Welcome to the English section of Rosalie & Co., a German blog about lesbian and bisexual women in entertainment and the media.

Why an English section?

When I first started writing blogs, I noticed that there was an interest in lesbian and bisexual characters and love stories on German TV shows and in German movies not only in Germany, but worldwide. But back then, besides AfterEllen, there were only very few websites that reported on those storylines in English. And since I was following most of those storylines anyway and had always liked to write in English, I decided to try and fill the gap.

The first storyline I wrote about was the love story of Carla von Lahnstein and Stella Mann on the German soap opera “Verbotene Liebe”. I loved that storyline a lot not only because the actresses did a very good job and had great chemistry, but also because, unlike other love stories between women on German TV shows, it wasn’t about one or both of the women having to come to terms with their attraction for a person of the same sex. Both Carla and Stella knew that they were gay, and the problems they had that almost ruined their relationship didn’t have anything to do with their sexual orientation.


Carla von Lahnstein (Claudia Hiersche, left) and Stella Mann (Anne Wis) (Source: Das Erste)

I published the Carla & Stella articles as well as subsequent articles on other storylines like, for example, the love affair of Kerstin and Juliette on the soap opera Marienhof on a personal blog called mels blog. In 2010, I created Rosalie & Co. and established an English section here as well. For a while, I posted the English articles on a separate blog, but now they’re back as part of the original Rosalie & Co. blog.

About the English edition

What can you find in this English section? Well, mostly recaps and reviews of previous storylines as well as spoilers, news and – if time permits – maybe a few more recaps of current and upcoming storylines involving women who love women on German TV and in the movies.



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  1. Thanks for energy you put into this. I don’t pay for tv service where I live but I do know when I should appreciate efforts like this blog. I did donate. I hope maybe I’ll learn more German down the road. Danke, danke, danke from the U.S.

  2. I just wanna thank you for your blog and let you know that I’m sure that there are much people around the world that appreciate your effort, and are grateful to you, as much as I am. And congratulations for your English, it’s perfect!
    Vielen Danke from Portugal.