Hand aufs Herz: Jenny & Emma – Something Special

Emma thinks that their kiss didn’t mean anything to Jenny, but when Jenny tells Emma that she has a huge crush on her, Emma suddenly finds herself on an emotional roller coaster…

After Jenny kissed her, Emma is even more confused than before and wonders what the kiss means. (Clip) A conversation with Luzi brings her to the conclusion that Jenny can’t be serious and is just playing games. The next time they meet, Jenny wants to talk about the kiss, but Emma shrugs it off and pretends that it was nothing. Still, from then on, she tries to avoid Jenny. When Jenny eventually gets a hold of Emma, she tells her that she is not playing games, and that she has a huge crush on Emma. (Clip)

Emma is so upset by Jenny’s confession that she flunks an important performance test at school. When she later passes by the choir’s practice room, she notices that someone is singing. It’s Jenny, who puts all of her longing for Emma into a beautiful ballad. Emma stays and listens, but leaves before Jenny becomes aware of her. (Clip)

Because Emma flunked the test, she is separated from her friends and transfered to a different class, where she feels alone and even gets threatened by one of her new classmates. (Clip 1 | Clip 2) She asks Michael (Andreas Jancke, “Verbotene Liebe”), Bea’s boyfriend and the school counselor, for help, who notices that there is something else upsetting her, too. Emma finally tells him that she got a love confession from a girl she really likes, but that she doesn’t know what to do. He hands her a brochure about coming out at school, and offers his support.

Emma is looking at the brochure, which she hides in one of her school books, when two girls from her former class start to bully her for being a loser. It’s Jenny who stops them and puts them in their place with some sharp remarks. Emma thanks her, but when Jenny asks her whether she can join her, Emma pretends to be in a hurry and leaves.

Michael manages to convince the headmaster to give Emma a second chance. He asks her to give an impromptu lecture on a certain topic. Unfortunately, Jenny is in the audience, and Emma fails again. Jenny tries to comfort her, but Emma tells her that it’s all her fault because she keeps having blackouts whenever Jenny is around.

Jenny suggests to Emma this this reaction could mean more than Emma sees, but Emma is too troubled to think about anything else than her missed chance. When Jenny tells Emma that what they are having is special, Emma furiously replies that she doesn’t want to be special, that she wants to be like anyone else.

But Jenny doesn’t let go so easily. She tries to convince Emma that she is different than the other students, but different in a good way, and that Emma is just too scared to admit that to herself. Jenny tells Emma that there will be stupid comments at first, but that she has gone through it before and therefore knows that it will stop eventually. She assures Emma that if they just stick together, they can deal with everything.

But Emma doesn’t want to listen. She tells Jenny that she is not like her, that she never wants to talk about it again and that she wants Jenny to leave her alone. (Clip) Jenny is hurt and, even though Emma later apologizes, quits her job at Saal 1 so she doesn’t have to work with Emma anymore. But now that she got her wish, Emma allows herself to see Jenny differently, and even admits to Hotte that being different doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.

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(Source: Sat.1 / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.)

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