Verbotene Liebe: Early Christmas Gift for Marbecca Fans

The producers of German soap opera “Verbotene Liebe” have come up with an early Christmas gift for fans of the couple Marlene und Rebecca aka “Marbecca”: A web series.

Guido Reinhardt, one of the producers of the show, announced the news in a video that was posted on the brand-new Marbecca facebook page on Monday. According to a new press release that was posted on the German website phenomenelle today, the web series, which is called “Weil es Liebe ist” (“Because it is love”), will consist of 5 episodes that will be posted on the Verbotene Liebe YouTube channel next week, starting on Monday, December 17th. It will focus on the new relationship of Marlene and Rebecca and especially Marlene’s struggle with being open about her first lesbian relationship. For example, in one episode, Rebecca convinces Marlene to go out dancing together, but Marlene is reluctant to actually “out” herself in public. Only slowly, Rebecca can persuade Marlene that their love is normal and that they don’t have to hide it.

The web series is part of a new social media strategy of ARD and GrundyUFA, the production company, regarding “Verbotene Liebe” that was announced in November and that focuses on the fans. Instead of keeping the fans from using scenes from the show and creating mash-ups and video compilations by, for example, deleting the clips on YouTube, the show now wants to encourage the fans to do just that. As Reinhardt points out in the video, the web series is supposed to be a gift for the loyal fans and reward their devotion to the storyline, and he even mentions some of the busiest video creators by name.

For a translation of what Guido Reinhardt says in the video, follow the link to phenomenelle posted above.

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