Greetings from Germany (Jan./Feb. 2011): It can’t always be “Verbotene Liebe”…

The relationship of Rebecca and Miriam might be over, but there are already two new storylines on German TV shows that include women falling for other women – and one of them is even a Lebanese. Also: German media coverage on women’s soccer and the female players who love women, and out actress Ulrike Folkerts proves that she can be more than a tough female cop.

After a brief love affair that involved making love on “Chrolli’s” couch while babysitting Baby Lily and attending the wedding of Rebecca’s father together, Rebecca and Miriam on Verbotene Liebe decided to call it quits as they both realized that even though they like each other, it’s not enough for a relationship. Contrary to reports on other websites, though, none of them ruled out that “The One” both of them are still looking for might be a woman.

With regard to Rebecca, however, we will probably never know: The agency for actress Jasmin Lord has announced that she will leave Verbotene Liebe in a couple of months – which might also explain why the “MiriBecca” storyline ended before it really began.

So with VL’s Miriam & Rebecca’s breakup, VL’s Carla & Stella still being on their honeymoon, and the news that German soap opera Marienhof, which gave us last year’s “Keriette” storyline, will end its nearly 20-year-run this summer, prospects for another lesbian couple on a German TV show looked bleak at the beginning of 2011.

But not anymore! In fact, there are currently two storylines on German TV shows that involve at least one woman falling for another woman.

On Anna und die Liebe, it’s Jasmin, a young Lebanese woman (no pun intended!) who came to Germany to find out more about her deceased father and who just started an internship at the company where Anna, the title character, is working. Much to her own surprise, Jasmin has fallen head over heels in love with her roommate Lily.

The other week, Lily suspected Jasmin to have an affair with her boyfriend Jojo, and during their argument Jasmin confessed her feelings to Lily. She later downplayed the confession, and the two of them tried to go back to normal – which isn’t easy, as Jasmin obviously isn’t the only one with unexpected feelings.

And then there are Emma and Jenny on Hand aufs Herz, a new German soap opera about a young music teacher who returns to her former school where she, aside from falling in love with a student, revives the school’s choir. For the last couple of weeks Emma, one of the members of the choir, and Jenny, a new student at the school, have been quarreling practically non-stop.

But Jenny already sees Emma with different eyes ever since she saw her perform a song in the choir’s practice room all by herself. (Clip)

It’s only a few more months until the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup, and as Germany is not only hosting the event, but the German team is also the defending champion and therefore a favourite for the title, the German media has started to report on the national team and its members. Unlike previously reports, though, this time they not only focus on the players’ professional careers, but also on their private lives.

During an interview for a morning show, out goalkeeper Ursula Holl was asked about the strain that preparing for the tournament puts on her marriage to wife Carina. And Bild, Germany’s biggest tabloid, introduced her as “the [female] goalkeeper who is married to a woman” and showed pictures of the two women.

Ursula Holl’s interview with Bild, along with Nadine Angerer’s coming out as bisexual, has prompted some reports on homosexuality and soccer and why it is still so difficult especially for male soccer players to come out. Even Ursula Holl told Bild that she wouldn’t recommend male players to come out, saying that she wouldn’t have come out if she hadn’t got married. But she did and – to quote a famous line by Berlin’s openly gay mayor Klaus Wowereit – that’s a good thing, too.

Out actress Ulrike Folkerts, who is most famous for playing tough police detective Lena Odenthal on the German crime show Tatort, is slowly but surely building a career besides Tatort.

In January, she could be seen in the TV movie Restrisiko (Residual Risk) as the head of security for a fictional German nuclear power plant and a mother of two who, against all odds, tries to find out what caused a critical incident at the plant.

And coming up in March, she is in just another TV movie called Stadtgeflüster about a woman who calls in to a local radio show to talk about her affair with a much younger man, not knowing that the man is the son of the show’s host, played by Folkerts.

Whoever is still claiming that openly gay actors and actresses can’t play it straight – the producers of those movies obviously don’t believe you. (And again: That’s a good thing, too.)

But wait, there’s more:

The organizers of L-Beach, the women’s festival that will take place on Germany’s Weißenhäuser Strand this April, once again managed to snatch another “The L Word” star for this year’s event: Rachel Shelley aka Helena Peabody will be one of the presenters. +++ TV host Anne Will and her girlfriend Miriam Meckel attended the Opening Gala for this year’s Berlinale. Here’s a picture of them together with media entrepreneur Christiane zu Salm.  +++ Musician Elli Erl, who won the German version of “Idol” in 2004, has written a book about her life before, during and after being part of the show.

If you have anything to add, or would love to read more (or maybe less?) about a certain topic/show/woman, let me know in the comments.


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