Greetings from Germany (December 2010): Updates on “Verbotene Liebe”, “Tatort” and more

Rebecca decides to go for it on “Verbotene Liebe”, crime drama “Tatort” goes behind the scenes of women’s soccer, and both soccer player Nadine Angerer and TV host Dunja Hayali revealed interesting details about their private lives to the press.

On German soap opera Verbotene Liebe, the friendship of Rebecca and Miriam took an unexpected turn when, in order to get rid of a bunch of annoying guys who wouldn’t leave them alone, Miriam decided to kiss Rebecca. But while Miriam thought nothing of it, Rebecca was so impressed by the kiss that it left her wondering whether it meant more. Even though Miriam later told her that it doesn’t, and that she’s not in love with her, Rebecca couldn’t stop thinking of Miriam and eventually decided to just go for it…

Out actress Ulrike Folkerts is currently filming a new episode of Tatort, Germany’s longest-running crime drama on which she plays police detective Lena Odenthal, and chances are that in this episode, Folkerts might not be the only lesbian on screen.

Lena and her assistant Kopper have to investigate the murder of a young female soccer player who is found dead in the locker room, and their investigation also leads them to the player’s coach and team. The episode will include some “real” soccer players as extras, and also scenes with the German national team, and is scheduled to be aired a week prior to the opening game of the 2011 Women’s Soccer World Cup that will take place in Germany next summer.

Ulrike Folkerts (left) and former international soccer player Steffi Jones on the set of “Tatort: Abseits”

Speaking of women’s soccer: When asked about lesbian players on the team, German international goalkeeper Nadine Angerer told a German magazine that she herself is very open and that she thinks that there are both nice men and nice women out there. When asked to clarify her statement by German tabloid BILD, Angerer said that she doesn’t have a problem to admit to being into both men and women, as this isn’t news to her friends and family anyway.

Still, there’s one thing Angerer does not want to be open about, and that is who she is currently dating. She told BILD that “that’s nobody’s business”.

BILD also reminded readers that Angerer isn’t the only German player who is open about being into women, or one woman in particular: Ursula Holl, another goalkeeper and Angerer’s substitute, and her girlfriend Carina officially became registered partners this summer.

In an interview with German tabloid BILD am Sonntag, out TV host Dunja Hayali took the opportunity to clarify some common misconceptions about lesbian relationships. For example, she said that even though she likes to box and ride a motor bike and has a girlfriend, it doesn’t mean that she secretly wants to be a man. Also, her girlfriend and her don’t divide into the stereotypical butch-femme roles, but are on par with each other.

Another German TV personality has come out as gay: Leo Busch, who hosts a political talk show on German news channel n-tv, told a German newspaper that she plans to raise the child that she is expecting in the spring together with her female partner.

That’s it for this month. Make sure to come back next month for more “Greetings from Germany”!


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