almost ecstatic and praises the chocolate as exciting and luscious, to which Juliette replies that they are just like Kerstin. When Juliette leaves the shop, Kerstin and Heidi both note that THAT did not look one bit lesbian. Raul asks whether Kerstin is jealous, but she does not answer.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 (3754)

The next morning, Raul comes to the bakery. When Kerstin sees him talking with Juliette, she gets jealous and mad and tells him that it was not okay how he let Juliette feed him that chocolate. Raul tries to calm her down, but fails so he gives up and leaves the shop.

Later, Juliette tries to speak with Kerstin, but Kerstin plays down the issue, even though she is obviously rattled. When Kerstin goes to get a piece of pastry for a customer, she trips. Juliette catches her to stop her from falling, and clutches Kerstin’s waist. They look at each other, and suddenly there is so much more than friendship.

Still confused, Kerstin calls Raul to tell him that she intends to cook for him that night. She tells him that she loves him, and he assures her that there is nothing going on between him and Juliette. Afterwards, Kerstin has to think of what happened the day before with Juliette and Raul, and how Juliette licked the chocolate off her finger.

Meanwhile, Juliette is at the shop and is thinking of Kerstin and the “finger-incident” as well. To calm herself, she reverts to what she knows best – decorating her chocolates.

At the apartment, Kerstin lights candles and serves wine and a delicious meal. Just when she and Raul are about to get even more romantic, somebody is ringing the doorbell. Who else could it be than Juliette? Kerstin is about to send her away, but Raul invites her in to have dinner with them. Kerstin is not pleased and creates a scene, saying that she is annoyed that Juliette always seems to cling to Raul and that she would like to be alone with him.

After Juliette has excused herself and left, Raul demands an explanation from Kerstin. She tries to explain that she wanted to have a romantice dinner with Raul, and again blames him for the “chocolate-incident”. Raul is getting more and more confused, but Kerstin cannot get across to him what is really bothering her.

Thursday, February 4, 2010 (3755)

Raul is still trying to understand what is bothering Kerstin, but she keeps coming up with new explanations. Finally, she admits that she is jealous, but says that she is jealous of Raul. Raul notices her odd choice of words. When he says that he assumed that Kerstin was jealous of Juliette because of him, Kerstin quickly corrects herself. (Damn you, Dr. Freud and your Freudian slip!)

Raul states that Kerstin seems to be rattled most of the time lately, and asks her to please get a grip on herself.

The next morning at “Back Dat”, Kerstin cannot help staring at Juliette. She is so deep in thought that she gets startled by a customer, but instead of attending to him, she rushes out, leaving it to Heidi to take care of the customer. When Heidi asks Juliette what is going on with Kerstin, Juliette pretends to be clueless.

Kerstin eventually returns to the shop, and it is Juliette’s time to go into the kitchen in the back of the shop. Heidi asks Kerstin what is going on, but of course does not get an answer. When Juliette returns, Heidi motions to Kerstin to talk to her, and then leaves them alone.

But it is Juliette who begins to talk. She says that Kerstin is cute when she is jelaous, but that there is no need to be jealous because she, Juliette, is not interested in Kerstin’s boyfriend. As a peace offering, she hands Kerstin the chocolate she decorated the night before when she could not stop thinking of Kerstin.

Kerstin visits Raul at Daily’s, the café he owns with his brother Carlos. Kerstin apologizes to Raul and promises to make it up to him. She suggests that they should spend the afternoon together, just the two of them. Raul agrees.

At the apartment, Kerstin greets Raul wearing nothing but a negligée. She kisses him and moves him over to the bed, which she decorated with rose petals. But when he starts to kiss and caress her, she suddenly has to think of Juliette and the finger-licking incident and asks Raul to stop.

Friday, February 5, 2010 (3756)

Raul is angry because Kerstin cannot explain why she suddenly does not want to sleep with him anymore.

