“Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten”: A new love interest for Anni?

Fans of the former couple Anni & Jasmin on the German soap opera “Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten” who are still hoping for them to get back together should brace themselves for some possibly bad news: It looks like Anni will get involved with another woman.

A few weeks ago, it was announced on the official GZSZ website that a new character would be added to the show. Rosa Lehmann, played by actress Joana Schümer, is described as a successful and smart business woman from Hamburg who is set to become a competitor for Jo Gerner, the show’s resident bad guy. While in Berlin, Rosa also hopes to mend the relationship with her estranged son Chris, who is working as a DJ at club Mauerwerk.

Rosa has remained single ever since her husband died and she had to take over the family business, but it looks like she won’t be able to suppress her emotional needs much longer, especially when she senses that she’s not just interested in men anymore. Enter Anni. According to the GZSZ website, there’s an erotic tension between the two women from their very first encounter.

Joana Schümer as Rosa made her first appearance last week, when she agreed to invest in a real estate projected developed by Jo and his ex-wife Katrin. While negotiating the terms of the deal, Rosa and Katrin sort of bonded over the fact that they are both smart women who manage to prevail in a business world still dominated by men.

Though Rosa has yet to meet Anni and, judging from the previews, it might take until September before their storyline actually starts, from the little that we’ve seen and know of Rosa so far, it could actually be something to look forward to as she and Anni could be quite an interesting pairing for several reasons. First of all, they are very different, and I don’t just mean the age difference. Rosa is a wealthy banker with two adult sons who plays golf in her spare time. Anni has two jobs, shares a flat with a couple of roommates and spends most of her spare time hanging out with her friends when she’s not out partying and picking up one night stands. Can you imagine her on a golf course? Also, Anni is acquainted with Chris, Rosa’s son. Even though there was a time when Anni was mad at Chris for revealing her sham marriage with Amar, they seem to get along at the moment. How will he react when his mother, who he is on bad terms with, hooks up with someone from his circle of friends? Furthermore, there is bound to be an interesting role reversal when it comes to their sexuality. Usually, it’s the older partner who is more experienced, but in this case, it’s most likely Anni, since Rosa apparently hasn’t had relationships with women before.

So, does this mean that Anni & Jasmin are now really over? I know that some fans hope that Rosa is just a plot device to eventually bring Anni & Jasmin back together. But to be honest, even though I don’t think that Anni will love Rosa as much as she loved Jasmin, if she falls in love with Rosa at all, it really doesn’t look like a “JasAnni” reunion is very likely, at least not in the foreseeable future. Therefore, I’m actually thrilled of the possibilty of Anni having a visible love life again, especially given the poor state of lesbian visibility on German TV shows in general at the moment.


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  1. Thanks for this information. Maybe something to look forward to. Even though I´m afraid that the “age difference thing” will be just another tv-chliché used because they really don´t seem to have an idea what to do with Anni anymore. But … here´s hoping.
    I´ve seen Rosas first appearence and I was intrigued by her aura. She radiated some sort of bad-guy-image. In my opinion. Like Gerner or Katrin. And for a moment I thougt she could be indeed something for Katrin, Jasmins mother.
    And now you´re telling us Rosa might be a new love interest for Anni.I can´t picture those two together yet. But I will wait patiently and watch, how they will play it out.
    Nevertheless, it means more Anni – that´s always a plus. And with Rosa there will be another LGBT-person on german TV. One with a life. Hopefully. 😉 And it´s a german daily soap, so less murder and other unpleasent things. I could use more happy times at the moment.
    P.S. Da das hier ein englischer Artikel ist wollte ich, höflicherweise, auch auf englisch kommentieren. D.h. ich habe meine Englischkenntnisse zusammen gekramt, in den Google-Übersetzer-Mixer geworfen und hoffe, es ist halbwegs verständlich und korrekt.

    • Thanks for commenting in English, and don’t worry about it, I think your English is very good. 🙂

      I agree with you that Rosa and Katrin had great chemistry last week. It’s going to be interesting to see if those two might become friends.

      Speaking of Katrin, if Anni and Rosa actually hook up, I hope their storyline won’t be too similar to the Katrin & Bommel storyline. Not because that was a bad storyline, but because it wouldn’t be very original.

  2. The storyline is starting to pick up pace and it looks like I was wrong about one aspect of Rosa’s and Anni’s relationship: There’s no role reversal. Rosa seems to have been with women before and she’s actually the one who’s calling the shots. It was Rosa who initiated the first kiss, taking Anni by surprise, and then invited Anni into her hotel room. It looks like Anni has met her match and it’s actually kind of entertaining to see Anni being so rattled because of Rosa.

  3. Absolutely the new storyline of rosa is not recommendable. WeI all hopung for a happy ending of jasmin anni as they had went through all high -low tough happy together as couples despite all traditional eyes.

  4. its getting on my nerves, i cant able to follow the story of jasmin and anni especially when rose enter.. 🙁 the episode i watch stop @ 351 anni y jasmin episode.. can you help me where to find the next videos.. I want to follow their story..thanku

    • Unfortunately, I can’t help you with that. You should check out fan message boards or fan groups on Facebook, maybe they know a way how you can keep watching.