Anni & Jasmin on GZSZ: It’s complicated

What’s going on with Anni & Jasmin on GZSZ? A brief recap of what happened with the couple in the past year and the status of their relationship.


Jasmin (Janina Uhse, left) and Anni (Linda Marlen Runge): Can they ever be “just friends”? (Quelle: RTL / Screencap: Rosalie & Co.)

Two years ago to the day, I published my first English blog post about Anni & Jasmin, two characters on the German soap opera Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten (GZSZ) who had fallen in love but, by then, were still struggling with their feelings for each other.

When I revisited their storyline in this blog post last year, Anni & Jasmin had become one of the most popular couples on the show, with an international fandom that was thriving. Even though their relationship was in trouble, it felt like there was still a chance that they could make it, or at least I very much hoped so. In the last paragraph of that post, I wrote:

“I hope that a year from now, I will be back to write about them again: how they managed to make their relationship work and are still going strong. It’d be nice to have them on our TV (and/or computer) screens for a little longer.”

Well, it’s a year later and I’m back. Both Anni and Jasmin are still part of the show and therefore still on our TV and computer screens, which means I can still write about them. But unfortunately, the writers had different plans for them than I had hoped for.

Anni and Jasmin couldn’t make their relationship work and eventually broke up. The way Anni was portrayed during the time they were struggling – pushing for an open relationship, going out with other women, not being considerate about Jasmin’s feelings and how much her girlfriend was suffering – made a lot of fans mad as they felt the way Anni acted was out of character. In fact, even I was confused about the turn the storyline took and a little worried that, after two years of carefully establishing Anni as a complex and interesting character and creating a beautiful love story between two women, the writers would now revert to clichés and stereotypes. I literally flinched when, during a heated argument, they had Jasmin say that her relationship with Anni was just a phase. Jasmin later apologized and made it clear that she was in love with Anni, but still.

Then Jasmin started dating a man – yep, cliché – and Anni became jealous, clashing with Jasmin’s new boyfriend Frederic more than once. But my concern that it would play into some people’s belief that a woman is naturally much better off in a relationship with a man than with a woman and make Anni look like she’s just a sore loser who cannot accept the natural order of things soon resolved itself. Part of it was the writing. To give the writers credit, I don’t recall them even hinting at that. But it was mostly the development of the storyline. Because Frederic turned out to be Jasmin’s biological father.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the “I’m your (long-lost) father/mother/brother/sister”-storylines that are typical for most soap operas and telenovelas. And this storyline in particular had way too many plot holes and was dragged out for too long for my taste. But what I do like is how the development brought Anni and Jasmin closer together again. When the truth was finally revealed and Jasmin was devastated, it was Anni who was there for her. She took care of Jasmin, offered her a shoulder to cry on and helped her through the difficult time. It became obvious how much Jasmin still meant to Anni, but also how important Anni still was to Jasmin, that she was someone she trusted and relied on when things went south.

So, are they heading towards a reunion? It almost looked that way a few weeks ago when, after a night out partying with friends, Anni and Jasmin kissed. But although my romantic heart is rooting for them to be together again at one point and I hate to see Anni being lovesick, even I think that it would be too early and I was more than okay with how the situation was resolved: With the two of them eventually talking about it, Anni admitting to Jasmin that her feelings for her were back, if they had ever gone away, and the two of them handling it like adults and trying to find a way to save their friendship.


Anni still has feelings for Jasmin (Quelle: RTL / Screencap: Rosalie & Co.)


After a night out, Anni and Jasmin kiss (Quelle: RTL / Screencap: Rosalie & Co.)

To sum up, I wasn’t quite happy with how Anni & Jasmin’s storyline developed this past year and I was even ready to stop watching a few times, but by now, I’m optimistic again and I will stay tuned. There’s a big storyline coming up that involves not only both Anni and Jasmin, but also a lot of other members of the cast. Plus, there’s going to be a guest appearance by an actress who I like a lot, but unfortunately haven’t seen in any new roles on TV in ages, which is why I’m very excited about that. I don’t want to give away too much, but if you know who my favorite couple on Hinter Gittern was, you might be able to figure out who it is. 😉


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  1. Beautiful, beautiful post and yes, I am also excited to see a certain actress back on screen.

    As for Anni and Jasmin, we will see what happens but some way or another they will always be in each others life as long as both, Janina and Linda are on the show, I think.

    Thank you!

  2. I would really like to know what happen with them now and whether they ended up together..Thanks.
    Your blog is great by the way! 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂

      No, unfortunately, they did not end up together. They briefly got together again a few months ago, just before Janina Uhse aka Jasmin left the show, but Anni soon realized that Jasmin mostly got back together with her so she had an excuse not to leave Berlin to accept a job offer in New York. Even though it broke her heart, Anni convinced Jasmin that she was just scared to follow her dream and that she needed to accept the job offer, which Jasmin eventually did.

  3. Is this show still running ? And do you hear any rumors the couple might get back ? Even after jaZmin left to NYC . Any thoughts ? By the way thank u for taking the time to explain all of this

    • Yes, the show is still running and Anni is still on it. I haven‘t heard or read anything about Jasmin returning, but I‘m not really following news about the show anymore. Even if Jasmin ever returns, I think the relationship is over for good. I really hope that they eventually let Anni move on now and maybe find someone new.

  4. I’m in the process of watching their storyline but I just have to know… Did Jasmin ever find out Frederick is her father?? >_<