“Marbecca – Weil es Liebe ist…” (Web Series)

As an early Christmas gift for fans of new couple Marlene and Rebecca, the producers of German soap opera “Verbotene Liebe” have created a web series that focuses on the two women’s releationship and Marlene’s struggle with being open about her love for Rebecca in public. The five episodes of “Weil es Liebe ist…” (Because It’s Love…) were released from Dec. 17 to Dec. 21, 2012, on the show’s official YouTube channel.

For an official description of the web series, click here. Thank you very much to @Amidola for translating it as well as episodes 1 and 2!

Episode 1: “Sexy Girl” (Dec. 17, 2012)

Rebecca surprises Marlene with the suggestion to go out dancing. Marlene is reluctant at first, but Rebecca can convince her.

Marlene: Hello.
Rebecca: Hello.
Marlene (catches dress): What are you planning?
Rebecca: It’s Friday! We’re going out (dancing)!
Marlene: Where to?
Rebecca: We’re going to throw ourselves into the partynightlife! …Hey..Marlene..we’re happy,we’re in love!Let us celebrate!Let us enjoy life! And what’s more..this dress looks really good on you..it would be a shame if no one would see you in it.

Episode 2: “Versteckte Liebe” (“Hidden Love”, Dec. 18, 2012)

Rebecca and Marlene enjoy themselves on the dance floor, but when Rebecca tries to come closer, Marlene sidesteps her touch and flees to the bar. From there, she sees how Rebecca is talking with another woman and becomes jealous. Rebecca assures her that there’s only one woman she’s in love with. Can she convince Marlene to show this love publicly?

Marlene (subtitles): I’m getting us something to drink, ok?
Rebecca: Hey! You’re alive! I’ve been looking all over for you!
Marlene: I…didn’t mean to disturb.
Rebecca: Marlene, what are you talking about? We’re together. And I’d love to show the world. All you need to do is give me a sign.

Episode 3: “Weil es Liebe ist…” (“Because It’s Love…, Dec. 19, 2012)

Marlene can’t bring herself to kiss Rebecca in public. But when she and Rebecca dance together again, suddenly everything falls into place…

Episode 4: “Who I really am” (Dec. 20, 2012)

Marlene feels liberated and doesn’t seem to have a problem anymore with showing the world that she and Rebecca belong together.

Marlene: Let us go dancing again very soon.
Rebecca: I told you so!
Marlene: I know.
Rebecca: You didn’t want to.
Marlene: But now I do.
Rebecca: So?
Marlene: Every weekend, twice. … Rebecca, we’re going to walk.
Rebecca: Walk?
Marlene: We’re going to enjoy the night a little more.
Rebecca: Okay. …  Aren’t you worried that someone could see us?
Marlene: Uh-uh. (To Santa) Excuse me! Santa Claus! Could you take a few pictures of us? Cool. (Explains the camera to him) You just need to… wait. You just need to press this, it should work. …(To Rebecca, who took the Santa cap) Hey, that’s my cap!
Rebecca: No, mine!
Marlene: You’re mean! (To Santa) Thank you.
Rebecca: Here’s your cap back.
Both: Thank you! Bye!
Marlene: Merry Christmas!
Rebecca: What are you doing?
Marlene: Showing to the whole world that we belong together.

Episode 5: “We are” (Dec. 21, 2012)

The next morning…

Marlene’s notes: Good morning. Follow the trail… I… Love… You!
Rebecca: Good morning.
Marlene: Good morning.
Rebecca: Are you awake?
Marlene: I couldn’t sleep anymore. … Come. … By the way, I thought about what we could do tonight.
Rebecca: Looks like someone has grown to like it.
Marlene: Do you mind?
Rebecca: No.
Marlene: I love you.
Rebecca: I know.


Official description:

Rebecca and Marlene are in love – and they want to show that publicly. In an exclusive YouTube web series, the “Verbotene Liebe” viewers now have the chance to witness the happiness their love brings them in their day to day lives and, in addition to that, are now also able to follow them on Facebook.

As a christmas present to the “Verbotene Liebe” fans and as a thank you for their faithfulness the five-part web series “Weil es Liebe ist… Marlene und Rebecca” (“Because It’s Love – Marlene and Rebecca”) will be released starting December 17th.

It tells the story of how Rebecca (Tatjana Kästel) and Marlene (Melanie Kogler) go out, publicly demonstrating their lesbian love for the first time. Fear of social retribution and the internal struggle play a central role in the web format. Thereby the webseries consciously forgoes the usual surroundings known from the daily soap which centers around the Lahnstein castle and focuses on the two characters’ day to day life – far from champagne and issues of nobility.

The two characters from the ARD soap opera “Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love)” have been secretly in love for a while. However, Rebecca had to put up quite the fight for Marlene who finally forewent her wedding with Tristan and chose her. Now they’re in a happy relationship.

“Gay and lesbian relationships have always been a a part of ‘Verbotene Liebe’. In Germany, we’ve been the first daily soap to have explored the issue in depth. We’re proud of that”, says Guido Reinhardt, CCO and Producer, GrundyUFA.

What has remained hidden from viewers of the show so far is how both of them are dealing with the new situation. As happy as the couple is while sharing intimate moments, especially Marlene is having great issues standing by her lesbian love in public environments. In the five episodes of „Weil es Liebe ist … – Marlene & Rebecca”, Rebecca gets Marlene to go out dancing with her for that reason to get her out of her usual environment.

At the club, they get close, but Marlene simply doesn’t manage to take the final step into outing herself. It takes Rebecca a while to convince her that their love isn’t anything unusual and that they don’t need to hide.

Right in time with the airing of „Weil es Liebe ist … – Marlene & Rebecca”, the viewers can follow the couple on Facebook. Just like character “Ansgar of Lahnstein”, “Marbecca”, too, will get their own Facebook page which they’ll update regularly. The five epiosdes of „Weil es Liebe ist … – Marlene & Rebecca” will be airing daily on the new “Verbotene Liebe” YouTube channel with international availabillity during Dec. 17th through Dec. 21st. The new FB account has been online since Dec. 10th on www.facebook.com/Marbe­ccaVL

Source: GrundyUFA / digital drama