Hand aufs Herz: Jenny & Emma – The Story So Far (Part 2)

Jenny and Emma finally seem to get along, but then Jenny’s behaviour changes again. When Emma asks Jenny what her problem is, she gets a surprising answer…

When it turns out that the human remains that the students found are those of a former classmate of Bea, she is accused of being a murderer. Jenny defends Bea against some of their classmates who try to give Bea a hard time. Emma is deeply impressed.

Later, at Saal 1, Jenny manages to calm Emma, who isn’t sure whether she can do the job. (Clip)

In fact, Emma does a great job, and even gets a generous tip by a female guest. Jenny is happy for Emma, but when she suggests that Emma flirted with the woman, Emma denies it vehemently and says that she doesn’t flirt with women because she is “normal” and not gay. Emma and Jenny start fighting again, and Jenny is so annoyed by Emma that she sabotages Emma’s work and Emma gets fired.

Emma confronts Jenny with what she did and wants to know why Jenny got her fired. Jenny tells her that she doesn’t want to work with Emma as she cannot stand her narrow-mindedness and her “bigoted” views. (Clip) Emma is mad at Jenny, but Hotte makes her realize that her choice of words might have hurt Jenny. Emma tries to apologize to Jenny, but again manages to talk nonsense, until Jenny stops her and tells her that she is prejudiced and doesn’t get what’s going on because she’s not listening, not even to herself.

At a costume party at the Bergmann’s house, Jenny decides to make Emma jealous by hitting on Hotte. She flirts with him and even kisses him. Her plan works: Emma is highly annoyed and eventually leaves the party.

Hotte on the other hand thinks that he finally gets his chance with Jenny, and that Emma was mad because she is in love with him. Even though Emma denies it, Hotte still asks Emma’s permission to lose his virginity to Jenny. (Clip) When Hotte asks Jenny out, she doesn’t seem too keen on going on a date with him, and only agrees when she notices that Emma is standing nearby and can hear them.

Jenny doesn’t show up for the date, though, and when Hotte asks her out again, she turns him down. Emma tries to explain to him that Jenny obviously isn’t interested in him, but Hotte insists that Emma is jealous because of her feelings for him. Emma is confused, and eventually asks Luzi whether Hotte could be right and she is actually in love with him. While she tries to explain the situation to Luzi, though, she keeps talking about Jenny, until Luzi tells her that if Emma is in love with somebody, it’s Jenny and not Hotte. Emma is annoyed, as she thinks that Luzi is kidding.

Meanwhile, Jenny is having difficulties with her job at Saal 1. When Emma shows up at the restaurant unexpectedly, a startled Jenny even drops some dishes. Miriam is close to firing her, but Jenny suggests that maybe Emma could share a shift with her and help her out. Miriam agrees, but only after Jenny explained that it was her fault that Emma lost the job in the first place.

After their shift has ended, Miriam states that Emma and Jenny are a strong team. (Clip) But when Jenny asks Emma when she wants to work again, Emma hesitates.

The next day at school, Jenny asks Emma once more whether she wants to work with her again. Emma replies that she is uncertain and confused by Jenny’s ever-changing behavour towards her. She wants to know what Jenny’s problem is, and is surprised by Jenny’s answer: A kiss. (Clip)

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(Source: Sat.1 / Screencaps: Rosalie & Co.)

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  1. Oh, wow! Thank you so much for mentioning the jennyandemma channel! We are working our hearts out to provide good quality translations (and German closed captions to). Unfortunately YouTube started deleting some of our clips today. :((( So we have temporarily suspended uploading videos until we can come up with a solution. We really don’t want to lose the whole channel. We will post updates as we know more…

    Good thing there’s at least a great recap here! Sorry, I can’t read Part 2, because I’m still working on these clips, which means … way too many spoilers for me here! ;P But I have no doubt it’s great! 😀

  2. phew I really love this pairing and remain optimistic. It will turn out it will turn out it will turn out! I f I click my heels x3 all will be fine.
    Thanks everybody for all you translating efforts – much appreciated