The next day, Kerstin calls him to apologize and asks whether they can talk about everything in the evening. Raul suggests to go out to dinner together, and Kerstin agrees. Raul decides to buy flowers for Kerstin. On the way from the flower shop back to his café, he meets Juliette, who is obviously upset about something. She tells him that her landlord just kicked her out of her apartment and that she does not have a place to stay for the night. Raul does not have a solution (of course he is NOT offering his couch), but promises to keep his ears open.

Juliette shows up at the bakery with her belongings, which fit in one suitcase and one beauty case, and tells Kerstin what happened. She asks whether she can leave her suitcases at the bakery, and Kerstin offers to bring them to the apartment. Both reach for the suitcase, and their fingers touch for a moment. Eventually, Juliette leaves the shop to look for a place to stay, and a confused Kerstin stays behind with her luggage.

In the evening, Kerstin is late for her date with Raul. When she finally arrives at the restaurant, she confesses that she offered Juliette a place to stay – at their apartment. (Wait, isn’t that what Raul wanted to be informed about beforehand?) Of course, Raul gets mad and decides that enough is enough and that he will move in with his brother Carlos for a while. Then he storms out.

Videos of Kerstin & Juliette scenes are available on the YT channel of Keriette (English subtitles available).

Pictures: Das Erste / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.

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  1. Thank you for all the good stuff you constantly share with us. I truly appreciate it. 🙂

    Please allow me to indulge a bit. I miss Carla and Stella. Deeply. Terribly. I’m trying to enjoy Juliette and Kerstin’s story but I keep seeing Carla and Stella in their shoes. Kinda weird, isn’t it? Sigh. I know I should give Juliette and Kerstin a chance, and that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m still warming up to these new lovely ladies. It’ll probably take a little more time because I don’t gravitate easily to either of the two. Not unlike when I first saw Carla on VL or Bette on TLW or Nikki on Bad Girls. I guess I need a little more time, and something to relate on. So, please do continue updating us. And can you please tell me what Marienhof is? Google won’t translate it. Thanks again.

  2. Marienhof is the name of the (fictitious) disctrict in the German city of Cologne where the story takes place. So no wonder Google can’t translate it, as it doesn’t really exist. 🙂

    I agree with what you write about needing something to relate to in a character in order to warm up to them. When I look back at all the TV couples whose storylines I followed, there was always at least one character if not both that I liked a lot. For example, I had a huge crush on Dr. Kerstin Herzog on Hinter Gittern, that’s why I started to follow the Kerstin & Sascha storyline. There were lesbians on that show before, but I didn’t really care about them. Also, I thought that Nina Ryan, Carla’s predecessor as the resident lesbian on Verbotene Liebe, was very cute, so I continued watching even after her relationship with Erica failed and only stopped watching when her storyline got way too weird. (By the way, in case you didn’t know that: Nina is the daughter of Elisabeth, Carla’s stepmother.)

    As for Kerstin and Juliette, I’d say let’s wait and see. I was a little annoyed by Juliette at first, but it’s getting better, and I liked her a lot in the scenes with Carlos this and last week, I think that the two of them were very cute together (in a platonic, friendly way, of course ;)).

  3. Vielen dank! 🙂 Lazy me, I should’ve also tried Wiki.

    Corrections: I actually meant “unlike when I first saw Carla on VL …” And needing “something to relate to” because I can’t seem to find it yet in either Juliette or Kerstin. Maybe I will find it or maybe I won’t. I’ve gotten used to all the teasing, it’s a soap after all. It takes a lot for me to be drawn to a certain character, that’s why I don’t follow much gay stories on tv or the Internet. I’m giving Juliette and Kerstin a chance simply because (please don’t shoot me!) they’re Germans. 😛 I’m still wishing and hoping either of them could somehow duplicate Carla and Stella’s charms. But Juliette and Kerstin don’t even come close. I know they’re all different from each other and each one should be appreciated on her own. It’s what I look for, what I want and much more. I’m sticking to it. 😉

