Marlene & Rebecca: “The beautiful countess and her brother’s fiancé” (Official ARD press release)

If you’ve ever wondered whether Marlene and Rebecca are here to stay (and believe me, I have), German network ARD is currently doing a lot to assure viewers that in fact, they are.

A few days after an interview with Tatjana Kästel and Melanie Kogler was posted on the official “Verbotene Liebe” website, German network ARD even issued a press release concerning the love story of Rebecca and Marlene. Here’s a translation:

They are young, sexy and lust after each other: Countess Rebecca von Lahnstein (played by Tatjana Kästel) and musical singer Marlene Wolf (Melanie Kogler) have discovered their feelings for each other on the ARD daily soap opera “Verbotene Liebe” a long time ago. Even the fact that Marlene is engaged to Rebecca’s brother Tristan von Lahnstein (Jens Hartwig) and the wedding is imminent cannot stop the young women’s passionate affair. They are powerless against their feelings.

The complicated love story that is currently being told on “Verbotene Liebe” is escalating. In episode 4151 of the show – likely to be on the air on September 26, 2012 on ARD – Marlene finally has to decide: Tristan or Rebecca? Brother or sister?

There’s a tradition of same-sex love stories on “Verbotene Liebe”. The tragic story of Carla von Lahnstein (Claudia Hiersche) and Hanna Nowak (Katharina Darlichau), who died in Countess Carla’s arms, or the wedding of Carla and Susanne (Claudia Scarpatetti) have captivated viewers in the past. The love of Christian Mann (Thore Schölermann) and Oliver Sabel (Jo Weil) is inspiring for millions of fans even outside of Germany. The two actors are receiving letters, mails and gifts from all over the world on a daily basis. “Love stories are the heart of the show, whether they’re happy or unhappy, and same-sex relationships are of course also a part of it. It’s important for us that they are not clichéd, but portrayed as realistically as possible”, says Executive Producer Elke Kimmlinger (WDR mediagroup).

Since February 2012, Tatjana Kästel plays the role of fashion designer Rebecca von Lahnstein on “Verbotene Liebe”. Born in Karlsruhe, Tatjana successfully completed her acting studies at Mozarteum University in Salzburg. Austrian Melanie Kogler studied acting at the European Film Actor School in Zürich und took on the role as singer Marlene Wolf in January of 2011. Melanie Kogler: “If, as an actress, you get the chance to play a story like that of Rebecca and Marlene, you have the opportunity to show the audience that love between two women can be as real and beautiful as love between a woman and a man.”

In an interview with, Tatjana Kästel and Melanie Kogler talk about their personal experiences and the acting challenges of playing a lesbian couple.


Let’s start with the one thing that’s really bothering me: Why do they have to keep using the word “challenge” when it comes to playing a lesbian couple? What’s supposedly so difficult about that? It’s love, pure and simple. Besides, in the interview, both actresses say that it doesn’t matter whether it’s a love story with a man or with a woman. So please, dear “Verbotene Liebe” press people, could you once and for all stop writing that? Thank you.

Other than that, I think that this press release is interesting and a positive sign for various reasons. First of all, if they see Marlene & Rebecca in the tradition of Carla & Hanna, Carla & Susanne and “Chrolli”, it means that it’s likely not just going to be a fling, but a serious relationship. Also, by putting an emphasis on wanting to portray this relationship without clichés, but as realistically as possible, they are adressing the fears and concerns of a lot of gay viewers who are sick and tired of all the stereotypes on TV. That they are not just aware of those concerns, but even actively address them, is something that, in my opinion, they deserve credit for. And, last but not least, the mention of “Chrolli”‘s international fans. Though “millions” might be a bit exaggerated, it shows that they are aware and apparently even a little proud of that international fan base, which is a good sign for all of you – the international “Marbecca” fans.

What do you think?

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  1. I agree the article is a positive sign that they see this couple in the same light as their previous same sex couples who had serious relationships. I agree too the press is to reassure the fans because in order to make the story interesting there have been many ups and downs. We are fortunate to have two fine actresses in these roles. Their facial expressions, body language do so much to convey their feelings, and when the characters are trying to hide how they really feel , these non-verbal expressions are the moments I love . I am glad this article is giving us a pivotal episode (Episode 4151) to look forward to , Marlene’s heart is still saying “Rebecca, Rebecca” and I think eventually her heart will win out!! I’ve enjoyed the whole story from the beginning, all the twists and turns, and i do hope we continue to see alot of this couple as a serious couple in the future. Thank you for you blog post.

  2. the international hype of chrolli, i never understand.sorry. that for the second time, a lesbian storyline was stopped, to taday, im angry about this fact. the interview shows once again, that “stella” came only for the happy end of forbidden love character “carla”.thats all. i like the positive note spoken about “canna” and “suca”. in my opinion deserves.I’d like a good! beginning of two lesbian women, but for me the most important thing, good acting from two involved, and that the storyline touch my heart. sometimes marbecca is on a good way, the storyline is in the middle of soap like other stories, and both actress are good, playing on the same level.

  3. MaMa Beccer, as I call them because “Marbecca” sounds so volumnious and so stereotypically to me in the inofficial “VL-uch”-thread, needed time to conquer “their” audience. And they need it still.
    Very different for example to “Jemma”, which was partly because of the lack of chemistry in the beginning between Kästel and Kogler. I think. In comparison with Scherer and Borek, who seemed to have this great kind of chemistry right from the start. So I guess it´s indeed more a challenge for Kästel and Kogler to play then it was for our other two ladys.
    They are not “Jemma”, but I like MaMa Beccer for now in another way. Perhaps in a more “grown up” kind of way.

  4. Good day. I am just wondering if there is a follow up after the part139 of marlene and Rebecca( they said good bye and part ways).

    I’ve just come across this story and finished the miriam Rebecca and marlene and Rebecca, nonstop watching for 10 days. Lol! It sure is addicting! I’m supposed to study, but it so tempting to keep on watching.

    Now I am left to searching the net if there is another part? Did Rebecca and marlene have a happy ending? After all they’ve went through?

    I hope the story will end nicely for both of them!!! I’m such a fan … Even if I don’t speak or understand German, and I’ve come to love reading the English subtitles… Which is unlike me before.

    Please give me a reply. I’ll greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you very much and best of luck.