Verbotene Liebe: “Marbecca” at IFA 2012 (Gallery)

Actresses Melanie Kogler and Tatjana Kästel aka Marlene und Rebecca on “Verbotene Liebe” visited the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin on Wednesday to meet fans and write autographs. IFA is one of the world’s largest Consumer Electronics trade fairs. Also in Berlin was fellow “Verbotene Liebe” actor Claus Thull-Emden, who is playing Justus, the butler on castle Königsbrunn.

Nic (@PattyPapp) was there and, even though she was quite smitten by one of the actresses in particular, managed to take some nice photos. Thank you, Nic!

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  1. crushing hard on Tatjana….short hair suits her even it allowed for guys to be in love with a lesbian love story? lol…may be weird …I cant help but to fall in love with whatever Tatjana does 🙂

  2. I’ve been in love with straight love stories, it happens. 😉 And I agree with you, I think that Tatjana looks great with the shorter hair.