Good news for the “Jemma” fandom, and a very special message from Kasia & Lucy

Dear Jemma fans:

Some of you have asked me to keep you posted on the latest developments regarding the Jemma fandom and the show’s official statement that was released on Friday.

Here’s what I can share with you so far: While I was in Berlin for the Fantag, I had the opportunity to meet with someone from the HaHe production team. We had a lengthy conversation about Jenny and Emma and what makes the storyline so appealing to viewers, and of course about the fandom. As they said in the official statement, they are honoured by and very excited about the enormous response to “Jemma”, both by the German viewers and the international fans.

But as they never thought something like this would be possible, they of course weren’t prepared for it and need a little more time to look into it and figure out how to support the fandom, especially with regard to the international fans. There are a lot of technical and legal restrictions to consider, and you also have to keep in mind that their top priority still is and always has to be the show itself and how to make it even better in order to attract more viewers and improve the ratings even further. But they’re doing the best they can and just ask for your patience.

To help you pass the time, they just released this video of Kasia and Lucy thanking you.

Fantag: Kasia and Lucy say “Thank You”

I know that it’s hard to be patient when it comes to this wonderful couple that we have all grown so fond of, but I still ask you to respect their request and give them the time they need. Also, please refrain from sharing or asking people to share clips from the show illegally, especially clips from episodes that haven’t aired yet. It hurts the show, which means that it ultimately hurts “Jemma”.

As soon as I have any new information that I can share with you, I will gladly do so.

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  1. I admit to having seen those episodes which have not aired yet. At the time, I had no idea that it was being illegally downloaded and put on YouTube, and so I was angry at SevenOne for removing the channels. Thanks to this site, and one other, I was able to grasp the true issue and I feel bad about what I’ve done. I support the show still, even if I have to wait. I wouldn’t want to take away from them by doing such actions – I’d even pay to see it. I am in the United States, and it’s a big thing that a show halfway around the world has captivated me. I only watched this initially for Jemma (Lucy Scherer…dimples. How could I not?), but the other characters, the story line, and of course the songs, well and truly made me a fan. I mean, I don’t even watch Glee! But this show means a lot to me now, it’s kind of funny. I’m glad that they at least now know of their international fan base and that the show is taking steps about it.

    Thank you MeL for keeping us posted.

  2. oh, great Mel! Thanks for being our embassador! I sincerely hope you could make them understand a few things 😉

  3. @Bern: I totally agree with you and it was the same for me – I supposted that the episodes that I watch on different YouTube channels – of course! – already was aired before they got up at the YT-site. But I got a bit confused when I also tried to watch them on the official HaH-site of Sat1 and did not understand the order of the episodes…and then I got it just last Thursday when everything went down! So, I also find it great that we now know the reason and I wouldn´t have seen the episodes if I hade known, that´s for real. So as I understand it Sat1 do understand now that the most of the international fans did not know the “wrong” order of the episodes and therefore can´t be blamed – that´s why I am so looking forward to their upcoming solution:-)! And that we all can be able to watch episodes en the future also, that has been aired. And once again, thank you MeL for keeping us posted:-)!

  4. ++++Sie bezaubern deutsche und internationale Fans und lassen viele Anhänger jede Hand aufs Herz-Folge mitfiebern. Wir haben für euch die schönsten Szenen und Momente von Jenny und Emma seit ihrem ersten Zusammentreffen im Klassenzimmer bis zu ihrem ersten Kuss zusammengestellt. Viel Spaß beim Anschauen!+++++

    thanks for the great fanwork at the hah produktion. i never see that before jemma.

  5. Hi Mel,

    Thank you so much for posting this! I’m in Canada and the only information I can get is courtesy of your website! You have done a fantastic job of keeping us sudden Jemma fans calm because as other’s have commented I too watched the videos on line until they were pulled and was angry at the sudden disappearance of ALL videos. It didnt’ seem to make sense and since I’m not in Germany I didn’t understand about the pay-to-view next weeks episodes option. Thanks to you now I understand and am patiently waiting. I am wondering about the statement that was released on Friday. What did it say? Thanks again for keeping us international fans updated Mel you are wonderful!