    I don’t know much about VL except for most of Carla’s storylines. I finally gave it a chance middle of last year when everyone seemed got caught up with her on AE that they started recapping the story leading up to her and Stella’s much anticipated roll on the hay. Yep, I started following Carla and Stella just when they were about to leave the show. I don’t regret not seeing Carla sooner, there’s always the Internet to catch up on things I missed. So, I crammed and tried to watch and read as much as I can. One look at Carla and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her. And I’m glad Stella is equally charming. I can’t decide yet which of Carla’s three major love stories I like the most, but I’m absolutely sure that I love Stella the most among Carla’s girlfriends. I think I was still hung up on Dr. Erica Hahn’s infamous departure from Grey’s Anatomy and Bette Porter was leaving LA for NY when I decided to check out VL. Great for me that I did. 🙂 I’m still mad at those jerks who left Brooke Smith out in the cold, though. I’m still waiting for the next Carla or Bette or Nikki on my tv. I just hope I don’t have to wait too long.

    • I tend to agree with you. I think one of the reasons I liked Starla so much aside from their chemistry was the fact that they were both lesbians, and pretty damn confident about it as well. And proud. Whatever issues that they were having, such as the Holding, you could rest assure it wasn’t going to involve interest in a man in a sexual way. Venice is the same way. Its a story about lesbians.
      I’ve started watching Marienhof and its enjoyable, but I don’t feel the same passion and interest for this couple that I do for Starla or Gina/ Ani. Having said that though, it is nice to see that Germans are much more relaxed about showing lesbians on TV than Americans are. We have quite a way to go, unfortunately.

      • I tend to agree with you. I think one of the reasons I liked Starla so much aside from their chemistry was the fact that they were both lesbians, and pretty damn confident about it as well

        there many critics from the viewers especielly from the fans of stella mann .the “forbidden love” chief-author bernadette feiler has not interessert that and starla offen look like good friends, instead a couple in love. the story has no rigth storyboard like canna/suca or kerstin and juliette and was offen tell to fast and to short. many fans are disappoint.

        yes the great point from stella and carla was that both woman are lesbians, but they has make more than carla become here happy and at the end of the story.why stella mann also leave “forbidden love”. for me the author have not see what chance there was. with stella mann was the chance after claudia hiersche wants to leave the show, to tell lesbian stories after carla.

  4. i like Kerstin and Juliette so much, the are so cute.and the main point!,both actressess has a good chemistry and the story is good..both actresses play in the same level. thats what for me makes a good story and a good couple! thats what a not see in other stories.
    (in the same way i like ohter stories, tv- couples and actress: bette and tina, billi and andrea (marienhof), nina and erika … ) i like to see this stories.

    carla von lahnstein for me is a speciel person, why claudia hiersche has play here. with here speciel humor, charm and here ability as an actress. she is the one and only for me.
    the story with hanna was written so warn and tender, it was here frist great love. i like to see so much and it was the beste beginning for claudia hiersche in vl.
    after hanna´s dead she meat susanne. both has for the first time a offiziell realationship with a woman. the marriage and become a child of love. it was a log- distance relationship. and the love each other atfter the of this realtionship. i like susanne most among carla. she has here opinion, goes here own way and was not easy charakter, like carla herself. this is what the realtionship stands for.
    and i like the actress claudia scarpatetti/susanne before i know claudia hiersche/carla, in here frist time, as she plays in “forbidden love” and in ” das amt”.
    carla von lahnstein, was a amazing role, in the tv- world, i like here history so much and i like the happy end that she become, but i am a fan of the actress claudia hiersche and so this i say, it´s time to fly away and play other roles. that for an actress stand´s for.

  5. Thank you again for giving me the last shove towards Juliette and Kerstin (after Calipso Sarah AND my great aunt suggested it,lol;-)
    After Monday and Tuesday’s eps,
    I think I’ll start a new online petition for more necking between women on TV..I can’t even make a funny comment about Juliette’s version of partywear..
    Yeah..where was I..
    Happy writing!