The Day Jenny, Emma & SevenOne Managed to Crash “Rosalie & Co.”

Or: How a media company keeps sabotaging the international success of its own TV show.

You might have noticed by now that the forum is down. Unfortunately, it will have to stay that way for a while, if not indefinitely.

Here’s what happened: Today, most YouTube channels with videos of “Jemma” Jenny & Emma from the German TV show Hand aufs Herz were suspended because of copyright claims by SevenOne, the company that runs the official website for the show and provides all the multimedia content. As a result, A LOT of fans of the storyline who had only visited the forum as a lurker registered to ask to be sent private messages or emails with information on YouTube accounts or other websites where they could get their daily dose of “Jemma”. The number of hits and the webtraffic far exceeded the capacity of the server I rented, so my provider decided to block the website. They agreed to put the blog back online, but any attempt to let the forum go back online ended with the same result. The only option I have to keep the forum open would be to rent a much bigger and therefore much more expensive server, which for now is not really an option.

I will continue to write about this storyline, and I still intend to attend the fan event this weekend. You will be able to read about it on Twitter and possibly the Rosalie & Co. facebook page, and of course on this website a little later on. Apart from that, I intend to take a little break and just be a regular “Jemma” fan, at least for a couple of days. The last few weeks, and this week in particular have been a wild ride which I enjoyed a lot, but it was also very exhausting. But I thank you all for your support and the amazing feedback I got from you.

This is as sad for me as it must be for you. I enjoyed the conversations and discussions we had about our favourite couple, I enjoyed reading all of your observations and speculations, and I enjoyed the love. I hope that one day, TPTB at SevenOne or ProSiebenSat1, the TV network that owns the show, will finally understand what an amazing opportunity they have with the huge international response not only to the “Jemma” storyline, but the entire show, and that they’re sabotaging it by going after fans who just try to share the love that is Jemma.

Because – as a reader from Israel just wrote in an email to me – Jemma means love, at least for those of us who decided to go on this wonderful journey with two beautifully written characters, played by two amazingly talented actresses.

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  1. Mel,

    Thanks for the update. As one of the early members I will be really disappointed you may not be around for a while. I have had a lot of pleasure sharing ideas, stories and fantasies in this truly global community. I really, really appreciate the efforts you personally have made to make the phenomenon that is Jenny and Emma accessible to non German speakers. I am not sure “the powers that be” at Sevenone appreciate how much we love J and E and while on the one hand I am so glad the show now has a worldwide following I am disappointed the interest has resulted in this outcome.

    Good luck and hopefully we will be talking again in the not to distant future.

    Thanks Again.

  2. Ah, this sucks. SevenOne sucks. Your provider sucks too. But you’re still great and we appreciate everything you do.

  3. Mel — this is the saddest news yet. The YouTube stuff is a downer, but I am sure it will all be back up again in a few days. I don’t understand what SevenOne’s issue is. They should look at the success of Verbotene Liebe’s gay and lesbian storylines and how TPTB for that show allow international viewers access to whole episodes on their website and do not restrict youtube clips. This has been especially important in making the “Chrolli” storyline a mega hit. Jemma is so much better, I think, with such potential to unite people. It’s a shame.

    Thank you for being our support throughout this crazy journey and for giving us international fans somewhere to meet and share our excitement for this storyline. I’m glad you will continue to give us a lifeline through this blog, facebook, and twitter.

    So, for now, enjoy a well earned rest before your trip to the fantag! Looking forward to your tweets 🙂


  4. Hi,

    Wow..I still can’t believe that we lost so much in just one day! It’s crazy!!!
    Maybe there is something we could do to help about the forum? That’s cruel what happend today on YT,bad revolution.

    Jemma was I think the place to run to in the evening/night/day some peace and quiet well at least for me.
    Thank you so much for letting us to be a part of your wonderful great forum and I still cross my fingers that it will be back and big time!!! JEMMA love won’t just fade away because they deleted some of our ways to enjoy the cute couple.

    And I still mean it,Jemma means love (hope you got the pic),the kind of love that we all wish for,with smiles and joy when the eyes talking and no need of any words.

    Thank you again and again for all your hard beautiful work,
    The Israeli fan of Jemma =]

  5. Mel,

    I’m so sorry about this outcome for you, the site and for those of us who enjoy this community. And it is also a disservice to the talented actors on this show. It’s sad that the abundance of love for a truly great story has brought on such unnecessary negativity. For now, though involuntary, you are getting a much deserved break. I look forward to future articles, as well as highlights from the fan event this weekend.
    Have fun! Oh and please tell Kasia I have a crush on her 😉

    Your efforts have not been done in vain.

