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In an interview that was published on the official website for German soap opera “Verbotene Liebe”, actresses Tatjana Kästel and Melanie Kogler aka Rebecca and Marlene von Lahnstein talk about, among other things, their characters’ love story, love stories of same-sex couples on the show in general, and fan reactions.

(Thank you to Novemberstern of the Claudia Hiersche & Anne Wis fan forum, who was kind enough to let me use her translation.)

A noble interlude at „Verbotene Liebe“ (Forbidden Love): Rebecca & Marlene are falling in love with each other.

Countess Rebecca von Lahnstein (played by Tatjana Kästel) falls in love with musical singer Marlene von Lahnstein (Melanie Kogler). Marlene, who had only been with men up to now, discovers her feelings for Rebecca, too. Ironically enough, both women are sisters-in-law and Marlene is on the verge of getting married to Rebecca’s brother Tristan von Lahnstein (Jens Hartwig)!

Actresses Tatjana Kästel and Melanie Kogler are playing the new lesbian lovers on “Verbotene Liebe”. The story which they are currently playing together has already attracted a lot of attention, hence both are gladly taking time for an interview with
What was the first thought when you learned about the storyline surrounding Rebecca and Marlene?

Tatjana Kästel:
I was already confronted with the story at the casting session and I found it very exciting from the outset.

Melanie Kogler:
I have been very much looking forward to the story because it is a challenge for me, and I can garner many new experiences!
VL already has told many homosexual love stories. What do you think: Does it belong to the series around forbidden love stories?

I think it’s good that a daily soap opera shows different ways of life. In VL, it’s always about this big issue that is love and that exists in many different forms. Therefore, it probably belongs to the series.

I think it’s great that VL is dealing with the topic of homosexual love. For me, this topic definitively belongs to the series!
Do you have to fulfil a role model function as an actor especially considering this topic?

I think for some viewers an actor is a role model in a certain way. If I could give people something with my role – for example in this case courage and strength not to disavow your sexuality or help to a better understanding of same sex love – I think that would be great.

When I as an actress get the chance to play a story like this of Rebecca and Marlene, I have the possibility to illustrate to viewers that love between two women is as true and beautiful as between a woman and a man.
How do you play a lesbian love story, how do you perform that role convincingly?

I think there’s no difference to a heterosexual love story. My goal as an actress is always to be authentic, no matter what I play.

It’s about falling in love with a person, it is therefore not principally about whether it’s a man or a woman you fall in love with. In this sense I also think that there’s not much difference between a heterosexual and homosexual love story.
Is it difficult to play an erotic scene convincingly when you’re into men in your private life?

Maybe it takes a little more fantasy…

Erotic scenes are always a challenge no matter whether it’s a male or female colleague. You have to approach it slowly and over time, you get more confident and relaxed. I just have to get used to a woman – but Tatjana is a great colleague and together we will manage this.
Is kissing a woman different from kissing a man?

For me as an actress there’s no difference whether I’m playing a kissing scene with a male or female colleague.

Yes, I think so, it’s quite different to kiss a woman. This starts with the fact that I usually look up to a man, but Tatjana and I are at eye level. And a woman’s lips are definitely more tender and full!
What do you like in your colleague?

I love acting alongside Melanie. She’s a great colleague who’s working very professionally. And I like her humor.

I can only return this compliment to her. Tatjana is a great actress and an amazing woman. We can talk about everything and so we always find a way to play a scene well.
How are the reactions of fans?

I got only positive reactions so far! They are very pleased that a same sex love story is told again.

Most fans wish that Rebecca and Marlene become a couple because they feel that both women belong together. Also, the reactions in my private life are only positive! My friends and my family think that the story is comprehensible and well implemented.
Have you already received fan mail from female fans?

Yes, but a lot of fan mail from mail fans, too.

Yes, I already received a lot! And I’m very delighted about it!
Thank you for the interview!


Before this interview was published last week, I wasn’t sure whether this storyline would actually continue. After all, Marlene has made it more than clear that she intends to marry Tristan, and the previews that I have read so far don’t indicate a change of heart. But this interview makes it look like the authors are in fact planning to bring these two together.

What do you think?

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  1. If the writes have any common sense, that is where this is headed. Its obvious that this is the couple that the viewers want together. I guess they plan to stretch it out for as long as possible though, which leads me to believe that these sudden interviews and write-ups are meant to reassure fans.

  2. I sure hope that the soap continues with the story line of Rebecca’s and Marlene or, if not then at least with Juliette and Rebecca. Great show we Girls here in America are huge fans.

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