  6. @MeL: Any news when it comes to Sat1 and that they are trying to find a solution for us international fans? I know, it´s only been day three this week after the breakdown – and I will state that I don´t ask of impatience, but of the function to update a little swedish Jemma-community;-). So just assure me and this community that you will post any news here on the blog – and once again, you are great!

  7. @wired74 you can find a translation of their statement here in an earlier blog about Jemma (as a comment of someone), the one about the collapse of Mel’s forum or you can go to and find it at the end of the “jennyandemma channel statement” – @ Mel, I hope this is OK – greetz! 🙂

  8. Thanks as ever Mel. You do a great job of keeping us up to date with everything.

  9. I am nearly beyond words right now: An Interview?! I am freaking out! How awesome! And what a brilliant idea…:-)

  10. @hoppe thank you so much for showing me the info for the statement and lezsoapia.blogsplot. A new blog for me to read as well! It’s great to see the HaHa production team so supportive of the Jemma fans and us new international ones. Thanks again!

  11. … Interview: I just forgot to say, not the short one of the “Fantag” of course;-) !!!!! I`m speaking of the upcoming one…:-)

  12. @hoppe: It’s totally okay to post this, especially since it means that I don’t have to translate the statement. 🙂

    @Chubby: Thanks for posting the link, and I agree with you, what they’re doing for the fandom at the moment is great. Can you imagine sitting in a movie theatre surrounded by Jemma fans and suddenly this clip starts? That was among the best moments of the fan day.

    @all: There’s a more detailed article about the fan event coming up, there are just a few other things that I’m working on at the moment (aside from my day job) that need my attention. Of course, it’s Jemma-related, and I think that you’ll like it. By the way, did you all see that AE’s Heather Hogan asked on Twitter (@hhoagie) whether you have questions for Lucy and/or Kasia?

  13. @MeL and all the wonderful girls who do such a great job like hoppe:
    I would like to give you all a personal award for your hard work and to keep the fans patient! You are all amazing! I love it…
    So, I seriously have to learn how to tweet and create a facebook account;-)
    Ask Heather girls, ask her!!!!

  14. Last update on the HaH facebook page:

    A German girl asked this morning:
    Liebe HaHler, nachdem ja sämtliche YT Accounts gesperrt sind, die noch nicht ausgestrahlte Folgen gezeigt haben, was ich absolut nachvollziehen kann und auch richtig finde: warum erlaubt man denn nicht gerade für die internationalen Fans, bereits ausgestrahlte Folgen, die älter als eine Woche sind auf YT bereit zu stellen? Ich habe das Gefühl, dass sich da gerade eine Menge Frust mindestens aber Ungeduld aufbaut. Ich denke auch, dass das den Hype um HaH/Jemma ganz schön abwürgt. Das kann doch nicht in Eurem Sinne sein, oder?

    HaH answered only ONE hour later:
    Liebe Sandra, wie wir schon letzte Woche hier geschrieben haben, sind wir schnellstmöglich auf der Suche nach einer Lösung für alle internationalen Fans. Es war wie gesagt nicht unsere Absicht die “Jemma”-Clips löschen zu lassen. Wir werden selber eine Lösung anbieten, die wir zeitnah hier verkünden. Solange bitten wir um ein wenig Geduld. Dein Hand aufs Herz-Team

  15. a rough translation:
    A German girl asked this morning:
    Dear HaHpeeps, after all YT accounts got closed, who showed not broadcasted episodes, which I absolutely understand and think that it is right: why you don’t allow youtubers, especially for the international fans, to provide older episodes which are aired more than one week ago? I have the feeling, that there is about to build up a lot of frustration or at least impatience. And I also think that this is choking off the hype around HaH/Jemma a lot. This can’t be in your interest, can it?

    HaH answered only ONE hour later:
    Dear Sandra, as we wrote here last week, we’re looking as quickly as possible for a solution for all international fans. It was, as we said before, not our intention to let the “Jemma” clips being deleted. We will provide a solution on ourselves, which we’ll anounce soon. For the time being we ask you to have a little patience. Your Hand aufs Herz Team

  16. Thanks Mel, for keeping us updated …
    Jemma international fans – Porto Seguro – Bahia – Brasil