“Previously on Verbotene Liebe…” (Marbecca Recap, February 2012 – 2013)

It’s been a year since Rebecca von Lahnstein returned to Schloss Königsbrunn, and a lot has happened since then. A look back on the first year of “Marbecca”.

When Rebecca and Marlene first met after Rebecca’s surprising return, they didn’t exactly get along. But they became friends when Rebecca helped Marlene through a tough time in her life. Friedship soon turned into love for Rebecca, but she tried to fight her feelings. After all, Marlene was her friend and the girlfriend of Rebecca’s brother Tristan.

Then one night, during a game of spin the bottle, Marlene and Rebecca kissed, and Marlene realized how very, veeery nice kissing Rebecca feels. Confused, Marlene tried to ignore her feelings for Rebecca and pushed her away, thereby hurting Rebecca deeply. Rebecca eventually couldn’t help herself anymore and declared her love for Marlene in a letter to her.

Marlene was unable to cope with Rebecca’s declaration of love and Rebecca had to accept that her love for Marlene was onesided. But when they tried to go back to just being friends, it was Marlene who couldn’t deal with that and suddenly kissed Rebecca. They spent a romantic night together (which is just another way of saying that yes, they had sex), but Marlene couldn’t deal with that either and returned into Tristan’s arms. She even agreed to marry him.

Rebecca tried to fight for Marlene and even admitted to Tristan that she was in love with Marlene, but stopped short of telling him that Marlene had feelings her her, too. For a while, she found comfort in the arms of yet another beautiful woman, a model called Juliette, but she still couldn’t forget Marlene who, in return, was obviously jealous of Juliette.

When Tristan noticed Marlene’s odd reaction to Juliette, she admitted to him that she had had a one night stand with Rebecca. Furious, Tristan canceled the wedding, but Marlene begged him to forgive her and he eventually did. He even stood by her when Juliette, after finding out that she was just a rebound girl for Rebecca, made Marlene’s and Rebecca’s affair public.

So the wedding was on again, and what’s one of the most important things for a wedding? Right, the wedding dress. Even though she is an up-and-coming designer, Rebecca didn’t want to design Marlene’s wedding dress, for obvious reasons. But she did it anyway, telling Marlene that it was her farewell gift as she had finally realized that Marlene didn’t love her, but Tristan.

Of course, Rebecca designed the perfect dress for Marlene, and its perfection made Marlene realize how much Rebecca loved her and that she loved Rebecca – but then again, she had promised to marry Tristan – but Rebecca’s dress was so perfect and their accidental kiss one night in the kitchen was so sweet – but there was still Tristan – but Rebecca – Tristan – Rebecca…

To make a loooooong story short, after a lot of back and forth, Marlene eventually realized that it was in fact Rebecca she was in love with and that she couldn’t marry Tristan. Unfortunately, at that point, she was already standing at the altar with Tristan. She left him standing there, returned to Schloss Königsbrunn and right into Rebecca’s arms and they lived happily ever after…

Okay, not quite like that, but Marlene did meet Rebecca when she returned to the castle and finally told her that she loved her. Still, she asked Rebecca for patience because she first wanted to make amends with Tristan before starting a new relationship.

But Tristan was too hurt and not ready to forgive Marlene or his little sister Rebecca, and as they didn’t want to wait till hell freezes over, they decided to be together, but keep it a secret, especially from Tristan, who had gone completely nuts and even destroyed a valuable painting because he thought that Rebecca had bought it for Marlene.

But the constant lying soon took its toll, and when Tristan agreed to forgive Rebecca, but only under the condition that she wouldn’t start a relationship with Marlene, they couldn’t keep up the lie anymore and told Tristan the truth. He at first seemed to take it surprisingly well, even offered a ceasefire.

But Tristan was still hurt, and one day, while drunk, did an interview and said a lot of less than flattering things about his ex. After some stern words from his father Ludwig, he promised to be a lot nicer to Rebecca and Marlene, but of course still held a huge grudge. He even went so far as to destroy Marlene’s music career by telling everyone that Marlene was a diva and unreliable.

That’s why it came as a huge surprise when, one day, he asked Marlene to return to the musical he himself fired her from. As it turned out, both actresses he had hired for the part had fallen ill and he couldn’t find anyone else who was able to replace them on such short notice. Marlene was reluctant at first, but Tristan convinced her that it wasn’t a trick and that he was willing to give being just friends a try.

But even though he might have wanted to, Tristan was far from ready to just be friends with Marlene. When Rebecca and Marlene “celebrated” Marlene’s imminent return to the stage with a romantic encounter in the stables, Tristan accidentally saw them and heard Marlene say that Rebecca was the best thing that ever happened to her. He snapped and set the stables on fire with a cigarette. Fortunately, Rebecca noticed the smoke and she and Marlene escaped barely clothed unharmed.

Because of the fire and the smoke, Marlene’s cold that she had been struggling with for a while got worse again and she got a sore throat. But even though Ricardo advised her to go easy on her voice, she still decided to perform. Her return to the stage was successful, but the next morning, she was hoarse and could barely speak. When Rebecca took her to the hospital, Ricardo’s diagnosis was a disaster for Marlene: The infection had gotten worse, and even tough it would heal, Marlene’s vocal cords would be permanently damaged. Marlene was devastated, especially after an expert who Rebecca had asked to examine Marlene confirmed the diagnosis.

In the meantime Tristan, who of course felt guilty because the fire had almost killed Marlene, Rebecca and also Bella and ruined his brother Hagen’s business, had decided to leave Schloss Königsbrunn. When Marlene tried to persuade him to stay, he finally confessed that it was him who had set the stables on fire.

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