“Jemma” Goes Global!

Later this week, Jemma fans from all over the world will be granted access to Jemma clips on the official Hand aufs Herz website for four weeks. And hopefully, that’s just the beginning!

Remember last week, when I told you that the fine folks over at ProSiebenSat1 are so excited by the international response to Jemma that they are willing to work hard and try their best to come up with a solution so that international Jemma fans don’t have to suffer from Jemma withdrawal for too long?

Well, guess what: They did it, and I think that you’ll love what they came up with.

As it turns out, the video of Kasia and Lucy thanking their international fans and the “Best of Jemma” clip weren’t the solution, like some of you feared, but exactly what they promised it would be: appetizers to make the wait a little easier for you.

Later this week – but not before Friday – Jenny & Emma will get their own little corner on the official Hand aufs Herz website. There will be lots and lots of Jemma clips posted there, and for the following four weeks (and, depending on how it all works out, hopefully also after that) they won’t be “geoblocked”, which means that Jemma fans from all over the world will be able to watch them.

But wait, there’s more: They will also be able to watch preview clips for upcoming episodes AND the entire episodes that aired on TV within the last seven days!

The clips and episodes will be “as is”, which means there are no subtitles. But that hasn’t stopped you before, has it?

The videos will be available worldwide for a four-week testing phase. Whether this will become a permanent solution in part depends on the viewers’ response, and also if and how many clips turn up on YouTube. So if you want to support the show, the production team and all of the efforts they’re making, you should make sure to watch the clips on the official website and tell the folks on YT who post clips from the website that they’re spoiling it for the rest of you.

I think that this is a huge step they are taking in support of the fandom, and as far as I know, it’s unique that a big media company is willing to go to such great lengths for a storyline that isn’t even the main love story on the show, not to mention that it’s a lesbian (!) love story. So thank you to ProSiebenSat1 and everyone involved for listening to the united voices of Jemma fans and making this beautiful storyline available for the rest of the world as well.

***Update (May 25, 2011): The official “Jemma” clips are online!
Check out this blog post to learn more.***

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  1. Is it me or are the updates here about HaH getting better and better? I’m really loving Sat1 for the efforts they are doing in order to please their international viewers. It’s a huge deal, this.

    I would write more, but I can’t stop myself from going over to their website to see what they’re offering now. Ah, so excited!

    Once again, thank you MeL! 🙂

  2. This makes me incredibly happy and it’s better than I could have hoped! I think we, as a Jemma community have been pretty good about policing each other re: video clips and such.

    The only think we need is to find a central location for international fans to find transcripts in their language. I wonder if that’s something the jennyandemma1 crew could finagle with their blog?

  3. This is great news! Thanks for keeping us up to date. Now I have only a few days to learn German…

  4. I am a longtime lurker, and now de-lurking simply to say: Fantastic news!!! Thanks so much for this, SAT1 and thanks so much, Mel, for keeping us in the loop!

    I am actually German myself, but live abroad (so luckily I won’t be having any troubles with the lack of subtitles, pfew!). Therefore I also had to rely on the youtube clips so far and have impatiently been awaiting for SAT1’s solution. I have to say: I like what they came up with and think it’s fair to everyone involved.

    I’m actually kind of proud of SAT1/ProSieben and my home country for this, as far as I know it’s really unique and has not been done before. I’m very happy that they actually listen to what the people want and actually care enough to come up with a solution (might I add: in a rather short time as well!).

    Also, Mel: vielen Dank für all Deine harte Arbeit, die hoffentlich etwas weniger wird, jetzt wo Clips auf der offiziellen Seite zu sehen werden sein.

    Schönen Abend weiter, have a nice evening and: ROLL ON FRIDAY!

  5. thanks so much for the info and HaH production company have made my day(YAY). Now I just need to learn Germam. It will be great to see full episode. Came to HaH for Jemma but fell in love with most of the other characters and story lines. Can’t wait till we have access to full episode of the week.

  6. Thank you so much! You guys are doing the right thing. Jemma needs to be international, because they’re doing a good job portraying this storyline. Can’t wait to check it out friday.

  7. Great News! Thanks Mel! (For being our humble leader 😉 )

    I’m impressed. It says a lot about Sat1, in general, and it’s respect for it’s audience, but also about the positive Jemma community that has inspired them to do this. So YAY us too! 🙂

    I look forward to watching whole episodes….and becoming even less of a productive member of society LOL
    Hopefully subs will be worked out somehow.

    Oh and love your caption at the end Mel 🙂

  8. Wow that was kind of quick for them to find a solution… I hope there will be the effect they wish for so that they’ll continue after those 4 try out weeks :)… That is so amazing… Thanks for sharing the big news… It just made my day 😀

  9. Awesome news! Excited to see how this plays out, now wishing I had taken German in high school instead of Spanish. lol

    Anyway, glad the gang is back together. ie the forum, the videos.

    I kinda missed you guys. Plus, I have been WAY too productive at work, that’s gotta stop.


  10. This is just sweet music to my ears!! So happy about this =).I will gladly do my part and watch the episodes again and again on the site to make sure that they get alot of international viewers =).

  11. Wow, actually I’m positively shocked… I have to admit I was very sceptical, but if it stands it’s a GREAT solution.

    And Mel, thank you sooooo much for everything. You’re like a Godmother of Jemmas’ fandom 😉

    Greetings from Poland 🙂

    PS I think SAT1 should get some subsidy from German Department of Culture or something – there is no advertisement that could encourage that many people to learn a foreign language 😉

  12. Woooow great news!!! Gonna be a long week till friday.. :]

    Thanks a lot to everyone who made it possible and to sat1 for trying so hard to fix it! Eventho it felt like we’ve been waiting for EEEVER, it happened relatively fast actually. Awesome-O :]

    I’ve been following Jemma from the start, somewhat quietly, so eventho i’m not familiar w the diehards here i’m not really intruding ;]

  13. this is such great news! i’ve been losing hope… can’t believe the efforts they’re making, I’ll gladly watch Jemma repeatedly – on the official site – of course!
    God, I’m actually giddy now 🙂

  14. Wow great news!!! I can’t wait!! It’s so exciting!!
    Thank You MeL for everything.

    Second Greetings from Poland

  15. The best news I’ve read in weeks! this seriously made my day <3

    Thank you!

    (still hopping for some subtitles though :S)

    Greetings from Brazil!