The Way They Were: Rebecca & Miriam, “Verbotene Liebe”

Before the forum crashed last year, I had posted a few brief recaps and pictures of the storyline of “MiriBecca” on “Verbotene Liebe” there. Luckily, I was able to salvage most of them. Here they are – enjoy!

November 19, 2010 (3734):

Rebecca and Miriam are at No Limits. They check out guys, and realize that they are really frustrated by the choices they have – or rather don’t have. Miriam suggests to spend some “men-free” time together, and they decide to go to a Spa. At the Spa, they go for a swim when some of Rebecca’s hair gets stuck in the clasp of her bikini top. She asks Miriam to help her get it out.

Just then a couple of guys enter the pool area and jump into the pool.

Rebecca and Miriam leave the pool and try to make themselves comfortable in deck chairs by the pool, but the guys won’t leave them alone and keep hitting on them until Rebecca is ready to leave the Spa altogether. But Miriam has another idea. She gives Rebecca a brief warning and then kisses her. Rebecca is surprised at first, but then plays along and kisses Miriam back.

Miriam’s plan works, and the guys actually leave them alone and return to the pool. Miriam looks up and smiles triumphantly, then kisses Rebecca again. Then she leans back and starts to read her magazine, while Rebecca just sits there, looking confused.

Rebecca decides to cut their trip to the Spa short by making up an appointment she allegedly forgot about. Later, she dreams about being at No Limits with Miriam. It’s just the two of them, Miriam locks the door, then they start to dance and kiss. When Rebecca wakes up, she is even more confused.

When she meets her brother Sebastian in the hall, Rebecca asks him about her childhood friends. Apparently, she was never interested in playing with boys, but had a very close relationship with a cute blonde girl.

Rebecca decides to tell Nico about the kiss and that it makes her question her sexuality. Nico is not so sure that the kiss means that Rebecca is a lesbian. They still talk about it when they enter the dining room. Rebecca says that if she in fact is a lesbian, she will have to accept that. It’s only then that she realizes that her entire family is already sitting at the table and overheard what she just said…


November 22, 2010 (3735)

When Rebecca’s father asks her about her earlier statement about being a lesbian, Nico helps her by explaining that Rebecca was actually talking about a friend. She then asks Rebecca to tell her friend that being a lesbian isn’t a disease.

Later, Rebecca receives a text message from Miriam, who thanks her for the wonderful afternoon. The next morning, Rebecca and Nico talk about the kiss and Miriam’s text message. Nico tells Rebecca once more that just because she liked the kiss, it doesn’t mean that she’s a lesbian. Rebecca wonders whether Miriam’s text message could mean that Miriam is actually coming on to her. Nico suggests that Rebecca should just ask Miriam about it, but Rebecca hesitates.

At No Limits, Christian and Olli discuss being foster parents. Miriam says that everybody should follow their heart and smiles at Rebecca, who just enters the bar. Rebecca is even more confused, but then tells Miriam that her heart says “No”. Miriam is confused and asks what Rebecca is talking about, explaining that she was talking about Christian & Olli. Rebecca realizes that she made a mistake and quickly says that it doesn’t matter.

Later, Miriam brings Rebecca a cappuccino and tells her that she made an extra effort. When Rebecca looks at the cappuccino, she sees that Miriam decorated the milk on the cappuccino with cocoa pulver shaped in the form of a heart.

When Miriam notices the look on Rebecca’s face, she starts to smile and says that she knew it. Then she tells Rebecca outright that Rebecca assumes that Miriam is in love with her. Rebecca eventually admits it and says that it’s just because it was the first time she was kissed by a woman. Miriam assures Rebecca that she just did it to get rid of the guys. Rebecca is relieved.


November 26, 2010 (3739)

Rebecca is at No Limits and talks with Christian and Olli while Miriam is working behind the counter. Rebecca and Christian talk about a movie in which a married man falls in love with a male co-worker. Rebecca thinks the storyline is unrealistic and tells Christian (of all people) that if you are straight at a certain age, you stay straight. Of course, Christian (who was straight until he fell in love with Olli) disagrees, but Rebecca doesn’t really listen because she is too busy following Miriam’s every move with her eyes, while at the same time, she is telling Christian that she is attracted to men.


November / Dezember 2010 (3744-3750)

A lot happens: They kissed, they made out, they fought, they made up, they had sex, they fought again, they made up again, they’re together (sort of). And of course, Goldfrapp. (Seriously VL, what’s up with that???)

Rebecca’s brother Tristan had an accident and almost died. When Rebecca tells Miriam about it, Miriam hugs her to comfort her. She then invites Rebecca to her birthday party that evening.