    Thank You

  6. Thanks for your comments, everyone.

    @sall: Please don’t blame this on my provider, they were actually very supportive. They explained to me that, since there was so much traffic from foreign countries, they assumed that it might be a Denial-of-service attack and just tried to protect me and their other clients who I share the server with. I was on the phone with them for quite a while, and they tried a lot to let the forum go back online, but Jemma fans are just too persistent. 😉 I was very thankful when they offered to only block the forum and let the rest of the website go back online.

    @Din: Yes, I got the pic, it looks great. I just posted it on Tumblr, hope you don’t mind:

    @all: You’re the best, and Lucy, Kasia and the entire HaHe team can be proud to have you as their fans. 🙂

  7. Sad to hear. This was always my first spot to lurk around about J&E spoilers and discussion. Are there any other active forums out there where discussion is being held?

  8. They have no idea how important is Jemma’s story… I’m sad and worthless -___-

  9. Hi folks,

    I saw Johngie Milo signposting to E 154 on the facebook page

    I could not get it to work by removing blanks – did i misunderstand the instructions?


  10. Hey Fi,

    the rule is still the same – please don’t post any links to YT videos on this website. I know it’s hard, but I don’t want to take any risks, and I will delete it on the facebook page, too.

    (Oh, but by the way: Removing the blanks worked for me… 😉

  11. I’m speculate a little here. It’s possible that SevenOne is being so agressive because of the music. It’s well documented that the MPAA is very litigious and music rights can be a PAIN to get. (of course, SevenOne could also be jerks).

    Luckily, it’s not illegal to recap. Yay! So I’m going to cross my fingers and hope some generous German TV viewer is willing to recap the show for us poor international souls. [hopeful look]

    However MeL, I will cut back on my visits to your site to help save your bandwith. Thank you for the site and I’m sorry that we fans got so crazy and kinda took your life over 🙁


  12. These last days’ developments are just so upsetting that I don’t know what to write. I guess it’s true what they say that “if something is too good to be true…”

    I understand completely that you have to close the forum, but it’s still so, so very sad. Thank you for the good time that we did have for that short while =).

    The Jemma storyline has made me an complete emotional mess the last couple of weeks and this whole YT-thing and forum-collapse just makes it that much worse. On the other hand, maybee now I can have a normal life again, because there has been way too much Jemma on my mind and far to little work.

    Thanks again MeL,


  13. If you search youtube for just “jemma” and then under Search Options choose just uploads from Today, you will locate the latest episode 🙂

  14. @DerbyGirl: It’s possible, but I think that the main reason is that they want people to watch the show on their official website (where they can place ads) or on Maxdome. Also, it’s understandable that they’re going after people who post clips from previews, like most accounts that were deleted did, because those are usually only available if you pay for them. But they’re going after ANY video of the show, even clips from shows that aired months ago, and they don’t offer any alternative for you international viewers. I guess you all would be ready to wait until the episodes have officially aired if they offered clips with subtitles, and most of you would probably even be willing to pay for that. Instead, they go after the people who made the storyline and therefore the show popular in the rest of the world in the first place by taking it upon them to provide subtitles for the clips. This is really disappointing.

  15. @ Mel — I’d even pay to watch it without subtitles! I read on another forum that today’s YT fiasco happened because someone asked on the official HaH facebook page when the YT episodes were going to be posted. So tragic.

  16. @Mel, thanks for all your hard work, again. Will miss the forum, but glas you have your life back. This truly was a labor of love on your part. Awesome Job.

    @Fi everytime I see Emma in her blue flannel shirt I will raise a glass to you and expect you to do the same. We might be plastered by the first act, but lets do it anyway.

    @ the forum. Thanks for all the insights, soilers, and laughs. I was a lurker for a while, but didn’t want to miss out on all the fun. Thanks for all the posts.

    See you on YT.

    in sunny SoCal

  17. MeL am so sorry things ended up so badly for the forum site. Thankfully they allowed your wonderful main site to go back up.

    Am putting out a call to arms to help you out should you choose to get the forum up and running again… There is no reason for you to carry the financial burden…

    If it is any consolation I am in contact with 1/3 of the registered forum members..keeping the Jemma love alive.

    Your assessment of SevenOne’s actions was very eloquent and factual. The producers of Hah are very foolish to allow SevenOne to destroy their international love fest and should realize that we are the ones who will ultimately buy the HAH DVD’s when it comes out.

    Enjoy the HaH event.. can’t wait to hear about what am sure will be an awesome time…

    Be well.. miss you already

  18. OOps sorry Mel forgot about the rules.

    Everybody its been fun hopefuly we can catch up in other places.

    Not sure who I will be able to discuss my dimple fixation first.

    Carol did you notice what shirt Emma had on last night ROFL.