When Rebecca asks Olli for a suggestion what she could get Miriam for her birthday, they also talk about Miriam’s love life, and Olli tells Rebecca that Miriam once dated a woman. Rebecca seems to be encouraged by this new information and decides to ask Charlie – who had only been with men before falling in love with Stella and even dating her for a while – for advice. Charlie tells her that she fell in love with Stella as a person, not because she was a woman, and just had to give it a try because she didn’t know whether she didn’t long to be with a woman (which she didn’t). Hearing this encourages Rebecca even more.

At the birthday party, Rebecca asks Miriam to dance, and they seem to have a lot of fun. After the party is over, Rebecca stays to help Miriam clean up and takes the opportunity to kiss Miriam. Miriam is surprised, but also impressed by the kiss, and when Rebecca asks her to come to Königsbrunn with her, she agrees.

At the castle, they go to the kitchen to get another bottle of champaign, but end up making out on the kitchen table. Miriam suggests to go upstairs to Rebecca’s room, but before they can actually do that, Rebecca’s father comes downstairs.

Rebecca introduces Miriam, but when Ludwig asks whether Miriam will stay for the night, Rebecca quickly says no. Miriam leaves.

The next morning, Rebecca tells Ludwig about her feelings for Miriam and her confusion, and Ludwig assures her that it doesn’t matter whether it’s a man or a woman she’s in love with as long as she’s happy. Meanwhile, Miriam tells Olli about Rebecca. He advises her to be patient and take it slow, and reminds her of the time when he tried to win Christian’s heart and how long it took before they were together. When Rebecca and Miriam meet again, they agree to follow Olli’s advice and take it slow.

Later, Miriam asks Rebecca to go on a date with her, but Rebecca pretends to be too busy. Instead, she decides to visit her sister Helena, not knowing that Miriam would be there as well. Miriam is delighted to see Rebecca, and suggests to spend some time together with Helena, her boyfriend Andi and Rebecca’s cousin Constantin. They end up playing at billiards.

When Miriam tries to show Rebecca how to play and touches her in doing so, Rebecca first tries to avoid her touch, but then decides to let it happen.

But when Miriam tries to hug her and kiss her on the cheek, Rebecca freaks out and snaps at Miriam. The usually patient and kindhearted Miriam is fed up with Rebecca’s behaviour and decides to ignore her from then on. Rebecca tries to apologize, but they end up fighting, and Rebecca leaves the billiard hall.

Rebecca decides to pour out her heart to Christian, who in return asks her to keep an eye on baby Lilly, his and Olli’s foster child, while he has to go on errands. At No Limits, Chrstian meets Miriam, who looks as sad and glum as Rebecca. In order to bring the two of them together, he asks Miriam to go upstairs to the apartment, pretending that Olli was there.

When Miriam arrives at the apartment and meets Rebecca there instead of Olli, both realize that Christian tried to set them up, but are happy about it because it gives both of them the chance to apologize. Miriam decides stay to look after Lilly together with Rebecca, and while playing with the little girl, they start to flirt again.

After Rebecca put Lilly to bed, Miriam wants to leave because she has to work at No Limits, but Rebecca convinces her to stay. They start to kiss passionately, and then make love for the first time.

They are still in the process of getting dressed again when Olli and Christian return. Of course, the two men immediately realize what just happend. Rebecca and Miriam try to get away as quickly as possible, and after a moment’s hesitation, Miriam agrees to go home with Rebecca.

The next morning, Rebecca takes Miriam to the family breakfast with her and tells her family that Miriam is her girlfriend. Miriam is not happy about that, but puts on a good face. Of course, Ansgar makes a snarky remark that lesbianism seems to run in the family (apparently referring to his sister Carla), and in Elisabeth’s family, too (as Elisabeth’s daughter Nina is a lesbian, too).

Once Miriam and Rebecca are alone, Miriam angrily reminds Rebecca that they agreed to take it slow, and tells her that she wasn’t even sure if she wanted a relationship. Then she leaves.

Later, Rebecca goes to No Limits to meet Miriam. She apologizes for behaving so stupidly all of the time. Miriam accepts the apology, and asks Rebecca to keep behaving stupidly because that was something that she liked about her. Even though Christian and Olli are watching, they kiss.

When the guys asks whether they are together, Rebecca says no while Miriam says that they were – sort of…

Soon afterwards, Rebecca and Miriam break up as they realize that there is little more than friendship between them. A few months later, Rebecca leaves Düsseldorf and goes to New York to become a fashion designer. After she returns, she falls in love with her brother’s fiance, Marlene.

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